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Bob’s and Wayne’s Social Ride E32 (C/2/34)

Bob's Social Ride  E32 (C/2/34)


Ride with GPS map is located at: Eastside 32
Distance 34 Miles, Elevation gain 1500 Ft
Ride Leader today is Bob Willman

If you are not a member of our cycling club, please join: Sign Up Link

Start/End: Parking Lot in front of Margies Kitchen, 9431 E 22nd St.

5 and 29 miles Saguaro National Park

You are welcome to join us for food after the ride. This week we will go to Margies Kitchen after the ride.

Please review the route before the ride Start and load the route into your bicycle computer or your smart phone or print a copy of the cue sheet.
To participate in this GABA group ride you MUST:

  1. Be willing to ride at a social pace (end of ride social pace 13-15 MPH).
  2. Be willing to serve as the ride sweep for a portion of the ride.
  3. Use the phrase “walker/bike up” when overtaking someone.
  4. Use the phrase “walker/bike left” when approaching someone coming at us. This should be used when on narrow parts of multiuse paths.
  5. Stay right of the center line on multiuse paths and right of the white line while on the road except to pass.
  6. Give at least 3 feet when passing someone walking or riding in the same direction.
    IMPORTANT: If you have not ridden with Wayne within the last 12 months, please send your contact information (Name, phone number, emergency contact, emergency contact phone number (NOT 911) to Wayne at wayne.cullop@gmail.com. The ride waiver will be filled out prior to the ride, you will just need to verify the information and sign it.
    The end-of-ride average speed is expected to be between 13 and 15 MPH. If you are not comfortable or not capable with this expected pace average over the entire route, please do not participate in this ride, it is not fair to the other riders*.* This is a social ride, lots of conversations, and regroupings as we will not drop anyone. Riders are expected to ride at the pace of the ride leader and between the ride leader and the sweep.
    If you sign up for the ride and are running a couple of minutes late call (DO NOT TEXT) the ride leader: Bob’s is 520 247 2235. We will wait up to five minutes before leaving.
    What to Bring:
    • Food & fluids for 3 hours – 2 24oz Bottles or Hydration Pack.
    • Bring a tube/patch kit and a way to inflate your tires.
    • Be sure your bike is in good mechanical condition.
    • CPSC approved helmets must always be worn while riding.
    • No ear buds! This is a safety requirement, not a request.
    If you are riding, I ask that you agree that:
    • You will obey traffic laws. Drive your bike as you would your car.
    • You are a representative of the greater cycling community and will therefore conduct yourself appropriately.
    • You will represent GABA well.
    • While on the Loop, you will respect others on the Loop. You will take care when passing pedestrians and other cyclists: ring your bell or call out “Passing” or “Good morning!” before passing
    • This is not a “training” or “intensive” ride – this is a social, no drop, base building ride.
    • If any of these standards are unclear, you will ask for clarification.
    • Route subject to change based upon, weather, road conditions, group requests, and or the ride leader getting lost.
    If you have comments about this ride or would like to make suggestions for future Tuesday / Thursday Social Rides routes, please email Bob and Wayne at