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A Cyclists Moral Dilemma – Cycling and COVID

A cyclists moral dilemma – Yesterday Italy and Spain said cycling is banned. At first, I was outraged. How could they do this? But after considering the logic, I agree with altering the rides I am going to do.
The Cycling Today article comments that hot home for me came from Carlos Mascias, medical director of a private hospital in Madrid.   “Stay at home and put the bike aside,” “Whatever possibility to minimize the impact on the resources of medical services that is not directed toward coronavirus is primordial. If any cyclist suffers an incident and needs an ambulance or a bed in intensive care, we are taking it away from people who truly need it, who are now arriving en masse to hospitals,” he continued. “If something happens to you now, maybe you have a chance [to be treated], but you will be taking it away from someone else … but in 48 hours, if something happens to you, the one who is left without [ICU] might be you, those who are now riding your bikes.”
I think it is likely safer to ride today and in the weeks to come. People are staying in. Traffic is light. However, I also know that anytime I get on the road there is a chance of being hit. Normally, I’m OK with the risk, as I am only putting myself in harms way. 
With the corona virus things are changing this prospective. If I, or you, end up being hospitalized because we are doing a “high” risk activity, we could end up taking up a bed at a hospital at a time the entire medial system is being overwhelmed are being overwhelmed. We need to look at whats happening from a completely different prospective. As I have so many people in this community I love, I’m thinking of them. I’m thinking of all the people on the front lines in the hospitals who are so incredible and making their job easier. I’m thinking of the possibility of health care workers having to make a ethical decision of who do you save if resources become limited. As I type this I feel like i’m an alarmist, pushing panic, but reading what happened in China and is still exploding in Europe, I feel like this is just common sense.
I was going to be pre-riding the El Tour de Tucson course this weekend, but am going to hold off for a few weeks. I will avoid group rides not only due to social distancing, but the additional risk ( even if small- I am going to do my part). I’m still weighting out if it’s still justifiable to be commuting on The Loop and rides where there is limited traffic. I still can see mountain biking, but will be staying on less technical riding and more cross county. 
This is really, really hard for me to accept all this. Riding is a part of everything I do. It is what keeps me sane. I expect many who read this will think I’m over reacting. I might be, but this is a case where the good of the community out weights my need to ride.  
Image may contain: possible text that says 'Respiratory Signature.'
In the case you don’t care about the risk because you are such a great rider and are never going to hit the pavement, I have another reason not to ride.  In the image above, you can see if you are riding in a group, you might be following someone who has COVID-19.  Just one more reason to be extra careful at this time.

The one and only Tucson Bike Ride List – March 2020


I DID NOT CONFIRM EVERY TIME, but did get in touch with most of the ride leaders and shops.  You should always verify times before you head out and remember these ride times are when the ride leaves.  Please show up as early as needed to make sure you are ready to roll out at the time posted.


What Where When Distance/Time Speed Contact
U of A Cycling Monday Mosey Flagpole  – West Side of  Old Main Monday


1-1.5 hours Max 20 miles How fast can a mosey be?



Ben’s Bike MTB Meet at shop Monday

6:00 PM

1-2 hours Easy, fun, social

text Ben’s Bikes to 85100 for updates 520-574-2453

R and I Loop Ride Udall Park

7290 E. Tanque Verde,


9:00 AM

15-16 54 miles
Hills, Hills Hills Bashas Kolb/Sunrise Tuesday


20 miles

About an hour



Damion Alexander

520-977-5664 text or call

Tuesday Fair Wheel Ride University/Euclid Tuesday


2.5 hours

40 miles



Tuesday Night Ride Flagpole  – West Side of  Old Main Tuesday


12-18 miles Slow
UA Cycling  Wed.Worlds Flagpole  – West Side of  Old Main Wed


40-60 miles
Mt. Lemmon University/Euclid Wed


55-60 Miles


JKG DnA Easy Udall Parking Lot Wed


Udall-Mile post 3 on Lemmon Casual

No Drop
R & I Ride GABA Ride Udall Park

7200 E Tanque Verde Rd ·



45 Miles 14-16 MPH
Transit to Dragoon, Third Wednesday Ride. Transit Cycles 100 S Avenida Del Convento, Every 3rd Wednesday of the month 5:30 A few miles No Drop
Wednesday Shredzday Sierra Vista 31.501495, -110.274078 Wed


