NICA High School Mountain Bike Race #5

This year I only made it to  one NICA race as my son, Sam, has told me he rides better and his luck is improved when I am not there. Since he was on the podium in the first 4 races and his overall standings were not likely to change in the final race I was given permission to attend.


Good news, I have over 1250 photos from the race.  CLICK HERE to see all the racing action

Bad news, I am a bad luck charm;-)  Sam broke his derailleur and had to run in the last mile or two. However, He had a smile on his face and finished the season 4th overall.

It was very cool seeing all the kids who started as Freshman during the inaugural season for NICA in Arizona and are the first class to have raced four years. Hopefully, there have been many relationships that will last a lifetime.

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