Sabino Canyon Recreation Area 5700 N. Sabino Canyon Rd., Tucson, AZ

Pavement Pushers Night Ride ::::: Sabino Canyon laps x2 Well hello there! I decided to open up and promote my already happening Tuesday night pavement rides to the masses, I hope that some of you can come out and join! ALL bikes are welcome on these rides, however the smoother your tires are the easier time you will have. These rides will end up splitting into different mini groups depending on speed, the goal is to give folks a chance … Continue reading

Old Pueblo MTB Midday Mayhem

Garigans Gulch 9243 S Camino Loma Alta, Vail, AZ

mountDawn Patrol Eastside ::::: Vail Vortex and more! This Midday Mayhem is one of the Eastside's favorite rides! We will start at the GG opening to the Vortex, head South and take the bikes towards Post Comeda ranch. Then its around the campgrounds and towards the back side of the Pistol Hill piece of the AZT. At Pistol Hill road we will take the sweet sweet downhill back to the Vortex and finish strong on the dirt back to the … Continue reading Old Pueblo MTB Midday Mayhem