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That time I recovered a Stolen Bike

I happy ending. If you follow me on Facebook or look at any of the things I share you can see that a lot of it is not happy news. For example, stolen bikes.

I really would prefer to be sharing happy news, photos of people smiling while riding their bikes, the ride list, reviews and recommendations about great new restaurants  or activities going on in the community. Honestly, it weights very heavily on me all the negative things that I share. However, while I feel like I’m the harbinger of bad news, and it beats me down, I feel the message is so important because if we all look out for each other our community can be so much better.

As I do share all the stolen bikes I am continually on the lookout for these bikes. I would even go so far as to say that it is been on my bucket list to find a friends stolen bike. However, my success rate is not that good. In the five plus years I know my efforts have only lead to two bikes being recovered, and that was not because I found them but because the people I shared it with did. So I basically feel I’m 0 for a few hundred.

I finally was able to recover a stolen bike myself. The joy that I feel from this is beyond description. Is the satisfaction you get when you’ve been working on something for years, have found it elusive, but then one day find success. I’d go as far as to say I’m giddy.

What made it better is the way that it happened. There were so many coincidences that it really felt like it was just what I was supposed to be doing.

Here’s the story.

It starts with a real estate referral a few days before of a cyclist who was relocating to Tucson. Only a few hours after the introduction via email, I was tagged in a post that his bike was stolen. Of course, I immediately shared it and thought to myself “this is going to make them really want to move to Tucson”.  As always, I took note of the bike in the special features, hoping that perhaps this would finally be the bike I would reunite with the owner.

The morning before I found the bike we were emailing back and forth. He was still not committed to any agent and had even seen a home with another agent.  We were planning on when we could meet to discuss his options.

I was on my way to a meeting to discuss planning for the Ride of Silence on May 17. As I was driving south on Campbell and approaching Glenn I had a last second urge to turn down Glenn. I had heard that my friend Andy Suter’s bike that was stolen a couple weeks ago, had been seen in this area. Since I heard that, I have routinely been going down the side streets looking for it as I’ve been going back-and-forth to appointments.

As I approached Tucson Boulevard I saw a guy riding a bike towards me that looked odd. I’m the last person to judge someone, as I have friends who live outdoors and friends worth hundreds of millions of dollars. I have friends of all color and all religion. That said, there are some things in life that just don’t look right. Since I am the photographer of the cycling community, perhaps I have a better idea than anyone of what looks normal on a bike. With hundreds of thousands of images of cyclist, I’ve taken pictures of almost every rider in Tucson at some point. What was it that made this guy look so out of place? It started with his pedal stroke, posture and a lack of fluidity, but the lack of a helmet and his clothing were not in line with the bike he was on. It also looked like the model of the bike that my new prospective client had reported stolen.

For me, this rider just did not look like he belonged on this whip.

Although I figured it was a long shot, I decided to pull a U-turn and go investigate.

I passed him and went down a few blocks and pulled off so I could take a video as he went bye. It definitely was not Andy’s bike, but it was another bike that I knew had recently been stolen. I had a photo of the other bike on my phone and was able to compare them and definitely, 100%, no questions at all, this was the stolen bike.

As my heart began to race I dialed 911.  The officer I spoke to asked me who’s bike it was and if they made a police report. I had the name of the owner, but the police were unable to locate a report and said to me that they could do nothing. This was incredibly frustrating. I understand they have protocol and that a stolen bike may not be there highest priority, but being told they could not investigate at all seemed harsh.  I continued to trail the “cyclist” from a distance, and thought of the next move. I did not have the number for the owner of the bike, but was aware that Andy Suter, whose bike I was looking for, knew him.

By this time we were near First ave and Grant so I thought of who was the closest person I knew who could help me. I called Andy Suter down an Epic rides. I think at first he was super excited because he thought I found his bike. As I was talking to Andy, the rider stopped in middle of the street, turned around and started riding back towards me. I figured it was time for action and I wasn’t going to get anyone else to help me.

The rider came right up to my car window and I said to him “you have a choice. I know whose bike this is. I know it is stolen. You can get off the bike and walk away and the cops are not going to have to be involved, or you can talk to the police who are on the way.”  He did not say anything, but look me straight in the eyes, and seemed to contemplate what I was saying. For 15 seconds he just looked at me. He then slowly stepped off the bike, gently laid it down next to my car, and walked away.