10 miles Sun & Spokes. 520.458.0685
Bike Polo UofA Mall Wed

Up Oracle


University and Euclid Thurs




Hills, hills, hills Bashas Kolb/Sunrise Thurs


20 miles 12-14(but Hills) Damion Alexander


Thursdays are for wheel People Start changes- contact Tim at 548-3624 Thursday


45 miles 18 plus


U of A Cycling Thursday Thrill Flagpole  – West Side of  Old Main Thurs


1-1.5 hours Max 20 miles Easy Ride
The JKG Flagship ride Le Buzz

9121 E Tanque Verde Rd



Le Buzz to Molina Basin Hammer fest JKG Strava on Facebook
Tasty Chipolte Night Ride Sierra Vista

Chipotle  6 or circle K at 6:30


6:30 PM

Circle K on BST

16  miles No drop Sun & Spokes. 520.458.0685

U OF A Cycling  Friday Freewheelin Flagpole  – West Side of  Old Main Friday


2 hours

30-40 miles

Team Time Trial Practice

GABA Oro Valley


7003 N. Oracle Rd



37 miles 12-14
Homestretch Foundation Spin with the Stretchies Le Buzz

9121 E Tanque Verde Rd

10AM 75-90 minutes Recovery ride

Old  Man Shootout

University and


Saturday 7:15 AM


60 Mile (can be extended to 100) Fast

20 MPH+


The Big Boy Shootout University and


Saturday 7:30AM 60 Miles(can be extended to 100) Faster


Bicycle Ranch

Shop Ride

7090 N Oracle Rd, Ste 198 Saturday 7:30AM 55 (shorter option of 38 as well) miles 17-20

And 14-17


Free Breakfast after ride

Steve 520-219-4311

HMS Shop Ride 8225 N. Courtney Page Way Saturday 7:00AM 4 routes 25-30 Miles No Drop 520-989-0196
Zona Cycling

First of the Month Mt Lemmon Ride

Le Buzz

9121 E Tanque Verde Rd

1st Saturday 8:30AM As far as you can get Until you turn around
Zona Cycling


El Con by the Starbucks . 2nd, 3rd, 4th,5th,

Saturday 8:30AM

65 miles 16-18
Speed of Fun Ride Social Ride First Watch on Speedway and Kolb Monthly- Saturday


15  miles Easy Lisa Mach – 520-419-9303
Bruce’s Easy Peasy Location Changes – Check the Saturday 9:00AM 30 13-14
Sabino Cycle Shop Ride Varies- email Steve  to be on the list Saturday 8:30ish AM 30 miles ish No Drop


Ben’s Bikes At Ben’s bike

7431 Houghton

Sunday 8AM 35-40 17-20


Sabino Gravel Ride Different locations Every other week 40-50 miles 3 hours ish



PLEASE NOTE- Category below just for Mountain Bikes

What Location Date/Time Distance Speed Contact- More Info
To the cactus forest and back (C+/3/40) UA Flagpole

1100 E University Blvd · Tucson, AZ

Saturday, March 7,

8:15 AM

40 14-16 MPH

Fair Wheel Friendship Ride

Fairwheel Bikes Saturday, March 7,

8:30 AM

55 14-16 MPH

Bruce’s Easy Peasy Horses to Horses Ride Plus


Viv’s Cafe

8987 E Tanque Verde Rd #361

Saturday, March 7,

8:30 AM

30 12-14MPH
Tour De San Manuel C+ & B/3/54 miles 2000 W American Ave · Oracle, AZ


