Pictures of You

There are a few people in Tucson who show up at events and take photos because they love the sport and capturing these images for your viewing pleasure. I happen to be one and all my images go onto .

Kerry Whalen is another. Sometimes people think I am him because I wear the horns, but he is the “Goatographer”. Kerry focused for years on running, downtown Tucson, scenery and the music scene, but has been known to show up at cycling events. Check out his page at

Rusel Kurkbedin Takes images to the next level. I believe he was a Cat 1 racer and he knoows exactly where to be for the money shot. I find he takes or shares fewer images, but they are always top notch. He also shoots rodeo and horse races.

In Colorado I’ve had the joy of getting to see one of the best Cycling Photographers, Ryan Muncy. His portfolio spans decades and his images capture the essence of events. I’m always excited to see him at an event because I know that the will climb the cliff or get into a ravine to get the best angels. Check his work at

One thing is for certain. None of us are getting rich through photography( unless you consider getting to spend hours outside shooting images and more time procession photos “rich”, and it is nice when you buy an image. It helps pay for the next camera so we can continue to capture images of you.

Personally, I’m not as much of a fan of the race photographers who sit around and take the same image of everyone. All three of us move around and looking through an album of an event tells the story beyond just the participants. It’s the staff, volunteers, scenery, food, beer that make an event memorable.

Do you have a favorite photographer you follow? Let me know. I’d love to see their portfolio.

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