I watched until he was a fair distance away, and then got out, put the bike in the car. The entire time of this was happening I was still on the phone with Andy, but had forgotten he was there when I started to talk to the guy. When I returned to the car Andy was still on the line.  He was a little concerned as there have been no sound after I told the guy his options. Sorry Andy,  I didn’t mean to cause you any concern!!! As I was making a left turn onto Grant, a police car was going by and I waved him down. I gave him the vital information about what had happened. On one level, I did not care as I was just happy to retrieve the bike, but on the other side I want this guys information in some database so that he is recorded as a known bike thief.

I was able to get the phone number of the owner of the bike and gave him a ring. He was out at Starr Pass on his way for a run. I’m not sure if he was as excited as he was in disbelief. He said “it’s crazy man, Holy S^*t”. I had a busy day and it was not until late that day that he came and picked up his bike. I’m still not sure who was more stoked.

So now I can check off my bucket list, “recover stolen bike”. However, the feeling was so exceptional, I’ll be looking even closer from now on.

Final thought, because I know it’s going to come for people who read this. Yes! I recognize that I put myself in harms way and it could have ended in a different way. There are definitely people out there who are high on all sorts of different drugs,and other people who are only too happy to get into a fight. When I stopped to talk to him, my car was still in gear and I was ready to gun it if the need came up. I was waiting and watching his movements very closely. I would definitely not consider myself a bad ass. And actually go the other way and say I’m a pacifist. However, years of pent-up anger towards bike thieves definitely gave me the courage to make sure that this bike did not get away.





Community Bike Ride List for January 9-16

Did you miss registering for 24 hours I the Old Pueblo?  The CONSIDER YOURSELF CHALLENGED! AN INSPIRATIONAL COMMUNITY EVENT FOR CAF has a solo or tandem entry up for grabs.  Check out more details below in the events section.  Do you have an event you would like to share?  Let me know.

This list is a major time commitment and it is my pleasure to put it together.  All I ask in return for the list is that you remember I’m A REALTOR.  If you have a relationship with another REALTOR, I love loyalty and respect those relationships.  However, if not, or if you need a second opinion, Please keep me in mind.  Many agents spend money advertising for new business, some door knock and others  cold call.  My business is based on referrals from past clients and friends.  The less time I have to do traditional prospecting the more I can do for the clients and friends you refer my team AND for  the cycling community.  For example: This list.


What Where When Distance/Time Speed Contact
U of A Cycling Monday Mosey Flagpole  – West Side of  Old Main Monday


1-1.5 hours Max 20 miles
Ben’s Bike MTB Meet at shop 6:00 PM 1-2 hours Ben’s Bikes
Hills, Hills Hills Bashas Kolb/Sunrise Tuesday


20 miles

About an hour



Damion Alexander


Tuesday “Shootout” University/Euclid Tuesday


2.5 hours

40 miles

Tuesday Night Fast Fixed Ride Flagpole  – West Side of  Old Main Tuesday


Few Hours Varies Fast
Tuesday Night Ride Flagpole  – West Side of  Old Main Tuesday


12-18 miles Slow Facebook

Tuesday Night Bike Ride

UA Cycling  Wed.Worlds Flagpole  – West Side of  Old Main Wed


40-60 miles
Mt. Lemmon University/Euclid Wed


55-60 Miles
JKG DnA Easy Udall Parking Lot Wed


Udall-Mile post 3 on Lemmon Casual

Cyclo-cross Ft. Lowell Park 5:00PM A few hours As fast as we can go
Heavy Pedal Flagpole  – West Side of  Old Main 7:00PM Different route each week
Bike Polo UofA Mall 8:00PM
Tim Carolan Ride Starbucks




46 miles 18-21 mph
Up Oracle

Thursday Shootout

University and Euclid Thurs


Hills, hills, hills Bashas Kolb/Sunrise Thurs


20 miles 12-14(but Hills) Damion Alexander


U of A Cycling Thursday Thrill Flagpole  – West Side of  Old Main Thurs


1-1.5 hours Max 20 miles Easy Ride
The JKG Flagship ride Le Buzz Thurs


Le Buzz to Molina Basin Hammer fest JKG Strava on Facebook
U OF A Cycling  Friday Freewheelin Flagpole  – West Side of  Old Main Friday