Saturday, March 7,

8:30 AM

54 14-16 MPH
Saturday Speed of Fun Ride 7189 E Speedway Blvd Saturday, March 7,

9:00 AM

15 No Drop
Tucson Riders for a Cure Starbucks @ Swan and Sunrise Sunday,  March 8,

8:30 AM

37,17 miles BEGINNERS: If you are new to cycling, you will be paired up with an experienced rider. You set the pace and determine your distance
A Jolly Loop: Columbus to Tangerine: 3425 W El Camino del Cerro · Tucson, Sunday,  March 8,

8:30 AM

36.4 14-16 mph
Columbus to Catalina 3425 W El Camino del Cerro · Tucson Monday March 9,


31 14-18 mph
Tuesday Ride: Viv’s to SNP East to enjoy the COLORS Viv’s Cafe

8987 E Tanque Verde Rd #361

Tuesday March 10


35 12-14
New Westside Hills 3425 W El Camino del Cerro · Tucson Tuesday March 10


43 8-12 hills
Women on the Mountain 9100 E Tanque Verde Rd · Tucson, AZ Tuesday March 10


22-30 8 – 14mph Womens Ride
Twin Peaks and Tangerine Safeway

9100 N Silverbell Rd · Marana, AZ

Wednesday, March 11, 9:00AM 30 14-16 MPH
March Metric Century- St. Phillips St Philip’s Plaza

4280 N Campbell Ave

Thursday March 12. 8:30am 62.8 14-16 MPH
Columbus to Vistoso Figure Eight 3425 W El Camino del Cerro · Tucson Friday March 13 9:00 AM 38 14-1`6MPH
Check out these pages for unique weekly rides . Cactus Cycling

Greater Arizona Bicycle Association GABA-


THIS WEEKS MOUNTAIN BIKE-GRAVEL RIDES  ^^^^Road rides are above^^^^

What Location Date


Time  Distance Speed Contact- More Info
March Social Ride Enchanted Hills Kennedy Park

3700 S La Cholla Blvd,

Sunday, March 22,  9 AM 3 different speeds , pot luck BBQ afterwards
Sonoran Desert Mountain Bicyclists(SDMB)  and Southern Arizona Mountain Bike Association (SAMBA Tucson off-road Cyclists and Activists.  (TORCA) have a calendars. Check them out  at.






What Location Date Contact- More Info
Challenged Athletes Percent Night Culinary Dropout March 31, 2020

4-9 PM
February TTG Club Meeting Tucson Endurance Performance Center 4811 E Grant Rd, Monday February 10

6:30 PM – 8 PM
Red Ridge Round 1 March 28-29th Limited space for 12 volunteers. Contact Vernie March 28st and 29th.

Red Ridge Round 2 April 18-19th Limited space for 12 volunteers. Contact Vernie Apr 18 and 19th
Red Ridge Round 3 May 2nd-3rd Limited space for 12 volunteers. Contact Vernie May 2nd-3rd


GABA Bike Swap 400 N. 5th Ave April 19, 2020
GABA Volunteer Opportunity Year Round Opportunities to give back to the community. Check out the link to the right. ————-à



What Location Date Contact- More Info
The Pima County Ultracruise The Pima County Ultracruise – A Bikepacking Race Pima County, AZ SUN, MAR 8 AT 7 AM
The Tucson Gran Fondo 110 E Congress St, Tucson March 7, 2020
Hungry Dog Crit Gilbert, AZ March 8
Tommy Knocker 10 Silver City, NM Event Canceled
Tolero Criterium Tucson AZ March 14
Sonoita-Bisbee Overnight Ride Santa Cruz County Fair Grounds, Sonoita, Arizona April 4 – 5, 2020
White Tanks Whirlwind White Tanks Regional Park Waddell, AZ March 21, 2020
The Great Cowtown Campout Six! Blue Dog Bicycles

2843 N Campbell, Suite 102,

Mar 21 at 10 AM – Mar 22 at 12 PM
San Tan Crit Mesa, AZ March 22
Nogales Bicycle Classic Nogales, AZ Saturday, March 28, 2020 at 8 AM – 2 PM
2020 Javelina Chase Gravel Ride Duncan, Arizona, and Lordsburg, New Mexico March 28
Butterfield Overland

