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Belgian Waffle Ride AZ

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2024 Belgian Waffle Ride Arizona

March 1 – 2, 2024

Welkom to the first stop of the Belgian Waffle Ride Tripel Crown of Gravel…

The Second Annual Belgian Waffle Ride Arizona is something we cannot wait to share with you. It’ll be a unique desert and mountain experience, which will be known at the Hell of the North Desert. Here is a snapshot of information about the event and what to expect…


There is a formula to the creation of each new Belgian Waffle Ride, and this year’s first BWR and the kick-off to the Tripel Crown of Gravel, is the newest manifestation of this formula. The BWR AZ, which will take place in Cave Creek, Arizona, on the fringes of the Valley of the Sun, embodies the three ingredients that make the BWR so special. 1) A dream destination, 2) varied terrain to accommodate an extremely dynamic racecourse, and 3) a cycling community that is both vibrant and desirous of the Unroad experience only the BWR can offer.

1) Located in the heart of the Sonoran Desert, on the fringes of North Scottsdale, the BWR AZ will start and finish at Stagecoach Village in Cave Creek and take in a seamless connection of beautiful desert and varied challenging terrain with breathtaking views and near-perfect riding conditions. The area enjoys over 300 days of sunshine and incredible scenery, with conditions that are perfect for exhilarating Unroad riding, including crushing climbs to beautiful views of the surrounding desert. The destination is a picture-perfect town in the desert foothills that brings together history, culture, and nature in a unique atmosphere. The downtown area has plenty to offer the entire family, and the city is surrounded by many other destinations that you don’t want to miss out on.

2) The topography, transitioning from the verdant riparian environment along the Salt River to the foothills of the McDowell Mountains, will offer towering saguaro cactus standing sentry against a backdrop of made-to-order sunsets. The springtime temperatures will nurture an array of stunning wildflowers among an ocean of vibrant green cacti and remain mild enough for riders to enjoy the full day of riding. The BWR AZ will bring along technical Unroads punctuated by pristine tarmac in the outskirts of Scottsdale. The course in and around Cave Creek will boast a fantastic concoction of terrible terrain, including pitchy undulations in Carefree, Tonto Forest mountains & washes, Rio Verde, sinuous single-track in McDowell Mountain Regional Park & its Sonoran Preserve, and smooth roads connecting gravel sectors completely unique to this desert playground. The dynamic nature of the course, which at roughly 122-miles is less than the usual BWR, will surely devastate even the most well-trained professional gravelleurs by its finale – a series of steep, paved climbs with pitches of 20%. How do you say, “Ouchie,” in Flemish. Oh yeah, it’s AUW! Kind of like, WTF!

3) And then there is the third and final ingredient – a vibrant cycling community. Not only has the area been designated one of only 35 gold-level bicycle-friendly communities in the US, with its safe accommodations, miles of designated bike lanes, and, of course, a plethora of trails to explore – both urban and desert – it has an extensive network of cycling teams, enthusiasts, and every type of bike shop to support them. This Sonoran Desert locale is the most diverse desert in the world, offering amazing views along the rocky mountain ranges that surround it. No wonder this destination has become home to such an active and enthusiastic bike community.

Here is the 2023 Course Information:




~9,000 Feet of Climbing

8 Unroad sectors (the rest is road, dirt, gravel)

50% Unroad (Long, Sandy, Wet or Dry, Rocky, Hilly, Ugly)

Numerous Washes, Water Crossings or Foot Bridges

3 Queen/King of the Mountain segments

3 Queen/King of the Dirt segments

3 Queen/King of the Sprint segments

7 Feed Zones




~5,600 Feet of Climbing

Several Unroad sectors (the rest is really nice road)

40% Unroad (Long, Sandy, Wet or Dry, Rocky, Hilly, Ugly)

Numerous Washes, Water Crossings or Foot Bridges

4 Feed Zones




~3,700 Feet of Climbing

1 long Unroad sector (the rest is really nice road)

25% Unroad (Long, Sandy, Wet or Dry, Rocky, Hilly, Ugly)

Numerous Washes, Water Crossings or Foot Bridges

2 Feed Zones