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Ride the Arizona Divide


For those interested a group of individuals will be riding the 450 mile Ride the Arizona Divide route starting September 23rd. Why 9/23? It’s  simply the best time of the year to ride the White Mountains and Northeast Arizona! The are no entry fees or registration. The route uses public roads, anyone can join in. This is not an organized or sanctioned event in any way. Each rider is responsible for their navigation and well being. We will be following the current route posted on this page.  For those that want to start at the same time meet at Tall Timbers Park in the community of Heber AZ at 6:00AM on September 23rd. Do not leave your vehicle at the park.

If you own a tracking device (e.g., SPOT, Garmin InReach) and would like friends and relatives to view your progress or have a record of your ride you can register your device with the Trackleaders service. More info can be found on their website: http://trackleaders.com/ They are not affiliated with us, AZ Gravel Rides or Ride Across Arizona.

All updates for the route will be posted here and here only! No emails, texts, FB messages or Instagram messages. If you have anything you would like to share (water sources, camp spots, etc.) please forward them on to us and we’ll get them shared here.

We view RAD as a long, hard unofficial ultra endurance cycling challenge that tests our perseverance, self sufficiency and competence. It’s also a fantastic workout! The idea behind the Grand Depart type of start is to be able to have a like minded group of individuals on the route at the same time to boost camaraderie and safety. However, be advised, this is not a “group” ride. You will be on your own most of the time but might be lucky enough to encounter another rider here and there. It’s that simple. Ride as far as you can as fast as you can and above all try to remain positive and have fun.

Universally Accepted Rider Etiquette:

– Complete the entire route under your own power.
– LEAVE NO TRACE.  If you carry it in, carry it out.  The goal is to keep the area we are rolling through better than we found it.
– Follow all traffic laws. You must use lights when riding at night on any public road.
– Unless you can actually see another rider coming behind you, always close a gate you open
– No trespassing. Please respect private property.

Popular ways to ride the RAD course and accepted definitions from other similar rides:

Self-supported Bikepacking (example: Tour Divide)

Solo Riders: 
– No support crews or caches of any kind.
– No motorized transport along the route.
– Unplanned support from a fellow rider is allowed.
– Gas stations, restaurants, hotels, campgrounds, and any other commercial services along the route are fair game as long as they are not pre-arranged.
– If your bike breaks and you wish to continue the ride, you must hike, walk or crawl to the next town to get it repaired. Once fixed, you must return, under your own power, to the exact spot you left the route. This is a completely self-powered ride. If you get in a  motorized vehicle, your ride is over (you may switch to the supported category**).
– You may ride with other people, but drafting is not allowed.

Duo Riders (same as above except):
– You and your partner may share resources.
– You and your partner should stay together for the duration of the ride.
– Drafting off your partner is allowed.

Supported (example: RAAM)

Solo Riders:
– Support vehicles allowed to follow along and provide assistance (high clearance vehicle required, 4wd highly recommended).*
– Any number of bicycles or replacement parts may be used during the ride.
– If a rider makes a wrong turn and rides off the event route, regardless of the reason, the rider must return (either riding or support vehicle) to the exact spot where the course deviation was made, then continue riding.
– No hand offs or mechanical support from a moving vehicle.

Relay Team (same rules for supported riders as above except):
– Riders share and exchange a single tracking device.
– Riders determine when to exchange.
– Both riders can ride at the same time sharing pulls and drafting, you decide what is best for your team.