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Tucson’s Must Do Rides for Visitors and Locals Alike

Every time I travel to a different place, I ask the locals, “If I only have time for one bicycle ride, what would you say is the ONE “must-do” local ride?”

This time of year, so many people are coming to Tucson, not only for El Tour de Tucson, in and of itself one of our must-do local events, but snowbirds and others looking to enjoy our amazing desert winters. If you were asked to recommend ONE ride only, what would you say?

When traveling, cyclists want to know which routes are the safest, the most challenging, the closest to where they are staying, the ones they can ride, and for some, the group rides.  The ONE “must-do” ride depends on the local’s and the visitor’s preferences.  Today, I offer my abbreviated guide to what I consider the “must-do” local rides – road, mountain, gravel, and group; more information on all of these and more can be found at www.bikepilgrim.com.


Sabino Canyon is my ONE “must-do” local ride.  This is my favorite because of the combination of the scenic desert, the possibility of riding next to flowing water, and no cars.  Here you are likely to see all of the locals – insects and reptiles, coatimundi, foxes, bobcats, hummingbirds, hawks, and so much more.  This ride features a 3.7 mile climb with 700 feet of elevation gain.

Mount Lemmon is THE Bucket List ride for cyclists from all over the world and many people visit Tucson just to tackle this 29 mile, 6,500 foot climb up an iconic sky island. On weekday mornings, it is not uncommon to enjoy the road mostly car free.  (While Mount Lemmon gets the most attention, I like Mt. Hopkins more – its mixture of dirt and paved roads, with constantly amazing views.  Kitt Peak and Mt. Graham are also must-do rides, well worth the extra drive to experience.)

Saguaro East is arguably the most scenic ride. While only 8.3 miles, it features endless rolling hills and one solid climb in the middle. On the “WHEEEEE” factor this is at the top of the list. Most of the route is one way, and this increases the safety of the ride. 

The LOOP is every cyclists’ dream. No cars, no mechanized vehicles, and over 150 miles of relatively flat pavement. No matter where you are staying, access to the LOOP is close. Each area is a little different, and each is awesome. There are countless restaurants, bars, markets, and art to be discovered. 

Exploring around downtown offers something for every cyclist – murals, breweries, coffee shops, barrios and architecture.  Even for noncyclists, visitors can grab a ToGo city bike. One warning about riding downtown, be extra careful when riding across the tracks. 


Every corner of Tucson has a trail system and the riding is off the charts! With so many skill levels, recommendations for the ONE “must-do” mountain bike ride is impossible. No matter the skill level, each offers a  unique beauty.

The Lemmon Drop offers an extreme day in the saddle. If you have pads, a face mask on your helmet, and mad skills, this is the ride for you. Rock drops! Technical sections!  Black diamond!  The Lemmon Drop takes you from the top of Mt. Lemmon to Rincon Valley.  Plan on a late dinner – this is an all day event!

Honeybee, in the foothills of the Tortolita Mountains, consists of various loops, totaling around 30 miles in length. The main Honeybee Trail has some of the smoothest, most flowy sections in the area. This trail connects to all the trails in the Tortolitas with monster climbs and amazing vistas.  Don’t miss Ridgeline!!  

Tucson Mountain Park offers a variety of trails that cater to different skill levels and preferences. 

Brown Mountain Loop is a moderate-level trail with a mix of rocky sections and smooth singletrack.  Explorer trail loop offers some technical sections.  Yetman trail is known for its mix of singletrack and wider paths.  All of the trails here are known for their scenic beauty and diverse terrain.  

50 Year Trail offers stunning views of of the Santa Catalina Mountains, in the shadow of Pusch Ridge. This area features lots of flat, fast, free flowing single track, with berms and a few rocky features.  If you are a bovine fan, then this is the trail you are most likely to share with cows.

No list is complete without the Arizona Trail. Running 800 miles from Mexico to Utah, the AZT cuts through the eastside of Tucson and over Mt. Lemmon.  With so much terrain, there is something for every skill level.  For the newer rider, heading south from the Gabe Z trailhead is a great option, and includes the Rattlesnake Mural.  Pistol Hill is Studded with Saguaro, this may be the most iconic mountain bike ride in the region.  


Gravel bikes are perfect for exploring the back roads of Southern Arizona.  Patagonia has become a national hub for the gravel scene.  Closer to Tucson, Redington Road offers challenging climbs and jeep trails.  From Oracle, heading up the backside of Mount Lemmon offers great climbs, changing biomes, and stunning views.  Both Patagonia and Oracle offer small town charm, great restaurants, and a slice of the real west.  