2 hours

30-40 miles

Team Time Trial Practice
Bicycle Ranch Tucson Group Bicycle Ranch at Oracle and Ina


Saturday 8:00AM 48 (shorter option of 35 as well) miles 17-20


Free Breakfast after ride
Oro Valley Bikes Ride Oro Valley Bikes

4749 E Sunrise



50 miles 17-18 MPH (520) 577-5511

John McCarrell


Old  Man Shootout

University and


Saturday 7:15AM 60 Mile (can be extended to 100) Fast

20 MPH+
The Big Boy Shootout University and


Saturday 7:30 AM 60 Miles(can be extended to 100) Faster
Performance Broadway Shop Ride 7204 e Broadway Saturday 8:00AM 17 miles beginner 10-14

No drop


Broadway Bicycles Shop Ride Various Routes

Call Scott

Saturday 7:00AM Scott 296-7819
Miles Ahead Shop Ride Miles Ahead Tanque Verde Sabino Canyon 7:30 AM 50 plus/minus miles Fast Geoff 751-0555
Ben’s Bike Ride At Ben’s bike

7431 Houghton

8:00AM 6-10 miles Easy


Sabino Cycle Shop Ride Varies- email Steve  to be on the list Saturday 7:30 No Drop


Tucson Endurance Performance Center Ride Mountain Bike Ride Contact shop for details.  Different route weekly. Saturday 7:30AM


Tucson Endurance Performance Center Ride 6448 N Oracle



Ben’s Bikes At Ben’s bike

7431 Houghton

Sunday 8AM 35-40 17-20




PLEASE NOTE- Category below just for Mountain Bikes

What Location Date/Time Distance Speed Contact- More Info
Beyond Tucson

Kidical Mass

SW corner of Armory park Saturday



This is a family friendly ride. All bikes and riders are welcome.


Tucson Recumbent Cyclists U of A.   Park in the lot on North Palm Rd Saturday



Sabino Cycles Shop Ride Sabino Cycles

eastside route





35-40 No Drop. Steve Wetmore

or call 520-977-5664

Cactus Cycling

Lunch Ride to the Mercado San Agustin

Campbell and River, near the bike path at St. Phillips Plaza Saturday






Rosemarie Hanelin/Eddy Hodak


Cactus Cycling

Lunch ride to Time Market on University

Campbell and River, near the bike path at St. Phillips Plaza Saturday



33 miles 16-18
Zona Cycling  DOWN TO THE BRIDGE AND BACK Starbucks

El Con Mall




45 miles

Cactus Cycling

North West Sunday Circle Cycle

Panera Oro Valley 10604 N. Oracle (at 1st, east side of Oracle) Sunday



42.63 18mph plus

Sunday Ride slow Tucson “The Loop” ride

East End of the Rillito Bike Path

3575 N Craycroft




58 Miles 12-14 mph
Bicycle Loop Ride Udall Park

7290 E. Tanque Verde




60 14-16
VELO\VETS VA Blind Rehab on VA Campus Tuesday



5-25 Miles or Donnelly 520-465-5186
Pistol Hill Loop Ride Udall Park

7290 E. Tanque Verde


9:30 AM

14-16 MPH 47 mile
GABA Pima County Fairgrounds Loop Ride Morris K. Udall Park 7290 E. Tanque Verde Friday


9:30 AM

45 miles 15-16 MPH


PLEASE NOTE- This is New category. ^^^^Road rides are above^^^^


What Location Date


Time  Distance Speed Contact- More Info
Beyond Tucson- Arizona Trail Ride Gabe Z. Trailhead Saturday



9:30-12:00 Out and Back  Matt Nelson 404-7992
Beyond Tucson

Kidical Mass

SW corner of Armory park Saturday



This is a family friendly ride. All bikes and riders are welcome.
Fat Tire Finesse: Upper 50 Year Golder Ranch TH Saturday 1.3.15 9AM
8ish day of Christmas at Upper 50 4798 E Golder Ranch Drive Saturday 1.3.15 9AM This isn’t an easy trail – if you’re a solid intermediate+ rider, this should be a good one for ya