Gravel Fun Ride

Lordsburg, New Mexico March 29
El Groupo Scavenger Hunt Tucson, AZ April 18, 2020
Sonoita-Bisbee Overnight Ride Santa Cruz County Fair Grounds, Sonoita, Arizona. Apr 4 at 6:30 AM – Apr 5 at 4 PM
Cyclovia Tucson, AZ Sunday, Mar. 29, 2020

9am – 3pm
Javelina Stampede Prescott, AZ April 4, 2020
2020 Highly Falkner South Mountain Time Trial South Mountain

Phoenix, AZ

April 4, 2020
Prescott Punisher Prescott, AZ April 11, 2020
Wild West Fest – 6 hour, 12 hour, 40 miler plus pedalduro- Ruidoso, NM APRIL 17-19, 2020
Arizona Bicycle Classic Payson, AZ
GABA Bike Swap Tucson, AZ April 19, 2020
Whiskey Off-Road Prescott, AZ April 24-26, 2020
Tour of the Gila Silver City, NV April 29 – May 3, 2020
Marana Meltdown: Mountain Bike Time Trial Marana, AZ May 2, 2020
Salt River Canyon Tour 2020 Globe,AZ May 2 & 3, 2020
Chino Grinder


Chino Valley, AZ


May 3, 2020
3 Bears #1 TT Eloy, AZ May 3
Flagstaff Frenzy Fort Valley Trailhead

Flagstaff, AZ

May 9. 2020
Ride of Silence Tucson and Green Valley rides May 21, 2020
GABA Mt. Lemmon Hill Climb Tucson, AZ May 15, 2020
State Team Time Trial San Manuel, AZ May 30
Grand Junction Off-Road Grand Junction, CO May 29-31, 2020
Flagstaff Omnium


Williams, AZ June 6
Flagstaff Omnium Flagstaff, AZ June 7
Bike the Bluff- State Road Race Show Low, AZ June 20
Carson City Off-Road Carson City, NV June 26-28, 2020
Deuces Wild Endurance Festival Show Low, AZ June 06 – 07, 2020
24 Hours In The Enchanted Forest Gallup, NM JUNE 13, 2020  – JUNE 14, 2020
AZ State Track Champs


California, as we don’t have a Velodrome July, 10,11,12
Willcox Flyer Bike Ride by LifeNet AirMethods Willcox, AZ Saturday September 5, 2020
Kitt Peak TT Kitt Peak September 13, 2020
El Tours Loop the Loop Tucson, AZ September 19, 2020
Cave Creek Overnight Animas, New Mexico TBD
Horny Toad Hustle Las Cruces (Dona Ana) NM TBD
– Enduro Series Flagstaff, AZ TBD
12 Hours Of Albuquerque and MTB Fest Albuquerque, NM September 18-20, 2020
Barn Burner Flagstaff, AZ Saturday, September 19, 2020
Mt. Graham- State HC Safford, AZ September 27
Man vs Machine Williams, AZ Due to road widening, date still in question
AZ CROSS Globe Globe, AZ TBD
Sky Island Tour Sierra Vista, AZ October 3, 2020
Tour of the White Mountains Pinetop-Lakeside, AZ October 03, 2019
Cycle Avondale Avondale TBD
Tour De Gila Gran Fondo Silver City, NM October – Exact date TBD
Tour de Scottsdale Scottsdale, AZ

Sunday, October 11, 2019
Arizona Bicycle Classic Payson, AZ October 18, 2019
Gila Monster Gran Fondo Silver City, NM October 19, 2019
Mt Lemmon Gravel Grinder Oracle, AZ October 26, 2019
Presott 6’er Prescott, AZ October 26, 2019
Enduro Series Kingman, AZ TBD
El Grupo Fall Fondo Tucson, AZ October 27, 2019
Mt. Lemmon Gravel Grinder Oracle, AZ Fri October 30 – Sat October 31, 2020
The Showdown at Usery Pass Phoenix, AZ November 2, 2019
Heart Of Arizona Congress, AZ November 2, 2019
Mountain to Mountain TBD November 3, 2019 GABA.Org
The Spirit World 100 Patagonia, Arizona


