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The Alexander clan is raising funds for Arts Express by riding in El Tour De Tucson.   Please read the Bio’s below and donate to one, two or all three of us.

Or Click a name here to donate Now.       Sophia            Sam               Damion

The Cycle 4 the Arts El Tour Team supports the Arts Express arts education scholarship fund for at-risk, economically disadvantaged or special needs students. Research shows that arts education keeps kids in school, enhances academic scores and promotes self-esteem. Eighty-eight percent of the students attending the Arts Express arts education programs need financial assistance to participate. With your help, Arts Express provides access to the arts for over 2,500 students annually!

Sophia Alexander Hi! My name is Sophia Alexander, but I’m not only Sophia. I have also been a love struck librarian, a roller skating goddess, a young girl escaping nazi attack and a magical fairy. I have swum along side Ariel as her sidekick, I have offered wisdom as a goddess of love and have been a mathematical genius grieving the death of my father. I have lived all these lives and more, as I have been performing for as long as I can remember. There is no place where I am happier than when I am onstage, and there is nothing like the experience you get when looking out into full audience as you have the chance to be any person, any thing you want. I am blessed to have grown up in a family that has supported my every artistic adventure; driving me to rehearsals, letting me freak out when waiting for call back lists, running lines and attending every performance. Unfortunately, not everyone has the change to take a part in these experiences, and I truly wish that everyone had the same opportunities I have. Arts Express makes it possible for Tucson youth to get involved theatre and other fine arts. Please help me make it possible to allow others to experience theatre- so that they too can step out of reality into the magical, dramatic world of theatre.


Click Here to Donate to Sophia’s ride for Arts Express

Sam Alexander Hi! My name is Sam. Since I was young, fine arts have always been a large part of my life, from putting on small plays in my grandma‘s living room to performing piano on the stage of Carnegie Hall.As I’ve gotten older, and I have moved to pursue other aspects of the arts from creative photography to composition of music. In recent years, while I haven’t spent as much time on the stage, I still love to give back to the fine arts community, and arts express is the perfect way to do that.


Click Here to Donate to Samuel’s ride for Arts Express


Damion Alexander Hello. My Name is Damion. Having a famous artist as a mother, Lynn Rae Lowe, it would have been impossible for me not to be impacted by the Arts. She was the Art Teacher in Telluride Colorado, helped found the Telluride Council for the Arts and Humanities, was a key player in the local theatre troupe, a radio personality on KOTO, Director of Design and Events with the Telluride film Festival, sang with a ladies choir at Carnegie Hall and created ceramics, paintings, metal works and so many other visual masterpieces.  For most of my youth, I was in tow and found myself in many of the same productions. Drama, Art and Photography were always a part of my curriculum. While I enjoy every aspect of being creative, my passion is for photography. In the past year I have enjoyed the opportunity to capture Arts Express in action from Cats, Oklahoma, Let Freedom Sing, and the Ben Vereen Awards. What I appreciate the most is seeing the local, community based programs that is just like what I grew up with in small town America.

Perhaps my greatest creations are the two man-cubs who I am competing with. Even though this is a competition and I want to win, I say, donate to both Sam and Sophia. Either way, as the Dad, no matter who raises the most, I can say it all happened because of me😉



Click Here to Donate to Damion’s ride for Arts Express

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