EMAIL or call 520-977-5664

Azt Jamboree

AZT Pistol Hill rRd Parking Area

8287 S Pistol Hill Rd


Saturday 1.3.15


Possible post ride keg.  Ride Bike Bring beer. This is both a Broadway Bikes and Tucson MTB Addicts ride

AzTrail Jamboree

Pistol Hill Parking Lot 8287 Pistol Hill




8am shuttle – 35 mile distance (6-8 hours, start: Box Canyon Road)

10am shuttle – 25 mile distance (4-6 hours, start: Lakes Road)
OMR Sunday Ride Gabe Z trailhead Sunday 1.11.15 13 miles Out and back   

Dave Slagle

SAMBA West Desert Preserve – Beginner Friendly Ride 1250 W. Continental Road, Green Valley, AZ Sunday



10-13 mile loop.  No drop.  Family ride.   For permits they are free.  This is on private land, so you do need a permit to ride here. Sign up at
Giant/ LIV Demo Day


Fantasy Island North side






Try out the all new Reign Adv 27.5-1, Trance Adv 27.5-1, Anthem Adv 27.5-1, Anthem Adv SX 27.5, Defy Adv Pro 0, TCR Adv Pro 1, Propel Adv 1, Avail Adv Pro, Avail Adv 1,Obsess Adv , Lust Adv 27.5, Intrigue 1, Brava SLR corss bike
MTB Addicts – Zimmerman to Lakes Rd and Back Gabe Zimmmerman Trailhead Sunday



Meet at GaBe Z trail-head and head to the  Gate for some cold beverages. After that, we’ll head back and have some more cold beverages.
Old Pueblo MTB: 50  years to the Chutes In n Out Oro Valley Sunday



20 miles

2:38 ride time.  Approximatey.

Todd Rasmussen 520-256-1340

SAMBA Monday Night @ Fantasy Island Fantasy Irvington side Monday



All skills welcome 2 hour ride
Tuesday night lights!


Fantasy Island

North side





Good times at the picnic bench at F.I. 7pm – planning on Cactus and Fire/Rez
SAMBA Wednesday Night Ride at Starr Pass Gesner Trailhead 1298 Clearwater Rd Wed



Pizza and beer at Bianchi’s after the ride, bring some cash! 😉

January Workday

Fantasy Island 1.17.15 Meet at Irvington TH and bring your tool.



What Location Date Contact
2nd Saturday Bike in Movie

Documentary “Fresh

Jacome Plaza

101 N. Stone



GABA Beyond Event (Bike Repair and Information Table) Armory Park


221 S. 6th Ave

Bike Fit, Form, and Function Clinic.  Refreshments and fun swag provided! 7090 N Oracle Rd Suite 198, Tucson, AZ Tuesday


Bike Advisory Committee Meeting Himmel Park Library Jan 14, 2015

6:00 PM

The Cycle:From The Mental To The Physical. Cyclefit Solutions

7000 E. Tanque Verde



6:30 PM
Cactus Cycling Annual Meeting Pima County Medical Society Building 1.30.15

Consider Yourself Challenged!~ An Inspirational community Event for CAF Tucson Jewish Community Center,

3800 E River Rd





Name Description Date Location Contact Info
12 hours of Papago Ride solo, with a friend or on a team to tackle this looped course in Tempe Saturday


Papago Park
The North End Classic Pro-Cat 5 Criterium races in Yuma Arizona 1.17.15 Yuma, Arizona
McDowell Meltdown A Mountain Bike Association of Arizona (MBAA) race.


1.17.15 McDowell MTN. Regional Park

16300 McDowell
Avondale Criterium Series USAC Crit Race

Pro through Cat 5 and Juniors, mens/womens

1.18.15 11350 Civic Center Drive

Avondale, AZ
A Race Against Time Time Trial and All proceeds go towards cancer survivorship 1.25.15 Picacho Peak Travel Center Exit 219 of i-10
Santa Catalina Omnium 1.31.15 &


Joseph Iuliano
Hedgehog Hustle (Estrella) A Mountain Bike Association of Arizona (MBAA) race. 1.31.15 Estrella Mountain Regional Park
Valley of The Sun Stage Race 3 day stage race 2.13.15




Brian Lemke

24 Hours in the Old Pueblo Burning man meets MTB race.  Is this a race or a party? I say BOTH! 2.13.15



Willow Springs- An hour North of Tucson
Havasu Havoc A Mountain Bike Association of Arizona (MBAA) race. 2.21.15 Lake Havasu
Tour De Cure- The Damion Alexander Team has a team for this event and is a major sponsor.  E-mail me for a free registration code! 50 and 100K rides


This is the motivation you are looking for to keep riding after El Tour De Tucson!