November 7-10
Valley of the Sun CX Series Mother’s Nature Cyclo-cross Gilbert, AZ TBD
GABA Bike Swap Tucson, AZ November 17, 2019
El Tour De Tucson Tucson, AZ November 23, 2019


Valley of the Sun CX #2 /AZ STATE CX Championship Gilbert, AZ November 23, 2019
Peppersauce CX- AZ and NM Regional Championships Oracle, AZ TBD
GABA Holiday Party Tucson, AZ TBD
GABA Toy Ride Tucson, AZ TBD
McKenzie Frenzy Vail, AZ TBD
Dawn to Dusk McDowell Mountain Regional Park December 19
Valley of the Sun CX FINALS Championship


Goodyear, AZ TBD


ADVOCACY OPPORTUNITIES – WANT BETTER BIKE INFRASTRUCTURE? GET INVOLVED.  Feel free to e-mail if you want to get involved in the Velodrome Committee, CASA- Cycling Advocates of Southern Arizona, GABA – Greater Arizona Bicycle Association, SDMB -Sonoran Desert Mountain Bike, TORCA – Tucson Off Road Cyclist & Activists, El Grupo Youth Cycling, Tu Nidito Ride For A Child, Tour De Cure with The American Diabetes Association….  Added bonus, I’ll be there and the pictures are free;-)


These rides are not mine.  I am only sharing the data.  The Damion Alexander Team  cannot guarantee anybody’s safety.  There are unknown and unforeseen potential hazards in every ride so you should  pay attention and take reasonable precautions.  I always use a helmet.  I think that Helmets are required when riding.  If you choose to listen to music during rides you should only use the headset in the right ear and keep the headset out of the left ear. Better yet, buy a FarEnd Gear earbud.  Communication is essential during all rides and having the ability to hear is a part of your responsibility to others.  Please also ride within your limitations. You are  not racing the Tour de France.  If you see someone  that is  not riding within their limitations or are becoming a hazard to others we should politely bring this to their your attention  Do this for your and everybody’s safety.  Also, it is everybody’s responsibility to follow all traffic laws.  We are not lemmings.  Just because somebody does something foolish does not mean you need to follow.  Use your head and enjoy your ride.




WHERE DO ALL THE RIDES COME FROM?  These links and shops and clubs and teams and facebook and YOU.  See a ride that is missing.  Please let me know  Thanks


*Vistoso Cyclist

Cactus Cycling

Greater Arizona Bicycle Association GABA-

*Tucson Tri Girls

Zona Cyclist

JKG Strava –

U of A Cycling

Velo Vets  Phone 520-465-5186

Tuesday Night Ride

Bicycle Commuters of Tucson

Mountain Bike

Tucson Offroad Cyclists and Activists TORCA

Southern Arizona Mountain Bike Association (SAMBA)

Sonoran Desert Mountain Bicyclists

Tucson Mountain Bike Addicts \

Our MTB Rides – Dave Slagle

Old Pueblo Mountain Bike – Todd Rasmussen 520-256-1340

RBAR – Jesus Friaa 520-271-3776


Shop Rides

Performance Bicycles Speedway Tucson –

(520) 327-3232‎

Performance Bicycles Broadway – 520-296-4715

Fairwheel Bikes  (520) 884-9018

Grasky Endurance Coaching

Broadway Bicycles

Bicycle Ranch Tucson – (  520-219-4311

Ben’s Bikes  520-574-2453


Tucson Recumbent Cyclists


This list is a major time commitment and it is my pleasure to put it together.  All I ask in return for the list is that you remember I’m A REALTOR.  If you have a relationship with another REALTOR, I love loyalty and respect those relationships.  However, if not, or if you need a second opinion, Please keep me in mind.  Many agents spend money advertising for new business, others sit open houses or cold call.  My business is based on referrals from past clients and friends.  The less time I have to do traditional prospecting the more I can do for the cycling community.  For example: this list.


