What will Biking in Pima County Look Like in 20 Years, you decide.

This fall,  Pima county is going to have an election to decide on the future of our community.  As a cyclist, I have gone through every item and picked out what will benefit us.  This Friday, June 6th, 2015, at 5PM, is the cutoff for submitting arguments that will be sent to every registered voter in Pima County.  I urge you to look at these items and submit a letter showing your support of the bond.  If you need help writing the letter, email me at Damion@DamionAlexander.com or call 520-977-5664 and I’ll help.

These are the items that I feel will impact the cycling community in a direct way. Many of the other projects will create a better community and give us venues to ride to.

425 Road and Highway

Road repair and restoration 160 million.  All road improvements benefit the cycling community.

426 Economic Development, Libraries and Workforce Training

South 12th Avenue Cultural & Culinary Corridor – What is the extent of the bike infrastructure.

Southern Arizona Regional Orientation Center · Large outdoor plaza to be integrated with the Santa Cruz River Park and Loop– $1.0 million – 6 months.  West bank at Cushing st.

Proposition 427 Tourism Promotion

Does the De ANZA on the Conoa Ranch include bike infrastructure.   West bank of the Santa Cruz.  Some sections south of Green Valley.  More of a hard pack trail where you can ride bikes, but not paved.  Spiker is getting numbers for total distance of paths in Green Valley?  No plans to go onto the reservation.

Colosall cave Upgrade Restrooms (3) – Camping and Ranch House (ADA Accessibility and Plumbing)

Realignment and building of new trails to align with Arizona Trail. Park Roads and Parking Lot Improvements and Realignments.  Addition of new nature-based and adventure activities.

428 Parks and rec

Arizona Bicycle Center & Velodrome (ABC) Location: Kino Campus, South of Ajo Highway, West of Country Club Scope: Construct a 2,000-seat Bicycle Training Center & Velodrome that can be used to host other types of events and activities.

Conoa preserve park  _BIKE RELATED? The project would also provide staging and a trailhead access point with support amenities for the historic Anza Trail along the Santa Cruz River alignment.  Spiker getting this info as well.

Splash Parks  – The program will include the installation of six splash-pads (similar in size and nature to the one at Brandi Fenton Memorial Park) across the county at key regional parks. Installations may include the splash-pad with room for several water toys, the appropriate support infrastructure for the water system in a secure enclosure, utility upgrades, security fencing, ramadas/shade and picnic areas, and associated ADA pathway system.  This makes the list for Bikes as cyclist often cool off in these splash pads and as destinations to ride to.

El Paso Southwestern Greenway, City of South Tucson Segment overall concept for the Greenway is to create a divided urban multi-use path for bicyclists and pedestrians, which will include a 12’ wide asphalt path, landscaping and an 8’ wide decomposed granite “soft” path, and landscaping.  SPOKE of the Loop.  East of i-10.  Extends bike bath to the south of downtown.  At least to 22nd  Perhaps farther.  Look into it. Call ann

Flowing Wells District Park Expansion – The acquisition of the subject parcels will provide space for much-needed additional parking for the park and The LOOP and provide space for more field development.  This is Kory Loas.  Kory Laos Freestyle Memorial BMX Park  : This project is intended to include the planning, design and construction of a concrete bowl type BMX bike park on county owned property in the northwest. The project additionally proposes to include support amenities such as, parking, restrooms, ramadas, picnic areas, drinking fountains, playground, security lighting and landscaping

Kino- Loop goes there.  Velodrome will be there.  Existing trails that already exist in the area.

Lawrence Hiaki Pathway Interpretive proposed southern CAP Trail to The Loop, providing a stronger connection between schools, government services, transit services, and neighborhood.  Spiker is checking.

Naranja Park Improvements  – skate/bmx park

Rillito Park Improvements  On the LoopReach/Project River Park Map BOS District Project Cost Priority Rank Rillito River Bridge replacements R * 1,3,4 $1,175,000 1 SCR Underpass program: Speedway, St Mary’s, Congress, Ina SCR * 1,3,5 $1,600,000 2 SCR: Downtown Redevelopment & Canopy Enhancement(LANDSCAPING) SCR * 3,5 $2,625,000 3 Glenn to Craycroft (south/west bank) -reduced project P P10 4 $1,140,000 4 Rillito River Underpass widening project (STONE FIRST CAMPBELL AND south bank ALVERNON- not set in stone) R * 1,3,4 $2,000,000 5 Rillito River Pavement Improvements R * 1,3 $460,000 6 SCR: Pavement Improvements SCR * 5 $800,000 7 KERP (kino envro restoration project) Outlet to Campbell (west bank) J/TDC J8 2 $1,110,000 8 Camino del Cerro to Ina (at El Corazon) (east bank) SCR S12 1 $4,050,000 9 La Canada to La Cholla (south bank) CDO C5 1 $2,500,000 10 Magee to Ina (west bank) CDO C7 1 $1,180,500 11 Dodge to Country Club (south bank) R R5 3 $1,915,000 12 N. Continental Ranch to Avra Valley Road (west bank) SCR S15 3 $444,000 13 Country Club to KERP Outlet J/TDC J7 2 $740,000 14 Twin Peaks to Avra Valley Road (east bank) SCR S15 3 $1,987,500 15 Avra Valley Road to Tangerine (east bank) SCR S16 3 $3,003,000 16 Drexel to Irvington (east bank) SCR S2 5 $4,150,000 17River Park Enhancement Total $30,880,000.00    10 million will come from the BONDs. *indicates a program project, incorporating key elements from several maps Benefits: The intent of this project is to bring all segments of the river park to current standards and assuring connectivity with employment centers, parks, schools, neighborhoods, open space preserves, shopping areas and more located along these main wash corridors. This project shall make it possible to utilize the linear park

UDALL MAKES THE LIST AS A START FOR SO MANY RIDES.  That said, most of the parks and items in this section can be included as biking to the park, all parks, it a part of the bike experience.  It is also where the kids learn to ride.  It is safe.