March 1, 2015 Tucson Harley Davidson

7355 Interstate 10 Frontage Rd | (520) 795-3711 x7112

White Tank Whirlwind A Mountain Bike Association of Arizona (MBAA) race. 3.7.15 White Tanks Regional Park

Waddell, AZ
Tucson Bicycle Classic 3 day Stage Race 3.13.15



McCain Loop TT

Sauharita Road

Pima CC West Crit
Honor Ride Phoenix Join Ride 2 Recovery to honor our nation’s healing heroes


3.14.15 UnitedHealthcare Offices, 4425 E. Cotton Center Blvd
MARC in the Park (Team event) A Mountain Bike Association of Arizona (MBAA) race. 3.28.15 McDowell Mtn. Regional Park

16300 McDowell
Foray at the Fort (Sierra Vista) A Mountain Bike Association of Arizona (MBAA) race. 4.11.15 Fort Huachucha

556 Auger Ave.
Flagstaff Frenzy (Flagstaff) A Mountain Bike Association of Arizona (MBAA) race. 5.16.15 Fort Valley Trail Network, Flagstaff, AZ
Super D (Flagstaff) FUN-D raiser for the Flagstaff Biking Organization. 5.17.15 Fort Valley Trail Network, Flagstaff, AZ
Whiskey Off Road 7 races.  One fun weekend. Pro Crits, kids race, 25, 50, and pro 50 races. 40K Purse. April 24 – April 26, 2015. Prescott


This list is a major time commitment and it is my pleasure to put it together.  All I ask in return for the list is that you remember I’m A REALTOR.  If you have a relationship with another REALTOR, I love loyalty and respect those relationships.  However, if not, or if you need a second opinion, Please keep me in mind.  Many agents spend money advertising for new business, others sit open houses or cold call.  My business is based on referrals from past clients and friends.  The less time I have to do traditional prospecting the more I can do for the cycling community.  For example: this list.

Stolen Bike Alert

My Coach Jason Tullous had his bike stolen  from his CTS car in front of his home in the La Canada and River area.

The bike is 54 H1 Trek Madone 7 series with Ultegra Di2 components.  The color is a custom CTS paint scheme with colors blue, black, and white.  It does have an older rear power tap wheel (Mavic rim 2.4SL powertap).  It also has a Motorola MOTOACTV attached to the stem.  It has a black seat bag with skulls on it and I have a sticker with the name “Tullous” on the top tube.

This is not the exact bike, but the same paint  and look.
This is not the exact bike, but the same paint and look.

Due to the unique paint and his name, this one should be easier to spot than most bikes.



How Much Can One Person Do for the Community?

I’m on a mission to make Tucson a better community.  After the crash of the real estate market in 2007 I struggled to find my purpose in the world.  I was very hurt watching friends skirt responsibility and give homes back to the banks with strategic foreclosures.  The Real Estate sales industry often gets a bad name that puts us on the list of such notable “professionals” as used cars salesmen and ambulance chasing lawyers.  Unfortunately, I saw cut throat behavior from agents that really did warrant the name real -a-snake agent.  In the decade leading up to this I had the same passion for promoting the benefits and ethics of the Realtor that I now have for bikes.  Honestly, being in the industry, most people are ethical and do a great job, but a few bad apples really did taint my opinion.  Real Estate still pays my bills(now accepting referrals;-), but Bicycles fuel me.