Tucson is home to one of the oldest shop rides in the nation.  Fairwheel Bike’s Shootout is a 50 mile, Saturday morning must-do.  There are two different rides; the fast ride is a real sufferfest.  The slower ride, dubbed the Old Man Shootout, still tests mental and physical ability. Many other local bike shops and social ride groups offer both road and mountain bike group rides.  If you are looking for additional rides, see my list at www.bikepilgrim.com. Most weeks there are special rides and events, as well as volunteer opportunities.

It’s nearly impossible to pick the ONE “must-do” local ride. While this list includes some of the best rides that cyclists will definitely talk about for the rest of their lives, picking just one is not possible. Which ride do you think is the “must-do” that I may have missed?

Ride list and Thoughts on Whats Happening in Bike Advocacy

It’s been a busy week on the bike front.

The city of Tucson is holding public meetings about how to spend $200,000 in impact fees that are designated for Sentinel Peak “A Mountain”.  Your voice matters. Take the survey here. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/2RBV6RF Personally, I said “trails”. In the additional comments I mentioned a trail from the Mercado to the top of “A” Mountain and to the South to access Starr Pass and Tucson Mountain Park. This could be so huge for tourism and a safe playground for local kids of all ages.

Last Tuesday the Pima County board of Supervisors voted on a hands free ordinance in Pima County as a primary offense. In the past 5 years I have been working with Brendan Lyons from the State to the local municipalities to try and get people behind the wheel to pay attention. While this is a project that is still in process, this was a giant accomplishment. It’s rather incredible knowing that these efforts will save lives. Now we need to get Tucson to accept it as a primary offence and  Marana, South Tucson, Sahuarita, Green Valley and the University of Arizona to adopt an identical ordinance so we have continuity in all of Southern Arizona. It gives me great satisfaction seeing Pima county do what is the right thing when the State is unwilling to step up.

As the Executive Director of the Arizona Bicycle Center I have had plans drawn for a Velodrome, BMX Park, Cyclocross, Mountain bike Park, Pump track, Jump Track, crit course that is close to Mountain Biking and the Loop. I’ve had the conceptual plans for a few months, but have been waiting on getting County, City, and most important, neighborhood buy in. I’m super excited to announce the support we need from the County and City is in place and next week I’m meeting the neighbors. I’m chomping at the bit to tell everyone where this grandiose project will be, and hope to do so in the next few weeks.

The WAPA easement, the access to Honeybee Trails was reopened 17 days ago for Rancho Vistoso Residents. There is a 20 day window to appeal the zoning interpretation that opened it.  If there were no appeals it would have stayed open. However, from what I have been told, the Honeybee HOA is going to appeal this. If they do, I’ve organized a group from the cycling community who will be challenging the zoning interruption as well.  What the appeal from the cycling community will state is that the trail should remain open for all residents of Oro Valley and their guests.

Finally, as a Parks and Rec commissioner for Pima County I’ve asked for an item to be on the agenda at the May 12th Meeting.  The agenda item says “Informational update on Advisory Committee regarding speed limits on the Loop”.  I see the number one challenge on the roads, trails, paths is people not playing nice. Hopefully, others will see the value in creating a committee to deal with how we can make all the trails and paths friendly for everyone.   The meeting is open to the public and is at 9:30AM (unfortunately the same time as the GABA Mt. Lemmon Hill Climb). The meeting is at 3500 W. River Road.

This list is a major time commitment and it is my pleasure to put it together.  All I ask in return for the list is that you remember I’m A REALTOR.  If you have a relationship with another REALTOR, I love loyalty and respect those relationships.  However, if not, or if you need a second opinion, Please keep me in mind.  Many agents spend money advertising for new business, others sit open houses or cold call.  My business is based on referrals from past clients and friends.  The less time I have to do traditional prospecting the more I can do for the cycling community.  For example: this list.

Ride on,


I DID NOT CONFIRM EVERY TIME, but did get in touch with most of the ride leaders and shops.  You should always verify times before you head out and remember these ride times are when the ride leaves.  Please show up as early as needed to make sure you are ready to roll out at the time posted.