The most Famous Javelina in the World

One fine Winter day I was out showing homes in Tucson Arizona. It’s what I do.

My client, Jennifer Steinmann was driving as I rode out to meet her at a house that was 20 miles from my office. I was on a tight schedule but Jen asked to see one more home while we were on that side of town. This put me behind schedule so she was giving me a lift back to The Loop. I rarely get in the car if I can ride, but fate had a different plan for me.

To get me back to the Loop Jen should have turned on Pantano, but destiny pulled her wheel in  another direction. She took a right on Prudence and drove straight into a Viral video. A single Javelina was trotting on the side of the road. Actually, it was more of a sprint. Jen matched it’s speed and my years of shooting photos and video were put to the test. Fortunately, my hand was steady and the Javelina was in the center of the frame.

I knew as soon as I captured the video it was something special and had the potential to go viral. I felt that because I’ve interacted with hundreds of Javelinas over the years. I’ve seen them run, but it is usually only for a few seconds to get distance between from whatever spooked them. As soon as they have some distance,  the entire troop turns and watches for whatever startled them. They typically will watch for a few moments and then go about looking for a succulent prickly pear to gnaw on and forget the entire ordeal ever happened.  This video was unique. There was so much open space to run. There was nowhere to hid.  This was the Usain Bolt of Javelinas crushing the world record. It was a Javelina specimen, in it’s prime, on the world stage, with a solid tail wind. It was the hand of the great God of luck, when preparation meets hard work.

I posted the video on Facebook with my Logo at the end. As expected it started to get a few dozen shares. I’ve seen this pattern before with other videos I’ve shared. Some have had nearly a million shares and I thought this would do the same. My friend Kevin Goldstein shared it on a page called “Weird Stuff you’ll Only See in/near Tucson. Almost immediately the number doubled and the next morning had 170 shares. I also sent it to a few of my local news contacts. KVOA and KOLD ran news stories on it.

Something else made it go Viral so fast and I will acknowledge it, but also can’t help but say how disappointed I am in  KOLD’s Hannah Tiebe. She shared the video, but  edited the video without permission, cut off my signature, shared it and gave no photo credit. From a reporter I think this is bad form.  That said, that tweet did help in creating a plethora of videos and memes and now has had 7.5 million views.

A licensing company called ViralHog reached out to me about licensing the video. For years I have given my images and videos away. I love that people enjoy them, and I was not really interested. However, I was getting dozens of emails asking to use it and it was so overwhelming I decided it would be easier to just let someone else handle it. Also, they are called Viral Hog. It was again providence calling. I mean, is anything more perfect than a viral Hog for ViralHog. I’m still waiting for them to start using the video as the cornerstone of all their marekting.

I think the best part of having a video go viral is the people who see it and reach out to you. It’s not uncommon for me to talk with my Uncle John and Aunt Fran in Telluride. But to get a call with them spouting off incoherently that I’m on TV was awesome and an indication of how big this was getting. They saw it on Chris Hayes of MSNBC.  Chris Hayes Thing One, Thing Two Video They said they saw the video on Facbook I posted, but did not realize I was the one who shot the video.

Just like My family calling, I’ve heard so many stories from friends and random people that the video  has brought them closer to people they know outside of Tucson. Since it mentions Tucson in most every article, people all over the world are reaching out to friends in Tucson to talk about the Sprinting Javelina. It has changed the dialogue for a few seconds away from CoronaVirus and politics at a time we all needed a distraction, and has built community as a by product.

With all viral videos there is that glorious moment in the sun only to be replaced by the next great thing, a Lama at a wedding in a tuxedo. But the good buy song for the Javelina Running is just as dazzling as a Tucson Sunset. Everyday new sound tracts are being added to the video, and I keep getting calls about being a part of something so viral. KVOA is running a segment on it, The New York Times, AZ Daily star, AZ Central and many others are still doing more articles. On Tuesday, March 10th at 7 AM I’ll be co-hosting the 92.9 morning show.

