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Ride with Leanda

Welcome to the Pinarello Collective!

Whether you are a current or future Pinarello rider, the Collective aims to bring together cycling fans for free-of-cost training and performance tips and epic rides led by our community leaders.

7am start from Innovative Alternative Clinic for a Z3-4 HIIT workout in the quiet neighbourhood of the Catalina Foothills (90mins).

Pavement Pushers Night Ride :::::
Sabino Canyon laps x2
Well hello there!
I decided to open up and promote my already happening Tuesday night pavement rides to the masses, I hope that some of you can come out and join! ALL bikes are welcome on these rides, however the smoother your tires are the easier time you will have.
These rides will end up splitting into different mini groups depending on speed, the goal is to give folks a chance to earn some great cardio and base miles to help with overall fitness and endurance.
These events are “semi drop” rides. There will be times that riders can be separated, however there are set regroup points that will be discussed prior to each ride depending on the group you are riding with, you shouldn’t be pulling up to your car at the end of the ride on your lonesome, that will not be the plan.
This week we will be doing the Sabino Canyon. The goal is two times up and two times down for a total of X miles, however some may need to build up to that and luckily you can easily peal off at the bottom of a run and make a decision from there.
RIDE GUIDES ::: Eastside Instigator Aric Jack will be your ride leader for this P4 Night Ride,
DIFFICULTY: Blue, climb climb climb to the top, rest for a few and then be prepared to ride your brakes, that descent is crazy fun! Then rinse and repeat!
As these are night rides please bring a light that you are comfortable riding with! For this one the brighter the lights the better while coming down!
DISTANCE: Just over 16 miles
MEET TIME: FIP (Feet In Pedals) @ 6:45 PM, (approx ride time 2 hours)
PARK: Inside Sabino Canyon Park entrance.

El Tour De Tucson

Charity · Community · Health & Wellness

El Tour de Tucson is now preparing to host the 41st year for what we think is one of the premier bicycling events in the country.  We hope you participate in this year’s event on November 23, 2024.  You won’t be alone given that annually over 9,000 cyclists participate in the renowned and popular event.

Charity, community, health and wellness are what Perimeter Bicycling and El Tour are all about. They all go hand-in-hand when it comes to building awareness for a bike ride that has been part of the Tucson community for nearly four decades.

Did you know that El Tour de Tucson enables nonprofit, charitable agencies to raise funds for their respective organizations?  Learn about their programs and sign up to ride on their teams here.  Since 1983, Perimeter Bicycling events have raised over $115 million for local and international charitable organizations.

GABA NW#8 SatRide C/2/32 StPhilips UofA LosPaseos Rillito Ren

NW#8 SatRide C/2/32 StPhilipsUofALosPaseosRillitoRen


ROUTE 32.6 miles/954 feet ascent will be at 12-14 mph
If you want to ride a little faster and longer, sign up with Ed’s ride HERE that will start/end at the same location and time.

Weather: Check back the night before the ride and if rain is forecasted, the ride will be postponed by one week.

Route: We will share the roads with traffic for ~60% of route which will have shoulders/bike lanes. Approximately 40% will be on the loop.

Begin: St. Philips Plaza South parking lot

End: Feel free to join us at Ren’s Coffeehouse after the ride.
NOTE: There have been some bicycle thefts recently at Ren’s so keep your bicycle at your elbow or lock it up while you have coffee.

Water/Bathroom Breaks:
9 miles – 1161 W Silverlake Rd (short stop)
16.6 miles – Feliz Paseos Park (long stop)
26 miles – Rillito Park at Camino De La Tierra (but only if needed)

Please arrive 15 minutes early to sign in. If you sign up for the ride and are running a couple of minutes late call Cliff at 520-551-1155 and we will wait up to five minutes before leaving.

Load the route into your bicycle computer, it will help if you get separated from the group or your leader doesn’t load it correctly.

If you haven’t ridden with me before, I will not have your contact information. If so, please send your name, phone number, emergency contact, emergency contact phone number (NOT 911) to cliffhaston55@gmail.com. If you are bringing a +1, send their information as well. The ride waiver will be filled out prior to the ride, you will just need to verify the information and sign it.

There is a good chance that the C ride will end with an average speed of 14 mph. If you are not comfortable or not capable of this expected pace average over the entire route, please do not participate in this ride, it is not fair to the other riders. At the same time, do not push the ride leader to go over the upper threshold for the ride or you may get to talk to 1st Sgt Liane after the ride. These are social rides, lots of conversations, and regroupings as we will not drop anyone. Riders are expected to ride at the pace of the ride leader and between the ride leader and the sweep. There will be ride-at-your-own-pace sections and regroup areas designated by your ride leader.

If you are not a member of our cycling club, please join: Sign Up Link

What to Bring:
Food & fluids for 3 hours – 2 24oz Bottles or Hydration Pack.
Bring a tube/patch kit and a way to inflate your tires.
Be sure your bike is in good mechanical condition.
CPSC approved helmets must always be worn while riding.
No ear buds! This is a safety requirement, not a request.

If you are riding, I ask that you agree that:
You will obey traffic laws. Drive your bike as you would your car.
You are a representative of the greater cycling community and will therefore conduct yourself appropriately.
You will represent GABA well.
This is not a “training” or “intensive” ride – this is a social, no drop, base building ride.
If any of these standards are unclear, you will ask for clarification.
Route subject to change based upon, weather, road conditions, group requests, and or the ride leader getting lost.

Safety/Legal Refresher: If you made it this far, then you probably have some free time on your hand to see about cycling in Oro Valley. Click HERE for more information about laws, paths, plans, …. that OV has. Did you know that OV has one bicycle law? What is it?

COVID-19 safety measures

Event will be outdoor
The event host is instituting the above safety measures for this event. Meetup is not responsible for ensuring, and will not independently verify, that these precautions are followed.

Breakfast by Bike: Himmel Park to Underwood Family Sonoran Landscape Laboratory

Join us for a mellow cruise from Himmel to Underwood Family Sonoran Landscape Laboratory to enjoy some breakfast and great company!

We’ll bring our BOB Trailer loaded up with pancake making gear. Bring a plate, cup, fork if you are able to (If not, we’ve got you!) and an appetite for pancakes. You are also welcome to bring your own camp stove to brew yourself some coffee or tea if you prefer or want..

Meet us at Himmel Park at 7am. We’ll be meeting at the north parking lot near the library. Then we’ll mosey on over to Underwood Family Sonoran Landscape Laboratory arriving around a little after 7:30.

2024 Tour de Cure®: Arizona 56

We’re Not Stopping Until There’s a Cure!

Join Us On: 03/17/2024

Tour de Cure is the premier cycling fundraising event of the American Diabetes Association® (ADA) that creates a sense of unity and shared purpose in the fight to end diabetes. Cycling routes are available for all ages and abilities.

Your ride begins at the Goodyear Ballpark, where MLB Spring Training will be in full swing. You will ride through the scenic Estrella Mountains, then to Phoenix Raceway, where riders will take a lap around the iconic NASCAR racetrack. Everyone will finish their Tour de Cure ride back at the ballpark, where there will be a finish line festival including a health fair, food, entertainment, beer garden, kids zone, and a special VIP section for Red Riders and our Champion fundraisers.