As many of you know, last year I set out to ride my bike every day for a year.   From May 5 2012 through May 12, 2013 there was not a day that the foot was not in the pedal.  Having a daily goal like that was challenging yet very fulfilling.  I’m not sure I’m up for that task as the price on the family was too high, but is it possible to do something every day for the bike community? Not much, perhaps it is just sharing a question about a cyclist who was recently diagnosed with diabetes and is looking for a coach who understands the intricacies of training with type 2 Diabetes, volunteering with El Grupo Youth Cycling, helping a friend in the hospital after an accident, telling others about new trails and roads, stopping to help someone with a mechanical, getting others involved, telling the stories of others who are doing the same things for the community or taking photos of a ride so the community has recorded shared memories.

To some extent this is what BikePilgrim was created for.  To share the good word and highlight all the good there are in the Bike Community.  I think 365 blog posts in the next year might be a stretch, but I am going to set out to do 365 bike related activities.

17- Photos of the Silverbell Century.  GABA does lots of rides leading up to EL Tour and has options from a 30 mile to a century.  I needed to go to the office, but made a detour to take a few hundred images.  There are so many rides going on every day I do not know where to point the camera.

16- A friend of my wife purchased a trike in the hopes of becoming more physically fit.  Unfortunately, like so many people it was never used.  Now, three years later, it is collecting dust and she hoping to get her money back, or at least as much as possible.  I posted it on facebook and would like to say that it sold it.  However, it really is a specialty item and apart from a comment from one of the two people I know who ride trikes, Nada.  If you know someone who is has some physical limitations, but is interested in still being on the road, let me know.

15- El Tour de Tucson opened its door to Brendan Lyons and Look! Save a life/ Arizona.  I met with most of the Staff and Lorena and Brendan to see what we can do to promote Look! At El tour.  Brendan is going to have the opportunity to talk at the dedication dinner and we will have a booth at the expo.  We will not have much time to organize it, would love some help, and look forward to seeing you there.

14- A ride with my son, Sam.  Is it really doing something for the community to go for a bike ride with your own kid?  I’m going with a yes.  If you are not spending time with your children on the bike, you are missing an opportunity.

13- El Grupo recovery ride in the park.  We played games and worked on skills.  I shared with the world what Zombie Tag looks like.  What a great lead into Halloween.  This is tag on the bikes.  As soon as you tag someone, they are also it and so on until only one person remains.

12- The Business Builder Bike Ride.   This is such a fun event to take pictures of.  All riders dressed for Halloween and it ends with a keg from Borderlands brewery.

11- Pot Luck Dinner and Costume Party at The NICA race.  Many teams showed up, we shared food, the kids got to know each other.  Lots of images on The Damion Alexander Team.  This is the start of something really magnificent.

10- Repeats today.  Both on “A” Mountain and what was going on for the community.  El Grupo, pushing the incorporation of Look! Save a life(seems to have stalled), and details for the NICA high school social.  I would like to find creative new things each day to fuel the community and keep this interesting, but like so much of life, it is going to be the consistent grind that has the real impact.

9- This weekend in the 3rd race in the NICA season.  Mike Perry ,John Shumaker and NICA Arizona  have accomplished so much this  first year, but the races are missing that “community” feeling.  I expressed this to Mike and he said he agreed and asked me to make it more social.  Apparently, no good deed goes unpunished.    The plan is a pot luck dinner for a few hundred and a Halloween Costume Contest with prizes.  How hard can that be with 5 days to plan.

8- Two days in a row in Sabino for Bike Patrol.  So here is the skinny of why I do Bike Patrol.  I actually really don’t like telling people what to do.  However, I really Really  REALLY don’t want to see cyclist lose the privilege to ride in the canyon.  I Said Privilege and not Right because it is by the grace of the Ranger we are allowed to be there.  Here is my speech ” ride only on the times and days that are allowed.  Never on Wednesday and Saturday and not betwwen 9AM and 5PM on the other days.  Keep the speed under 15.  Why?  Because the people who are walking and popping on and off trails are not looking for bikes and if a bad collision occurs, we might lose the privilege.

7- Sabino Canyon Bike Patrol.  Now that the Government is working I can do my volunteering.  Interested in being a Bike Ranger.  Ask me, I’ll tell you what we do.

6- A friend, Christina, asked me “Hi damion!!! My little sister and her two littles are coming to visit over Halloween and I am looking for either a bike burley or. Jogging stroller and also a Kelly pack to borrow…do you or anyone you know have either of those items I could borrow for a week! Hope you and your family are well!”   My post on facebook found her what she was looking for.  Making a difference can be as simple as just asking for someone.

