We could have been a contender

2 seconds.  If he was 2 seconds faster we would have moved up to the podium.

4 points separated 1-3 place in the final race with the winner taking 1918 points.

In the year end overall total 2nd and 3rd place finished 1 point apart with 7675 v 7674 points. ONE POINT!!!!

The final race for both El Grupo composite and Tucson High teams were brutal.  It saw stitches, medics, flats and some of the worse finishes for some of our top athletes.  With just the smallest changes in fate, we could have won the day and the composite team could have been on the podium.  BUT, we had the day we had.  Every team could just as easily make the same claims.  If this mechanical had not happened, or had there star not run in the State High School Track finals the previous day, or had the bottle not been fumbled in the feed zone….

I can’t help but think  that there are some athletes out there that have printed the final results and are now aware that ONE point matters.  That one race that they pulled up at the end and were passed, that time they let the other racer get away, or they felt the burn and listened to it, the other racer who crashed them out, and the ones who took the dangerous but faster line, those that surged to the front for the hole shot, the countless hours training… all those little decisions made the difference in the end.  What a great lesson for life for these students.   It ALL does matter.  It ALL does count at the end of the day.  We are all going to get bumps and bruises on the way there, but those that grind on end up at the top.

After the race I was talking with Chloe Woodruff about some of the challenges we faced in the final race.   I told her it reminded me of something.  I searched for the word.  I told her it was on the tip of my tongue.  It was such a clear thought. How exactly could I articulate it? Oh yeah, It is like Mountain Bike racing.  Yes it’s true, that is what it is, and it has successfully completed its first season in the high school arena in Arizona.

Next year is going to be even bigger and better.  There are already plans to add a 5th race.  With all the great press and with your help more people will know about the league.  I can’t wait!!!

If you missed any of the action from this year,  below are the links to the albums or check out The Damion Alexander Team on facebook.

Mens race 4


Ladies race 4


Team photos race 4


Race 4 podiums


Race 3


Race1 https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10153314072455154.1073741957.228735085153&type=3


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