Community Ride List November 11-18

This Thursday at the El Tour Expo, I’ll be sharing the latest plans for the Velodrome and bike park.  The presentation will be upstairs at 7PM in the same room they do the Platinum meetings. This Sunday is the GABA Bike Swap. Just in time to pick up those last minute “Must Have” items for El Tour. Sunday is the Mt Lemmon Marathon. If you follow me, you know I’m a HUGE supporter of getting out and being active. However, Continue Reading ››

Community Ride List Oct 28- Nov 3

One of my favorite events of the year is this Sunday. It is CYCLOVIA TUCSON. They have a new route, on the South side of town. What I love about this event is it introduces us to areas we might not otherwise explore. Personally, I’ll be taking The Loop down after the TMC Get Moving Tucson 5K and Half Marathon. In addition to this list I also have been known to take a few photos here and there of events Continue Reading ››

Community Ride List Oct 21-27

Do you like competitions? I’m up against my kids to raise the most funds riding in El Tour De Tucson for Arts Express. Please be so kind to check out and make a donation to Sam, Sophia or my campaign. Did you miss the deadline for registering for el tour prior to the increased processing fee? Union Public House and Reforma, the official restaurants of El Tour have a discount code, but it won’t last. Save yourself $30, and Continue Reading ››

Cycle 4 the Arts- Arts Express

The Alexander clan is raising funds for Arts Express by riding in El Tour De Tucson.   Please read the Bio’s below and donate to one, two or all three of us. Or Click a name here to donate Now.       Sophia            Sam               Damion The Cycle 4 the Arts El Tour Team supports the Arts Express arts education scholarship fund for at-risk, economically disadvantaged or special needs students. Research shows that Continue Reading ››

Ride List – 80+ plus rides and 50 events

I need your help. For El Tour De Tucson I am raising funds for multiple charities. Check out this link to donate My intent is not only to raise much needed funds, but also to introduce Tucson to all of the incredible beneficiaries who benefit from El Tour De Tucson. When you raise funds for a charity you receive a free entry into El Tour. As I’m riding for multiple charities and get one entry from each, I’ll be donating Continue Reading ››

Ride List September 30-October 6

There are more rides popping up each week as we get closer to El Tour. One of the options to ride in El Tour is to sign up through one of the many charities.  If you raise funds you not only get an entry e to El Tour, but each charity has a little hook to make it a better experience for you. Some have jerseys, others offer coaching, and all give you the chance to do a little good. Continue Reading ››

Testing Bolle “The One” Helmet

I like bikes. Actually, it’s more of a love.  It does not matter to me if it’s an old cruiser, 26, 27.5, 29, 650b, 700c , skinny, fat or plus wheels, I like them all. I’m just happy when I’m pedaling.  Many of these fine iron horses are great when used for their intended use and with the correct gear. However, if you show up for the Saturday morning shop ride that averages 25 miles an hour on a single Continue Reading ››

Community Ride List… Now with even more upcoming events and races

I put in a few extra hours this week searching for races and events for the next year. Please let me know if I missed anything I think Cycling season in Tucson is year round, but for many, it starts in the months leading up to El Tour De Tucson. It is apparent on the roads and the Loop that each weekend more people are pumping up the tires, lubing the chains and getting ready for the largest perimeter cycling Continue Reading ››

That time I recovered a Stolen Bike

I happy ending. If you follow me on Facebook or look at any of the things I share you can see that a lot of it is not happy news. For example, stolen bikes. I really would prefer to be sharing happy news, photos of people smiling while riding their bikes, the ride list, reviews and recommendations about great new restaurants  or activities going on in the community. Honestly, it weights very heavily on me all the negative things that Continue Reading ››

Community Ride List May 27 – June 2

Somewhere between the bike ride and the hot dogs, I hope you take a few minutes to reflect on why we have this three day weekend.  My heart felt condolences to all who have lost a loved one in the service of our country and my gratitude to all who have served. _________________________________________________________________________ Update on the appeal to the zoning interpretations the WAPA trail access to Honeybee. Both the HOA and My Appeal are at an agreed standstill through the Continue Reading ››