BICAS Art Auction

Of all the annual events in the biking community, this one is at the top of my list.  Now only does it showcase some of our most talented artists creating bike related art, it also brings out the most vibrant characters.

This was the first year at the Art Gallery.  I still love the Depot for the charm and character, but from a practical point of view this location was great.  There was plenty of parking, room for the food trucks, the building has many rooms with a free flowing floor plan and plenty of wall space to showcase the art.

This fundraiser sustains BICAS throughout the year so that they can continue to provide affordable and free bicycle education and services to the Tucson community.

I apologize to all the artist. No artist tags were posted on the wall when I popped in to take the pictures of all your great art. Many noted and talented artist give to BICAS. We can all reward them by supporting them as Artists, not just at the auction, but year round.

I created two photo albums on The Damion Alexander Team on facebook.

Preview Night with photos of almost every piece of art

BICAS Art Auction Night


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