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DRAFT minutes From September BAC meeting

This month I was in Colorado working(riding my bike) and missed the BAC meeting.  The following are a condensed version of the DRAFT minutes.

DRAFT Tucson-Pima County Bicycle Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes Wednesday, September 11th, 2013 Himmel Park Library 1035 N. Treat Ave.  Tucson, AZ 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM Prepared and Submitted by Kylie Walzak

 Call to Public – Don Melhado – US Cycling Association. Seeking BAC for Velodrome support to the PC Bond Committee. Mr. Melhado is deeply involved in racing, for the past 30 years. Not here to tell you that the Velodrome is something the entire community will benefit from, but it will provide a venue for Tucson’s youth to train and will provide Tucson with a building that will highlight Tucson’s leadership role as a cycling-mecca for pro/semi pro racing. A facility like the Velodrome will draw international attention, including many people from northern Mexico. Mr. Melhado asks BAC to give support for the facility (Velodrome), which is a multi-use facility (and presumably can be used for other sports), at the upcoming public hearing.

Law Enforcement Staff Reports from TPD and PCSD – Sgt. Fernandez, TPD – Four accidents, two of which were cyclist only. Two were vehicle crashes, no major injuries. Two hit and runs, no major injuries. Park and University lights are on and there has been some confusion – there is targeted education occurring at that intersection. Enforcement may come later.

Old Spanish Trail at Houghton– cyclist hit from behind, 3 days in ICU. Eric Post asks Fernandez if he knows anything about that incident

Marana and Twin Peaks – hydraulic fluid sprayed on bike lane and rider went down.

Rohrer – tacks on Catalina Hwy continue. PC deputies are actively investigating. Reminds riders to call in suspicious activity. Rider and a patrol car made contact, traffic person is reviewing the case. Town of Marana is doing a great job cleaning up the landfill area on Tangerine.

Facilities Subcommittees Re-establishment & New Member New members are encouraged to join subcommittees, like the facilities subcom., which is in the process of being reorganized and formalized. Education Subcommittee has been dormant since Karilyn Roach had to resign from the BAC. Any member interested in advising govt’s on things like PSA’s, messaging, and outreach are encouraged to ask the Chair about reviving that subcommittee.  Call for volunteers for subcommittees? Allen Kulwin volunteers for the Facilities Subcommittee    Reminder that if you don’t receive a formal agenda from Karen Rahn, the meeting is not officially happening.

Bike Share Programs – An Overview of Trends in the USKylie Walzak present a summary of latest research regarding Bike Share programs across the US. Submits Motion (below), discussion followed. Questions about funding sources, consultation fees, need for strategic planning for locating stations, and issues of equity.

Motion: BAC will write a letter to local governments urging COT, PCDOT and PAG to investigate creative funding sources for a regional Bike Share program sooner rather than later.

Motion is approved unanimously.

Strategic Highway Safety Plan UpdatePlan updates specific deficiencies in AZ with regard to cycling and safety. Gabe Thum reports from recent meetings with ADOT. Letter in our packet is asking the State to leave some discretion to local governments in deciding how best to spend highway safety money.

Ensuring the funds are spent appropriately… replace with “safety improvements are directly related to a data-driven process.”Motion to approve letter as amended. Approved unanimously

Bicycle-related Bond Project Grouping Process

Review of all of the Bike related projects still being considered in the Bond Package. The intent of tonight’s discussion is to provide input to the Bond Committee from the BAC about what our priorities as a BAC are.

David BW presents on recent bond projects related to cycling

  • Bicycle Education Center (Velodrome): Most recent memo to the Bond Committee does not include this project. This was in the June, 2013 memo, but not in memo from August 5th, 2013.
  • Oro Valley, Cañada del Oro: Catalina, Big Wash connecting to Rancho Vistoso, north side of CDO. This will connect La Cholla to La Cañada.
  • Marana Linear Park (Barnett): extends from I-10 W. Frontage road to just beyond the town’s municipal complex.
  • Tucson Urban Greenways: Most recent memo to the Bond Committee does not include this project. This was in the June, 2013 memo, but not in memo from August 5th, 2013.
  • South Tucson El Paso Greenway: This project has been in planning since 1989. South Tucson has been waiting for their share of projects for a long time.
  • Loop Gaps (acquisition, construction, several parts): Design and construction of soil cement bank protection along both banks of the Santa Cruz River between Sunset Road and Ina Road. Provides for stabilization for an area of the Santa Cruz River that has been heavily mined by sand and gravel operations.
  • CAP Trail (Avra Valley): Uses Central Arizona Canal Project and put bicycle paths on either side. Looking for a connection over the Tucson Mountains to the Loop. Estimates this project at $10m. Currently asking for $10m on this Bond. 27 miles. Can be viewed as an alternative to Sandario Rd. which has seen increased vehicular traffic and subsequently has driven recreational (road) cyclists from that road. On the other hand, this particular project seems geared towards a single user group (road riders) and does not rank high in terms of being built for multiple users, commuters, etc.
  • Oro Valley Trailheads: $600k, trailheads to benefit Mountain Bicycling somewhat and hikers/walkers.
  • Marana Heritage River Park: Tangerine Farms Road, accessible from I-10.

All members of the BAC get the opportunity to rank the existing projects by placing numbered stickers next to priority projects. Reminder that the letter will be written with low, medium, high priorities – not a numerical value.

Motion approved unanimously to write the letter as outlined in the packet.

Staff Reports

 Matt Zoll, Pima County – Safety outreach plan with Bike Ambassadors for outreach along the Streetcar corridor. Trailhead dedication for Roy Schoonover, December. Southside Loop projects under design, should go to construction in January. Outreach work with low income youth on southside and Flowing Wells. UA Bike station going well. “Michigan left” for east/west at Ina and Oracle, try it out before you do it. Safety and diversion classes are full.

Nancy Ellis, Oro Valley – Updating biannual bike plan.

Brian Varney, Marana – Creating short list for the TAP projects.

 Gabe Thum, PAG – Bike/Ped Subcommittee met. Tucson Bikeway maps coming in. Look for official announcements for Bike Count, mid-October.

University of Arizona – UAPD has been very active educating and issuing citations. Streetcar track crashes are prominent. Sept. 18th is next UABAC meeting. Bike Share usage on campus is 90% per day.


Subcommittee Reports

 Downtown / University Facilities (David Bachman-Williams) – Would like to change name to “Urban Core” Facilities. Monday Sept. 16th 3:30 pm.

Enforcement (Colin Forbes) – No meeting last month. Next mtg is Sept. 26th. Need more people!

Executive (Ian Johnson) – We talked about items for the agenda. Anthony Foxx came out and said recently that the FHWA supports the use of NACTO. Always send Ian agenda items.

GABA (Wayne Cullop) – Tumamcacori ride will be slightly different this year.

Downtown Links (Kylie Walzak) – Met last Monday to report on the work of the Bike/Ped Subcommittee. Next meeting will be corridor bike/walk through with the engineer team.

Living Streets Alliance (Kylie Walzak) – Gary Fisher event is Sept. 25th and Architecture on Wheels Hike and Bike Tour is Sept. 29th.

Broadway Task Force (Naomi McIsaac) – Latest meeting was exciting, considering adding a Cycle Track to the Broadway cross-section. Please join Naomi on Sept. 26th community meeting. It’s a really good opportunity to provide input on the priorities of the entire corridor.