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The Business Builder Bike Ride Celebrates year 6

For 6 years the Business Builder Bike Ride has met monthly to network, build businesses, ride mountain bikes and drink beer.  April 27th at 4PM is the anniversary ride at Sweetwater Preserve Trailhead.

This ride is the brainchild of two of the most creative and professional businessmen in Tucson, Matt and Brandon Blair from Cirrus Visual Communication. Some people just have it all together.  From family, business, fitness, friends, community involvement and everything else they are a part of.  I have seen many rides start and fail, but this ride just gets better and bigger each month.

Links to 36 plus photo albums from 6 years of Business Builder Bike rides are at the bottom of this page.


The BBBR is a monthly gathering and alternates between Sweetwater Preserve and Fantasy Island.   The format is to do a quick pre-ride meet and greet.  This is limited mostly to who you are and what you do professionally.  Then we get on our bikes and ride.  Post ride beer, hangin’ out trail side, and a call for any upcoming events that we are working on.

This is how Cirrus Visual describes the BBBR.  “If you haven’t heard about this event, think of it as business networking on your bike. Some people do business on the golf course…we love to ride our mountain bikes, and know there are other business professionals like us.

Whether you like to ride fast, or are just venturing into the dirt, all riding levels are welcome! Just bring your bike, helmet and business cards, and we’ll bring the post-ride refreshments. Join us this month and bring a friend – new riders are what keep this event growing!”


Personally, this is one of my favorite rides based on the location, people, scenery, networking and beer.  If you want to go really fast, there is still someone faster.  If you are affectionately known as “the turtle” you will not be left out on the trail by yourself.  Since we start and stop in the same place and the trails we use have extra loops for those who want extra credit everyone can get in the ride they want and still not feel like they are being left out or left behind.  Also, beer, FREE beer (usually)  hoppily greets you at the end of the ride.  So you ask,  Is this really networking or just an excuse to cut out of work, ride bikes and drink beer?   I have now helped 9 friends buy or sell their homes as a direct result of this ride, but you should join us and decide for yourself.

You can sign up for an automatic invite at http://www.cirrusvisual.com/teamcirrus/bizandbikes.html or look up Cirrus Visual on Facebook.


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