Benefit at Old Chicago for Brendan Lyons and Lorena Evans

I received a call today from Brendan Lyons.  He was all choked up and asked me if I knew the news and had I seen  He was fairly emotional and I have to admit that bad toughts came to my mind.  Was someone else hit?  Was there some bad news?  I quickly pulled up he facebook page and saw it referred to an event that was created to benefit Lorena and Brendan(event info posted at the bottom of this post).  In his typical form, he went off talking about how all he wanted to do was help out the community and how humbling this was.  He was so touched the community would do anything like this to help him out.

I was aware of the event and had talked with Craig Honeker , who created the facebook event.  He rides on the Tri-sport team and he and Ryan Hartman had been looking at some ways to help Brendan and Lorena.  The event was created and some incredible donations have started to come in that will be raffled or auctioned off.  According to facebook posts they include:   CHECK BACK HERE AND I’LL UPDATE THE LIST.

Mike McKisson of is offering up 6 months of advertising for the raffle. The person who wins will get a display ad on the site for six months with a link to their business or organization.   In the last month they have had 19,000 visits from 13,500 different cyclists mostly from Tucson. The normal value is $1,200.

Looks like we’ll have some additional items to raffle courtesy of! Thank you Seton Claggett and Debbie Feldner Claggett



Jimmy Bees 20/24 black DT aero comp spokes. Sapin hex head alloy nipples. Rims are tubeless compatible. Shimano/sram 10spd

If you have something you would like to donate look up the page on facebook and comment, or if you are not on facebook, contact the BikePilgrim at 520-977-5664 or email and I’ll put you in touch with the event organizers.

THE INFO FROM THE FACEBOK EVENT SAYS “Benefit for Brendan Lyons & Lorena Evans”

“As many of you know, Brendan Lyons and Lorena Evans were hit by a car last Friday while riding, and Brendan has suffered severe injuries. We are going to have a very informal benefit this Sunday at Old Chicago to:

– Try to raise some funds for Brendan and Lorena, as they get through these difficult times.

– Gather well wishes for the two of them (we’ll have card(s) that you can sign)

– Brendan is going to need our support over the long term, so we’ll be talking about how we can all do that.

– Let them know that the cycling community has them in their hearts!

Please join us on Sunday at 6:00 PM at Old Chicago (Campbell south of Glenn) and offer whatever support you can. All monies raised will go directly to Brendan and Lorena.

We’ll also have a card and donation jar at TriSports (4495 S Coach Dr) on Friday and Saturday if you’re unable to make it on Sunday.

Please send the invite to everyone who rides a bike! Thanks for your support of the Tucson Cycling Community!”

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