Tonight a friend, Paige Redman, shared a photo I took of her at the Mussleman Crit last week with this in the comments “📸 @bikepilgrim the famous guy who took the video of the javalina!”. Tonight on my ride in Sabino Canyon for The Santa Catalina Volunteer Patrol I heard some cyclist chatting a hundred feet back. I thought they said my name so I was listening and one said, “you know, the guy who shot the Javalina Video.”  Yesterday I had a call to come out and meet a family selling their house. I Asked how they found me and they said “Javelina Video”.

It’s a little like my birthday, as each day I get a new present in the form of more creative interpretations.  The creator of Action Movie Kid put together this gem. Action Movie Kids

Many people have said I am “famous”. Some have asked if this video will define me as a person. Is it the high water mark? This video has garnished more attention than any “one” thing  I have done. However, I’ve been selling real estate and volunteering in the community for 24 years and have had my image plastered on billboards, in the newspapers and on the news.  If you compare my exiting  reach vs. the Javelina video I have had 10 times or as much exposure over the years from cycling, nature, and real estate.  However, this one is special.

It has been one of the funnest things I’ve ever been a part of and I’m so thrilled that my video has captured world wide attention and brought considerable attention to The Old Pueblo.

Below are just a few of the places the video has been shared.

Know Your Meme Has an overview of the first few days and how it spread. As Does Comic Sands

Someone created a page of twitter of the Javelina running to different soundtracks.  There have been millions of views. Some of the more popular tweets have been to the music Led Leppelin – Immigration Song with 182,000 views, Queens – Don’t stop me now with 332,000 views, Cranberries – The Dream with 252,000, Grimes – Oblivion 740,000, Tracy Chapman – Fast Car 330,000, The succession Theme Song 154,000, Vangelis- Chariots Of Fire 77,000, Judas Priest- Breaking The Law with 280,000, John Denver- Take Me Home, Country Roads 170,000, My favorite, Cake – The Distance, 115,000,, Kate Bush- Running Up That Hill 600,000, Bonnie Tyler- Holding Out For A Hero 251.000, Florence + The Machine- Dog Days Are Over 540,000, Bruce Springsteen- Born to Run 225,000, , Bonnie Tyler- Holding Out For A Hero 251,000, Check them all out here Javelina Running to on Twitter

News Agencies have covered it from Coast to coast and many small town papers in between.

Click on the links below for the full article.


Huffington Post

Arizona Daily Star

Az Central

Huffington Post

USA Today

New York Post


New York Times


Daily Dot


Tech Investor News

New Yorker



Bro Bible

Today Headline

USA News Hub


the satori report


Chris Hayes on MSNBC

I was going to share the links of each TV affiliate who shared the video, but there are hundreds. Most CBS affilaes across the county showed it. At first I was coping links, but most said the same thing, but it was fascinating to see every corner of the nation tuning in. From WILX in Lancing Mi, WFSA in Albany NY, wctv in Tallahassee, FL, wdbj IN  Roanoke, Virginia, kfvs from Cape Girardeau, Missouri, wbay in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Iowa public radio knsb, wcjb IN Gainesville, Florida ,  Grand Junction, Colorado kjct, kcbd,, Twin Falls, Idaho kmvt, wabl in Amite, Louisiana, ktre in Lufkin, Texas….

FOX 19

WLFB South Carolina

Flint Mich ABC Affiliate

KOLD Tucson

WILX Lancing

Wfsa Montgomery, AL


Q York

Kyeron Bowman recreated the video with him running at the apartment complex

I was told that the Javelina led off sports center on ESPN, but never saw the clip.  There are a few videos Someone asked for this and it was created. I need a side-by-side of Javelin Guidry running the 40 and that sprinting javelina from a few days back… had an interesting read on the  science on why Javelinas are faster than domesticated boars.