What Where When Distance/Time Speed Contact
U of A Cycling Monday Mosey Flagpole  – West Side of  Old Main Monday


1-1.5 hours Max 20 miles How fast can a mosey be? http://uacycling.com/



Ben’s Bike MTB Meet at shop Monday

6:00 PM

1-2 hours Easy, fun, social Ben’s Bikes


The Bicycle Loop Ride Udall Park

7290 E. Tanque Verde,


6:30 AM

15-16 54 miles http://www.meetup.com/bikegaba/events/
Monday Night Mash 12.14 Diamondback Bridge in Ironhorse Park on the Aviation Bikeway Monday


15-25 miles Social regroups https://www.facebook.com/groups/1147259775287516/
Hills, Hills Hills Bashas Kolb/Sunrise Tuesday


20 miles

About an hour



Damion Alexander

520-977-5664 text or call

VeloVets The VA Blind Rehab Center, Building 30. Tuesday, 5:30 Not that long. Just doing good helping out our Vets. Thanks for Serving! https://www.facebook.com/VeloVets/?fref=ts
Tuesday Fair Wheel Ride University/Euclid Tuesday


2.5 hours

40 miles

Fast www.Fairwheelbike.com
Tuesday Night Fast Fixed Ride Flagpole  – West Side of  Old Main Tuesday


Few Hours Varies Fast brownus_clarence@yahoo.com
Tuesday Night Ride Flagpole  – West Side of  Old Main Tuesday


12-18 miles Slow https://www.facebook.com/groups/5833629539/
UA Cycling  Wed.Worlds Flagpole  – West Side of  Old Main Wed


40-60 miles   http://uacycling.com/
Mt. Lemmon University/Euclid Wed


55-60 Miles   www.Fairwheelbike.com
JKG DnA Easy Udall Parking Lot Wed


Udall-Mile post 3 on Lemmon Casual


Julian Wash Out n Back Roy Schoonover Trail Head

7500 S. Kolb



10 10-no drop http://www.meetup.com/bikegaba/events/
Heavy Pedal Flagpole  – West Side of  Old Main Wed


Different route each week    
Transit to Dragoon, Third Wednesday Ride. Transit Cycles 100 S Avenida Del Convento, Every 3rd Wednesday of the month 5:30 A few miles No Drop https://www.facebook.com/pg/TransitCycles/events/?ref=page_internal
Wednesday Shredzday Sierra Vista 31.501495, -110.274078 Wed


10 miles   Sun & Spokes. 520.458.0685
Bike Polo UofA Mall Wed


Up Oracle


University and Euclid Thurs


  Fast www.Fairwheelbike.com
Hills, hills, hills Bashas Kolb/Sunrise Thurs


20 miles 12-14(but Hills) Damion Alexander


Thursdays are for wheel People AJ’s




45 miles 18 plus timcarolan@mac.com


U of A Cycling Thursday Thrill Flagpole  – West Side of  Old Main Thurs


1-1.5 hours Max 20 miles Easy Ride http://uacycling.com/
The JKG Flagship ride Le Buzz

9121 E Tanque Verde Rd



Le Buzz to Molina Basin Hammer fest JKG Strava on Facebook
Tasty Chipolte Night Ride Sierra Vista

Chipotle  6 or circle K at 6:30


6:30 PM

Circle K on BST

16  miles No drop Sun & Spokes. 520.458.0685


U OF A Cycling  Friday Freewheelin Flagpole  – West Side of  Old Main Friday


2 hours

30-40 miles

Team Time Trial Practice http://uacycling.com/
Homestretch Foundation Spin with the Stretchies Le Buzz

9121 E Tanque Verde Rd

Friday 8AM 75-90 minutes Recovery ride https://www.facebook.com/HomestretchFoundation/?pnref=story
Bicycle Ranch Tucson Group Bicycle Ranch at Oracle and Ina


Saturday 6:30AM


53 (shorter option of 38 as well) miles 17-20


Free Breakfast after ride

Steve 520-219-4311


Old  Man Shootout

University and


Saturday 5:45 AM


60 Mile (can be extended to 100) Fast

20 MPH+

The Big Boy Shootout University and


Saturday 6:00AM 60 Miles(can be extended to 100) Faster www.fairwheelbikes.com
HMS Shop Ride 8225 N. Courtney Page Way Saturday 7:30AM 4 routes 25-30 Miles No Drop hmsbikes@gmail.com 520-989-0196
Performance Speedway Shop Ride 3302 E. Speedway Blvd Saturday 7:00AM 15-20 miles 12-15

