The Ultimate Ride, Event, & Volunteer Calendar

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The greatest joy in life is being a part of a community. My passion is for bikes. With that in mind, I’ve been tracking down everything Bike and putting it all in one place. Being a part of many clubs, knowing people all over the region, having captured over a million images of cyclists and thousands of hours of video, and scoured the internet, my mind is blown away by how much is out there. From BMX, Gravel, Road, MTB, Fat Bikes, slow roles… there is a ride for everyone.

My goal is to create the most comprehensive cycling calendar in the South West with every event in the four corners states, Nevada and Southern California as well as weekly rides in Southern Arizona and volunteering opportunities.

I have all the info and am uploading events every day, but it will be a few weeks before they are all up. So bookmark this link and check back often.

Together, mile by smile, we can build the greatest cycling community in the world. We certainly have the passionate people and amazing infrastructure to make it happen.

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