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Tortolita Circumnavigation, Self-Lead

Hope for better whether next weekend. But our host can’t make it. So have your GPX and bike computer with you. There will likely be riders attending who have ridden much of the loop. But no official host.
Walmart Supercenter at Oro Valley Marketplace, 2150 E Tangerine Rd, Oro Valley
5 to 6 hours
I’ve had a few requests to lead this loop encompassing the Tortolita Mountains that is largely off pavement (there is some bike path along Tangerine). The ride starts in town but gets into remote areas. Bring water for 5 hours as there is no support until mile 45. It’s tough route starting with pleasant rideable single track, fun double track, groomed gravel roads, rugged power line utility roads, finishing with bike path. Total 52 miles and 2,100 feet. A few sections of cobbles, single track, and longer sand crossings; put this in the “Challenge Gravel” category. The short Big Wash single track has sand and rocks that will play to your handling skills. And the Marana Powerline section sand will strain tired legs. Wide tires, 50mm plus are a must.
“Challenge Gravel”: to see some of the really spectacular areas, we might need to get just a little uncomfortable, but only when the challenge is worthwhile in amazing areas. Expect to walk certain technical stretches with pitchy climbs, or along a sandy creek bottom. The better your skills and the wider your tires (50mm or more), the more fun this riding will be. Everyone who came out last year, finished these rides, but had really worked by the end. Examples are often following gas lines thru the back country, or the Tumacacori mtns.
This is not a speed run, it will be a casual pace and we’ll regroup from time-to-time making a reasonable effort to stick together.
Our rides are intermediate in terms of physical effort. Rides are generally 4 to 6 hour efforts in remote unsupported areas sometimes without cell coverage. Riders are expected to be capable of self-supported repairs like fixing flats and mechanicals, carrying sufficient food and water for the multi-hour rides, and have on-bike navigation. There is no sag, nor a final ride sweep. If a rider falls far behind, makes a wrong turn, or turns back; we aren’t capable of seeking them out or all turning back to regroup.
This group, its members and host assume no responsibility for the health and safety of any attendee. In accordance, each attendee agrees to assume personal responsibility for any injury that may occur during or after participation in the event.