A Win Win Senario

You have a choice.

Would you rather send your state income Tax dollars to the state and let them decide how to spend it or would you like to direct your funds to a local charity?

This exists. And there are hundreds of charities that qualify. I’m currently raising funds for 11 of the Qualified Charitable Organizations (QCO)and one Qualified Foster Organization(QFO) as part of El Tour De Tucson and am asking for you to please donate.  As an individual you can give $400 to a QCO and $500 to a QFO. Married people filing jointly can donate $800 to a QCO and $1000 to a QFO. Want more details (https://azdor.gov/tax-credits/contributions-qcos-and-qfcos). So, individuals can donate $1,200,  married filer can donate a total of $1,500. This is in Addition to school credits!

So why pay the state and see your money spent in Maricopa County. Donate today.

The only QFO that is a beneficiary of El Tour is Easter Seals Blake Foundation. You can donate here to Easter Seals Blake Foundation

Here are the Qualified Charitable Organizations I’m riding for in El tour and Hyperlinks to donate. I also put in the charities website if you want more info.

Arizona Children Association  https://www.arizonaschildren.org/

BICAS  https://bicas.org/

Big Brothers Big Sisters  https://www.soazbigs.org/?https://www_soazbigs_org/

Children’s Clinics Tucson  https://www.childrensclinics.org/

El Grupo Youth Cycling  https://www.elgrupocycling.org/

Free Ever After https://www.freeeverafter.org/

Tu Nidito  https://www.tunidito.org

I do not have fundraising pages set up for the following, but am happy to pick up checks.

ALS Association AZ Chapter  The Haven  and   Arizona Justice Project

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