Support Senate Bills for Cyclist Safety

Brendan Lyons, Executive Director of Look, Save a life Arizona has created a page on to show your support for two bills that are currently with the State Senate.

The page says

“On behalf of the safety for all who utilize our public roadways, vulnerable users such as First Responders, victims of distracted driving and the families left behind to pick up the pieces, we respectfully encourage your consideration for S.B. 1102 (Texting While Driving, Prohibition) andS.B. 1302 (Vulnerable Users of Public Ways).

A texting while driving prohibition will make it unlawful for an individual operating a motor vehicle to send or read messages by means of a wireless communication device. Researchers observe that texting while driving decreases reaction time to a greater extent than drunk driving. Research like this has driven 47 states to pass legislation banning drivers from texting while driving. Arizona, the first state to propose a prohibition nine years ago, however, has failed to adopt this law.

The purpose of a Vulnerable Road User Law is to protect people who utilize the road who are not otherwise protected by being encased in the protective steel shell of a motor vehicle (First-Responders, Pedestrians, Bicyclists, Wheelchair Bound, etc.). The vulnerable user law provides for increased fines in cases where a vulnerable road user is injured or killed because of negligence or as the result of a traffic violation.

Currently, unless there is proof of gross negligence or circumstances such as alcohol or drug use, there are inadequate provisions in state law to support bringing meaningful and significant charges against the motor vehicle driver who has caused such harm to a vulnerable user.  Arizona law is far too lenient in punishing careless drivers who injure vulnerable users.  Non-motorists using a road or street have every right to expect that drivers will be alert and avoid them.  For those drivers who are unable to comply, there needs to be a provision in state law where their driving skills are called into question and penalties applied.

In 2013, a DPS Officer writing a report at an accident scene was killed by a distracted motorist driving a semi-truck. Arizona ranks among the most dangerous states in the U.S. for fatalities caused by distracted driving.  This small change in legislation will bring a renewed focus to safety for all who utilize our public byways throughout Arizona.

By signing this petition you are simply asking Arizona’s Legislature and Governor to pass a meaningful Vulnerable User law as well as a Texting/Driving Prohibition.  Thank you for taking the time to sign this petition and voice your concern.”

This is the link to sign up and show your support.

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