Houghton Road: Irvington to Valencia construction update

Kenneth Lenger shared the following info from the city
We are installing the Florida T intersections, and as soon as these are in we are going to open the entire roadway for travel. I am sure everyone is eager to get to that point.
We are installing irrigation for the landscaping, and as soon as we are certain we are out of the frost season, you will see the landscaping going in….
In April we will put the rubberized asphalt in.
The project is expected to conclude on schedule in May 2014.
Houghton Road Corridor Art Rails
We finally have our corridor art rail colors determined. You are free to look these up online, as scanning, copying etc. electronically often alters the colors:
Tanque Verde to Broadway (5th St.)       ICI 1275 Kingfisher Blue
Broadway (5th St.) to Escalante             ICI 1226 Deep Pool
Escalante to Valencia                           ICI 1180 Great Lake
Valencia to I-10                                    ICI 1139 Racing Green
You can see the Great Lake color on the rails in the Houghton, Irvington to Valencia project, and in the near future, you will see the Deep Pool color rails going in at Broadway.
Thanks to one of our Corridor Planning artists, Nina Borgia-Aberle, for these selections.
Our artists are saying they plan to bring the public art “Cocoon” structure out in April. We are trying to encourage them to do it a bit sooner. We will keep you posted, but it appears they are looking to bring it in on a large flatbed truck and have a crane set it in place. I know everyone is interested in seeing how this will unfold.
Thanks Kenneth for keeping an eye on this project.  If you read this and have insight to a project in your area, let me know so we can share it.
As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.
M.J. Dillard City of Tucson Construction Project Manager 520-837-6616

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