Design and construction of improvements in accordance with the Udall Park Master Plan, including 2 new lighted soccer fields, ramadas with picnic amenities, playground, restroom facilities, walking paths, and associated park landscaping, irrigation, lighting and vehicular parking.

Urban Greenways PR34 Location: This project will include greenway development within the area bounded by the Pantano River, Julian Wash, Santa Cruz River and Rillito River. Scope: Design and construction of segments of the Arcadia Greenway, Alamo Greenway, Arroyo Chico Greenway and Atturbury Urban Greenway. These urban greenways are included in the Pima Regional Trail System Master Plan. They provide alternate modes of transportation as well as recreational opportunities on a multi-use paved path system that connects schools, parks, shopping, work, tourist attractions and other destinations. The following recommendation provides the suggested priority order of projects for each of the Urban Greenways: Arcadia, Alamo, Arroyo Chico and Atturbury. Projects are intended to be delivered in priority order for each of the Greenways until the bond funding is expended. If funding remains or additional funding is identified, then additional projects will be included: Segment Description BOS District COT Ward Project Cost Rank AC – Treat Avenue to Tucson Boulevard Segment 2 6 $ 2,500,000 1 AC – Parkway Terrace to Kino Parkway 2 5,6 $ 795,000 2 AT – Lakeside Park to Golf Links Road Segment 4 4 $ 763,200 3 AT – Escalante Road to Stella Road Segment 4 4 $ 610,800 4 AL – Broadway Boulevard to Wilmot Road Segment 2 6 $ 1,606,500 5 AR – Craycroft Road to 22nd Street Segment 2 6 $ 1,651,500 6 AC – Kino Parkway to Arroyo Chico Detention Basins 2 5 $ 387,000 7 AL – Fifth Street to Broadway Boulevard Segment 5 6 $ 1,465,500 8 AR – 22nd Street to Golf Links Road Segment 2 6,4 $ 1,864,500 9 AC – Arroyo Chico Detention Basins to Park Avenue 2,5 5,6 $ 648,000 10 AL – Speedway to Fifth Street Segment 5 6 $ 916,500 11 AL – Pima Street to Speedway Boulevard Segment 5 6 $ 1,110,000 12 AL – Pantano River Park to Pima Street Segment 4 2 $ 1,944,000 13 AR – Fifth Street to Broadway Boulevard Segment 5 6 $ 1,840,500 14 AR – Broadway Boulevard to Craycroft Road Segment 2 6 $ 1,189,500 15 AT – Golf Links Road to Pantano River Park Segment 4 4 $ 1,461,600 16 AT – Fred Enke Drive Segment 2 4 $ 285,600 17 AC = Arroyo Chico, AT = Atturbury Fantasy through lake side park pantano north of golf links, AL = Alamo, AR = Arcadia,

 Prop 429 Public Health, Welfare, Safety, Neighborhoods and Housing

Pedestrian Safety and Walkability Improvements Categorical projects will be awarded through the PAG Bicycle & Pedestrian Subcommittee through a competitive and transparent process. All jurisdictions within Pima County may apply.  Safe Crossings, Safe Routes to School Infrastructure Projects, Enhancements.

Neighborhood Reinvestment Program  Small scale capital improvement projects developed in stressed neighborhoods and communities throughout Pima County, including but not limited to street lights, sidewalks, park improvements, community centers, speed bumps, and traffic mitigation devices.

430 Natural Area Conservation and Historic PreservationOpen Space Acquisition Program.   Expand a network of national, state and regional parks andnatural areas for the benefit of the community and wildlife.

Public Natural Park Trailheads Location: Region-wide and may include the following specific sites: Arizona Trail-Sahuarita Road Trailhead (new), Pistol Hill Road Trailhead (new), Chalk Mine Trailhead (new) and Oro Valley Trailhead for Tortolita Mountain Park (new), Tucson Mountain Park-King Canyon Trailhead, Robles Pass Trails Park Staging Area (new), Mary Henderson Desert Center (new), Linda Vista Trailhead and various other sites as part of the Pima Regional Trail System Master Plan. Scope: Land or right of way acquisition, design and construction of new trailheads and improvements to existing trailheads, to provide public recreational access to Tucson Mountain Park (TMP), Tortolita Mountain Park, the Coronado National Forest, and the Arizona Trail. Depending on the trail head, the projects may include paved and unpaved parking areas, signage, security fencing, entry monuments, restrooms and drinking fountains if water is available.

 431 Flood control and Drainage Setting infrastructure for future path development.


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