No drop


(520) 327-3232‎

Performance Broadway Shop Ride 7204 e Broadway Saturday 7:00AM 10-15 miles beginner 12-15

No drop



Zona Cycling

First of the Month Mt Lemmon Ride

Le Buzz

9121 E Tanque Verde Rd

1st Saturday 7:30AM As far as you can get Until you turn around https://www.facebook.com/Zona-Cycling-186457201423794/
Zona Cycling


El Con by the Starbucks . 2nd, 3rd, 4th,5th,

Saturday 7:30AM

65 miles 16-18 https://www.facebook.com/Zona-Cycling-186457201423794/
Broadway Bicycles Shop Ride Various Routes

Call Scott

Saturday 8:00AM     Scott 296-7819
Miles Ahead Shop Ride I’m sad to say that Miles Ahead has closed and one of the best shop rides in Tucson is no more.  If you are interested in starting a Pistol Hill Ride Every week, please let me know so I can put it here.  I know there is an interest, we just need someone to step up.  Thanks Geoff for having such a great ride.  You and Miles Ahead will be missed.
Ben’s Bike Ride At Ben’s bike

7431 Houghton



6-10 miles Easy www.bensbikestucson.com


Sabino Cycle Shop Ride Varies- email Steve  to be on the list Saturday 7:30AM   No Drop steve@sabinocycles.com


Bicycle Ranch Different Trails Sunday


Different No Drop Steve 520-219-4311
Performance Speedway Shop Ride 3302 E. Speedway Blvd Sunday


30-35 miles 12-15 Pbs074@performaneinc.com

(520) 327-3232‎

Super Sunday Bike Ride at Trek


Trek Bikes at Campbell and Ft. Lowell 1st Sunday of each month 90-120 Minutes No Drop Misty Burch dr.mistyburch@gmail.com
Ben’s Bikes At Ben’s bike

7431 Houghton

Sunday 8AM 35-40 17-20 www.bensbikestucson.com




PLEASE NOTE- Category below just for Mountain Bikes

What Location Date/Time Distance Speed Contact- More Info
Cactus cycling and GABA have on-line ride calendars.  Check them out for more rides.

Cactus Cycling   http://www.cactuscycling.org/schedule.php

Greater Arizona Bicycle Association GABA- http://www.meetup.com/bikegaba/events/



THIS WEEKS MOUNTAIN BIKE RIDES  ^^^^Road rides are above^^^^

What Location Date


Time  Distance Speed Contact- More Info
Sonoran Desert Mountain Bicyclists(SDMB)  and Southern Arizona Mountain Bike Association (SAMBA Tucson off-road Cyclists and Activists.  (TORCA) have a calendars. Check them out  at.

SAMBA http://www.meetup.com/Southern-Arizona-Mountain-Bike-Association/events/

SDMB http://www.sdmb.org/events/

TORCA http://torca.org/calendar/



What Location Date Contact- More Info

May CDO Round Two Trail Work

CDO 10 miles in two days May 13-14 https://www.facebook.com/events/1816912081882385/



What Location Date Contact- More Info
The Highly Falkner South Mountain Time Trial Phoenix, AZ Saturday, May 7 http://www.teamvitesse.com/#!highly-falkner-south-mountain-tt
Javelina Chase Gran Fondo & Omnium Duncan, AZ May 05-06 http://www.javelinachase.com/
Highly Falkner South Mountain Time Trial Phoenix, AZ May 13 https://www.usacycling.org/events/getflyer.php?permit=2017-270
Mt. Lemmon Hill Climb


Tucson, AZ Friday May 15, 2015 http://www.bikegaba.org/content.aspx?page_id=22&club_id=307669&module_id=137250
Ride of Silence Tucson AZ

And across

the country.

May 17th https://www.facebook.com/events/1234450613344202/
Verrado Velo Criterium 2.0 Verrado, AZ Saturday, May 20 https://www.usacycling.org/events/getflyer.php?permit=2017-1328
Arizona State Time Trial Championships Arizona City, AZ Sunday, May 21 https://tucsonmasters.org/
Grand Junction Off Road Grand Junction


May 20 – 22, 2017 http://www.epicrides.com/
Luna Lake Overnight Tour


Springerville, Quemado, Pie Town, Alpine May 27 – 29, 2017??? Unverified http://www.bikegaba.org/content.aspx?page_id=22&club_id=307669&module_id=137251
Flagstaff Omnium Flagstaff, AZ June 10-11 http://singletrackbikes.com/
10th Annual Bike the Bluff- Arizona Elite Road Race Championship Show Low, AZ June 17 http://www.bikethebluff.com/
Carson City Off Road Carson City, NV June 16-18, 2017