5- El Grupo Coaching again.  Road ride on the East side of Tucson.  Nearly 50 miles.  Challenging ride for me, road bike was in the shop and I took the MTB.  These kids are almost to fast for me to keep up.

4- El Grupo coaching. This is likely the first of many that reference EL Grupo Youth Cycling.  Today, we were at Himmel park.  It is interesting to see hom many people are using the park these days.  In August at practices in Himmel we were the only users.  Tonight kids were everywhere.  Multiple soccer practices/games.  We had one father yelling at us to get off the grass with our bikes.  I went to talk with him.    He started the dialogue very aggressive and I let him explain his tell me how he felt.  He had children playing and he felt that bikes were dangerous to their safety.    He felt the bikes were dangerous to kids who were playing and we did not belong in the park.  He pointed towards the Catalinas and said there were hills and roads all over the place and that Himmel park was no place for us.  I don’t personally like confrontation.  However, I really do love trying to calm a situation where everyone can have a better understanding of each other and walk away with a mutual appreciation.  I think he had some very valid concerns.  After a few minutes, I asked if I could talk. First, I asked his name and introduced myself.  His name was Jeff.    I explained that we have the blessing of parks and rec, we have been using the park for 7 years, our kids a very aware that others are using the park and that we are to give the right away.   I appreciated his concerns and that is why I made the effort to come back and talk with him and that I would remind the entire team to be aware of pedestrians.   He was still not a fan of us being there and said that he still had concerns that we were going to hit someone, but he was noticeably calmer then he had been.  After I left him I did talk to the entire team about being aware and giving pedestrians the right of way, even if we are racing.

This really made me think about the perception that people have of cyclist.  We had the right to be in the park.  We were being safe.  How many other people were watching and thinking bad things, but did not say anything?  How do we engage the masses to understand we have as much of a right to use the parks, trails, roads as others?  If we are intimidating people and reckless, it does not help our cause.  At the same time, Jeff and his kids were playing 30-40 feet away from our crit course.  There was no danger of them being hit, but even after our dialogue, I feel he walked away mad at bikes.  I would love feedback on this.  I’d love ideas on what we can do to make it better.  4/365

3- When Brendan Lyons was in the hospital after being hit by a car I asked what he would really like to see come out of his situation and if how I could help to make it a reality.  He shared his vision for Look! Save a Life/Arizona and  that seeing it incorporated as a Non-profit 501c3 so it can accept donations and spread the word for cycling safety would be his dream.  Today, I made the first steps to make this a reality.  The past week I have been looking for people with experience in incorporation and today started a dialogue with 6 interested cyclist.  The First two steps, naming the director, Brendan Lyons, and the name, Look, Save a Life/ Arizona are complete.  We have the forms for Incorporation and will start on that soon.  We have asked a few cycling lawyers if they will assist pro-bono, but are still working on that.    If you have experience and are interested, we would love to talk to you for the board of directors or to help get the documents for incorporation in order. 3/365

2-  Ryan Roher with the Pima County Sherriff Dept said “I’m putting together a presentation for local    high schools.  It’s a broad presentation but it does have some relationship to cycling.  We specifically talk about distracted driving/texting etc.  I’d like to include the Look! Save a Life logo and perhaps some information on Brendan.”   Logo sent to Deputy Roher and info on Look! Save A Life/ Arizona.  2/365

1 – A question from one of my elementary school teacher that was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and is looking for a cycling coach(that’s right- I’m so into community I still talk to most of my teachers from elementary school after 35 years).  My facebook post received multiple recommendations and 2 of the coaches  are also T2 Diabetics themselves. A few personal messages and some introductions and 1/365 is in the books.

I’ve heard people say they don’t support diabetes research as they feel people with diabetes made         lifestyle choices that resulted in the condition.  Not True!!!  On the topic of bikes and Diabetes, one of the great fundraising rides each year is the Tour De Cure.  It is community  oriented  multitasking at its best. Bike ride, help others.

I originally posted this on October 15, 2013.  How much can we do for the community in a year.  Can’t wait to look back in October 2014 and see this.