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TMC Get Moving Tucson Halloween Weekend Event.

This past weekend was the TMC Get Moving Tucson Halloween Weekend Event. It consisted of a 5k race, a 5k run for Girls, Kids run and half marathon. I’ve had the privilege of being the lead out for the 5k and the Kids fun Run as well as taking a few photos here and there.
In the albums on facebook I only shared some of the images from this weekend. If you want to see every image, please look at my SmugMug page. Click here for ALL photos of the weekend Son and Dad Photography

Tucson Lifestyle.com 5k Run/Walk Click here for photos of the 5k

The 5K events are so interesting because you get to see people of all shapes, sizes and speed. I came in second, and I was on a bike. The leaders have a speed that is pretty incredible to watch as I ride ahead and a little embarrassing to be out sprinted for the finish. On the other end of the spectrum and even more impressive are the people who are finishing towards the back, but setting personal records. It is not where you finish, but that you come out, do your best and finish.

TMC Girls on the Run of Tucson 5k Walk/Run, presented by UnitedHealthcare

Click here for photos of the  Girls on the Run

This year there were nearly 500 runners, joggers and walkers in the Girls on the Run 5K from dozens of schools around Tucson. The participants are matched up one adult to one child. Essentially, this is showcasing a best practice in getting the community involved. Some people have vision. Others have determination. A few have the gift of pulling it all together. I’m speaking of Julia Strange with Tucson Medical Center. Not only was TMC the title sponsor for the TMC Get Moving Tucson Halloween Weekend Event, but The Girls on the Run has been the brain child of Julia. It is people like her that are making Tucson a healthier community for kids of all ages.

 TMC A-Mountain Half-Marathon

Click here for photos of the  Marathon Part 1     Marathon Part 2       Marathon part 3

What could make a half Marathon even more fun? Throw “A” mountain in the middle of the course. The view from Sentinel Peak of the Old Pueblo is always worth the trip. My favorite photo was of a couple doing cart wheels as they hit the highest part of the climb.

 Cox Charities FitKidz Free One Mile

Click here for photos of the Fit Kids
This is my favorite race to watch. It is a free one mile race for kids under 12. The leader finished in under 5:30, and I think he was well under the age limit. Humans are incredible. My best mile ever was just under 6. We have some remarkable young talent I this community and it’s always fun to watch them develop as athletes and as people. Since it was Halloween, many were in costumes and watching 2 year old run in the middle of the street with parents is really cool. It was a good precursor for Cyclovia, that was held on Sunday.