24 Hours In The Enchanted Forest


Gallup NM in the Zuni Mountains June 24 June 25 http://ziarides.com/event-register/24-hours-in-the-enchanted-forest
South Boundary BigRide


Angel Fire Resort to Taos Youth and Family Center July 22 http://ziarides.com/event-register/south-boundary-bigride/
Dawn til Dusk Camerco, NM August 26 http://ziarides.com/event-register/dawn-til-dusk/
Ninja Mountain Bike Performance | Sedona Sedona, AZ 09/09/2017 – 09/10/2017 https://sandiegomountainbikeskills.com/
Man vs Machine 2017 Williams, AZ September 30 http://www.grandcanyonracing.com/
12 Hours Of Albuquerque and MTB Fest Tijeras, NM September 30 http://ziarides.com/event-register/12-hours-of-albuquerque-and-mtb-fest/
AZ CROSS Series #1-#2 Sedona, AZ October 29-29 https://azcross.com/
AZ CROSS Series #3-#4 Phoenix, AZ November 25-26, https://www.usacycling.org/events/getflyer.php?permit=2017-460
Dawn to Dusk Arizona


McDowell Mountain Regional Park, December 9 http://ziarides.com/event-register/dawn-dusk-arizona/




ADVOCACY OPPORTUNITIES – WANT BETTER BIKE INFRASTRUCTURE? GET INVOLVED.  Feel free to e-mail damion@damionalexander.com if you want to get involved in the Velodrome Committee, CASA- Cycling Advocates of Southern Arizona, GABA – Greater Arizona Bicycle Association, SDMB -Sonoran Desert Mountain Bike, TORCA – Tucson Off Road Cyclist & Activists, El Grupo Youth Cycling, Tu Nidito Ride For A Child, Tour De Cure with The American Diabetes Association….  Added bonus, I’ll be there and the pictures are free;-)


These rides are not mine.  I am only sharing the data.  The Damion Alexander Team  cannot guarantee anybody’s safety.  There are unknown and unforeseen potential hazards in every ride so you should  pay attention and take reasonable precautions.  I always use a helmet.  I think that Helmets are required when riding.  If you choose to listen to music during rides you should only use the headset in the right ear and keep the headset out of the left ear. Better yet, buy a FarEnd Gear earbud.  Communication is essential during all rides and having the ability to hear is a part of your responsibility to others.  Please also ride within your limitations. You are  not racing the Tour de France.  If you see someone  that is  not riding within their limitations or are becoming a hazard to others we should politely bring this to their your attention  Dothis for your and everybody’s safety.

Also, it is everybody’s responsibility to follow all traffic laws.  We are not lemmings.  Just because somebody does something foolish does not mean you need to follow.  Use your head and enjoy your ride.




WHERE DO ALL THE RIDES COME FROM?  These links and shops and clubs and teams and facebook and YOU.  See a ride that is missing.  Please let me know  Damion@DamionAlexadner.com.  Thanks


*Vistoso Cyclist http://vistosocyclists.weebly.com/road-biking.html

Cactus Cycling http://www.cactuscycling.org/schedule.php

Greater Arizona Bicycle Association GABA-  http://www.meetup.com/bikegaba/events/203149392/

*Tucson Tri Girls https://www.facebook.com/groups/ttgandfriends/   http://www.tucsontrigirls.org/index.php/calendar

Zona Cyclist https://www.facebook.com/pages/Zona-Cycling/186457201423794

JKG Strava – https://www.facebook.com/groups/579397565447522/?fref=ts

U of A Cycling http://uacycling.com/

Velo Vets  Phonehttp://www.azvelovets.org/: 520-465-5186

Tuesday Night Ride https://www.facebook.com/groups/5833629539/

Bicycle Commuters of Tucson https://www.facebook.com/groups/160142187481277/

Mountain Bike

Tucson Offroad Cyclists and Activists TORCA http://torca.org/   www.facebook.com/events/

Southern Arizona Mountain Bike Association (SAMBA) www.meetup.com/Southern-Arizona-Mountain-Bike-Association

Sonoran Desert Mountain Bicyclists  https://www.facebook.com/SDMB.org   http://www.sdmb.org

