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Midday Mayhem – Old Pueblo MTB

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A “Midday Mayhem” ride ::: A Basic Intermediate level trail with lots to explore. Midday Mayhem rides can be shortened, or portions of the trails can be skipped often times to create a more Beginner friendly experience. Midday Mayhem rides often times have locations that are chosen for their flexibility & variety to provide riders of various technical skill levels & fitness level to make their own ideal route. Rides are generally big enough to allow for groups to split on routes and meet back up to finish together.
OPTION 1 ::: 1:00pm – Golden Gate Downhill Laps run as a sort of “Open House” from 1:00pm – 3:00pm. Route selection is a rinse and repeat laps of a 3 mile section of Tucson Mountain Park over by Old Tucson Studios. The plan will be to ride the “Golden Gate Trail” Downhill section over and over until your heart is content. Led by Travis Williams & Amanda W.
OPTION 2 ::: Tucson Mountain Park 12+ Mile Loop to include 1 pass at Golden Gate Downhill (if you want). This option will be done by those that want to do it.
DIFFICULTY: Definite intermediate with some good fun, flowy chunk sections.
DISTANCE: 1 Lap up Chapparal and over to Golden Gate, down to the bottom where it skips back over west to where we parked is 3 miles. Plans to do that 3 mile “lap” over and over again. So 3-15 miles depending on how many laps you want to do. The uphill is a grind but it’s not a very steep grade and it’s just over 1 mile long.
MEET TIME: FIP (Feet In Pedals) @ as close to 1:00 PM as possible, so Meet at 12:45 pm at “K12” parking area… or you can park where Hal Gras is right at McKinney Rd.
(approx ride time 2-3 hours).
PARK: K12 Pullout, or you can park right at Kinney Road where Hal Gras takes you down to the Ironwood Picnic Area. THIS IS AN OPEN HOUSE, get there when you want.