The Ultimate Ride, Event, & Volunteer Calendar

CALENDER – CLICK HERE The greatest joy in life is being a part of a community. My passion is for bikes. With that in mind, I’ve been tracking down everything Bike and putting it all in one place. Being a part of many clubs, knowing people all over the region, having captured over a million images of cyclists and thousands of hours of video, and scoured the internet, my mind is blown away by how much is out there. From … Continue reading The Ultimate Ride, Event, & Volunteer Calendar

Pedaling Forward: Reflections on the PeopleForBikes 2024 Bicycle Leadership Conference

As the sun dipped behind the rugged peaks above Ventana Canyon Resort, the PeopleForBikes 2024 Bicycle Leadership Conference brought together a cadre of industry luminaries, decision-makers, and enthusiasts, all united in their passion for cycling. Nestled amidst the stunning landscapes of Arizona, this year’s conference promised a perfect blend of inspiration, education, and actionable insights to shape the future of the bike industry. Inspiration and Innovation The conference kicked off with a lineup of inspirational keynotes, delving into the symbiotic … Continue reading Pedaling Forward: Reflections on the PeopleForBikes 2024 Bicycle Leadership Conference

Pictures of You

There are a few people in Tucson who show up at events and take photos because they love the sport and capturing these images for your viewing pleasure. I happen to be one and all my images go onto . Kerry Whalen is another. Sometimes people think I am him because I wear the horns, but he is the “Goatographer”. Kerry focused for years on running, downtown Tucson, scenery and the music scene, but has been known to show … Continue reading Pictures of You

Tucson’s Must Do Rides for Visitors and Locals Alike

Every time I travel to a different place, I ask the locals, “If I only have time for one bicycle ride, what would you say is the ONE “must-do” local ride?” This time of year, so many people are coming to Tucson, not only for El Tour de Tucson, in and of itself one of our must-do local events, but snowbirds and others looking to enjoy our amazing desert winters. If you were asked to recommend ONE ride only, what … Continue reading Tucson’s Must Do Rides for Visitors and Locals Alike

The Ride List

I’m ambitious for making the best and most detailed ride and event list in the four corner states. The content is great, but I know that the format of this has room to improve (OK, it sucks) so I’ve been researching the best online calendars and hope to have all of the rides listed below uploaded in the next few weeks.  For now, the old format. TONS of events for the first 4 months of the year.  Still have not … Continue reading The Ride List

Community Ride List November 12-19

This should be called Cycling Week TUCSON! The granddaddy of Tucson Cycling, the event that has put us on the map, El Tour de Tucson is Saturday. The route this year heads South East and South.  It’s nice to let your friends in these areas know what to expect so they are not frustrated with delays.  Better yet… comne out and cheer on the cyclists.  The expo at the TCC is a three day event this year and is worth … Continue reading Community Ride List November 12-19

Ride List for November 4-12, 2023

It has been some time since I’ve updated the ride list. Hopefully, I can get back to making this happen weekly. Cycling Season is in full swing with some of the best events coming up in the next few weeks. This weekend the Tumacacori Century returns after a break due to Covid.  The University Of Arizona will be hosting a weekend of Cyclocross Racing next weekend. El Tour De Tucson is only a few weeks away. SDMB has a bike … Continue reading Ride List for November 4-12, 2023

Medals for All?!?

Ah, participatory medals! Are they purely good or purely evil? In the movie The Incredibles, the super villain says “with everyone super, no one will be.” His point being that if everyone is equal then no one will be special. Should participation medals, or finisher awards, be encouraged and supported? Or do they diminish the event and the sport? Let’s look at both arguments. Finisher awards can be a great way to boost self-esteem, encourage inclusivity, promote engagement, build a … Continue reading Medals for All?!?

Community Ride List

This weekend is the Willcox Flyer. I’ll be there taking photos. YAY! The days are getting shorter.  Cooler weather is coming and ride times are changing. In case you did not know, I do this list because I have a passion for cycling, but it does not pay any bills. In order to find the time to do this list all I ask is if you are thinking of buying or selling or know someone who is, please let me … Continue reading Community Ride List