Tucson Mountain Bike Addicts https://www.facebook.com/TucsonMTBAddicts \

Our MTB Rides – Dave Slagle Slaglesphone@live.com


Old Pueblo Mountain Bike – Todd Rasmussen 520-256-1340   https://www.facebook.com/groups/203787656312279/?fref=ts

RBAR – Jesus Friaa 520-271-3776


Shop Rides

Performance Bicycles Speedway Tucson – Pbs074@performaneinc.com

(520) 327-3232‎ http://www.meetup.com/Performance-Speedway-MeetNRide/events/

Performance Bicycles Broadway –  pbs054@performanceinc.com 520-296-4715

Fairwheel Bikes https://fairwheelbikes.com/tucson-arizona-location-ezp-1.html#rides  (520) 884-9018

Grasky Endurance Coaching  www.graskyendurance.com/weekly-workouts.html

Broadway Bicycles

Bicycle Ranch Tucson – http://bicycleranch.com/tucson-rides/ (  520-219-4311

Ben’s Bikes http://www.bensbikestucson.com/  520-574-2453


Tucson Recumbent Cyclists  https://www.facebook.com/groups/TucsonRC/?fref=ts


This list is a major time commitment and it is my pleasure to put it together.  All I ask in return for the list is that you remember I’m A REALTOR.  If you have a relationship with another REALTOR, I love loyalty and respect those relationships.  However, if not, or if you need a second opinion, Please keep me in mind.  Many agents spend money advertising for new business, others sit open houses or cold call.  My business is based on referrals from past clients and friends.  The less time I have to do traditional prospecting the more I can do for the cycling community.  For example: this list.



Trail access to Honeybee Canyon

Honeybee Update:

While this message is being written as a result of access being restricted at Honeybee Trails, it is actually part of a much broader messaging that every Mountain Biker needs to hear and share.  Don’t be “That Guy”.

One of my volunteering positions is with the Bike Patrol at Sabino Canyon.   It is a privilege, not a right to ride our bikes in Sabino Canyon.  At any moment, if the rules are being broken, the District Ranger could restrict bike access.  When I encounter cyclist breaking the rules, my message is simple “Don’t be that guy”.  “That Guy” is the one who is going to ruin it for the rest of us.

What does this have to do with Honeybee Trails?  Everything!  The HOA owns the land were the WAPA easement exists and it is a privilege for us to use it.  They set up some rules and some in the community ignored them.  We have been “That Guy”.  The HOA feels they have given us adequate opportunity to change our behaviors and we did not.

This week I met with Kristy Diaz-Trahan, the Parks and Recreation Department Director at Oro Valley as well as the HOA president, Michael Douglas to discuss a plan for a new trail. Pima County is starting to work on access from the Loop up Big Wash and around the North side of Sun City Vistoso.  This is a plan that includes working with the State Land Trust, Oro Valley, Land acquisition from Vistoso Partners, Cultural mitigation (archeological), funding, and building of the trail.  The time frame to complete this may be as long as 3 years.  Because of all of you showing up at the Oro Valley Town Council meeting this trail is now a priority and your continual support may help us move that time frame up, but it leaves us without access as of October 1, 2016.

We asked the HOA to reconsider the closure until we can complete this plan, but the feeling I had from the meeting is that we have done nothing to deserve the access on the WAPA trail to remain open.  They asked for assurances that if they were to keep it open that the rules will be followed.  As we have done for the past few months, we offered to set up volunteers on the trail head and educate cyclist and to share with the cycling community the rules via SDMB, SAMBA, TORCA and The Damion Alexander Team.  The town of Oro Valley offered to have representatives from  OVPD to be stationed at the trail head.  We also asked them to tell us exactly what they would like to see from us to keep the trail open.

The Honeybee Ridge HOA board meeting was yesterday and Kristy Diaz-Trahan and a Lieutenant from The Oro Valley PD spoke to approximately 30 home owners from the community.  The 3 man HOA board decided that they are not changing their position and the access will be shut down.

So what do we do now?  1- Keep attending Oro Valley Town Council Meetings and letting all elected officials know how important a permanent access trail is.  2- Obey the posted rules.  3- Let others know they need to do the same.  4- Don’t make any plans to ride the trail after October 1, 2016 unless a compromise has been reached (I’m still hopeful). 5- Look at protecting the access based on prescriptive rights based on adverse possession.  6- You tell me.

As new information becomes available I’ll be sharing it on my blog www.bikepilgrim.com as well as on Facebook from The Damion Alexander Team.