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El Tour De Tucson

Charity · Community · Health & Wellness

El Tour de Tucson is now preparing to host the 41st year for what we think is one of the premier bicycling events in the country.  We hope you participate in this year’s event on November 23, 2024.  You won’t be alone given that annually over 9,000 cyclists participate in the renowned and popular event.

Charity, community, health and wellness are what Perimeter Bicycling and El Tour are all about. They all go hand-in-hand when it comes to building awareness for a bike ride that has been part of the Tucson community for nearly four decades.

Did you know that El Tour de Tucson enables nonprofit, charitable agencies to raise funds for their respective organizations?  Learn about their programs and sign up to ride on their teams here.  Since 1983, Perimeter Bicycling events have raised over $115 million for local and international charitable organizations.

Marana Rotary Tour De Cookie Bike Ride

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he 2024 event is coming together. The route is set. Shirts, wristbands, and bags are being ordered. Booth volunteers are being finalized. Sponsorships are coming in. I can’t wait for March 9, 2024!!!
Last year, we had to close rider registrations early because we hit our 400-rider cap. This year, we are preparing our booths to be ready for 500 riders. So please, register soon to guarantee your spot in the Tour.
The 2024 route was adjusted because of construction on The Loop path northwest toward Marana. However, I am excited that this year’s route takes riders northeast toward Oro Valley and back.
Riders will have several options:
Start at Rillito Racetrack and ride 12 miles, turning around at El Camino de la Tierra cookie booth.
Want a few more cookies? Add a section along CDO Wash.
Want to start your ride in Oro Valley? Saddle up at Steam Pump Ranch and ride along the Canada del Oro for a 17.5 mile-ride to the racetrack.
To maximize calorie replacement, ride all 33.5 miles of the Tour de Cookie. It should be a blast!!
Register Here

GABA – Wednesday Loop Ride-St. Phillips B/1/55

Wednesday Loop Ride-St. Phillips B/1/55


Ride Description:
This full Loop ride will be clockwise with at Decibel Coffee House at the 35-mile point. We will be treated to views of four different mountain ranges as well as the Tucson skyline along the way.

This ride will start near Ren Coffee House in St. Phillips Plaza.

As a GABA Training ride, stops will be about every ten miles for a few minutes. If you are further off the pace than that allows, you may navigate to the coffee shop or finish. This ride is about gaining some fitness, and of course spending time with new and old friends.

Start Time: Arrive by 7:45 AM for sign-in, meeting others, and overview. Wheels rolling by 8:00 AM.
Final rolling average- 17+ mph. Rolling speeds may be higher.
Terrain: Relatively flat bike paths, and climbs on open roads.
Total Elevation Gain: 960 ft.
Traffic: Special attention is required along Ajo and Benson Highway
Ride Type: Training
Parking: Ample parking on the south side of St. Phillips Plaza.
Group size: 12 riders

Ride Coordinator: Dave McElwaine (781) 367-8643. If you are running late, give me a call.

Ride with GPS Route
Please be responsible for your own navigation.

Participation rules:
Your GABA membership should be current. If not, please consider joining at www.bikegaba.org. Bring food & fluids for 4 hours. Front and back flashing lights are encouraged on The Loop. Helmets must be worn at all times while riding. No ear buds. This ride is unsupported. Please obey traffic laws and represent GABA well.

Ride Codes:
• A 20+ mph
• B+ 18-20 mph
• B 16-18 mph

Terrain Codes:
• 1 Flat
• 2 Minor Hills
• 3 Moderate Hills
• 4 Long Climbs or Very Steep

COVID-19 safety measures

COVID-19 vaccination required
Event will be outdoor
The event host is instituting the above safety measures for this event. Meetup is not responsible for ensuring, and will not independently verify, that these precautions are followed.

The Little Engine That Could

Riding into the finish with the sweep car behind you is an emotional experience that many people will never experience.  Those emotions can range from the elation of just finishing to a sense of utter shame for being the last one out there.  One thing is for certain, you get some extra time in the saddle to help you determine the mood you are going to embrace.  Most of the time you are out there by yourself and only have your own emotions to keep you company.

Jill plugging away on the climb.
Jill plugging away on Rattlesnake Pass

This past weekend, in the Tucson Tour De Cure, I had the opportunity to ride in with the last rider.  This rider, Jill Clements, is a real estate assistant in my office at Long Realty and signed up on “The Damion Alexander Team” for the ride.  She has been riding for years, but had not put in much effort prior to this ride as life has been getting in the way of life, as is the case for most of us.  She signed up for the 50K ride.

I was taking photos on Rattlesnake Pass when Jill came riding up.  She was definitely suffering, but pedaling away at a slow consistent rate.  I ran behind her the last 100 yards giving her a big push.  I went back to my photos for 5 minutes before chasing her down.  It amazed me it took so long to catch her as we were riding into a head wind.

We rode in the last five mile together.  I learned she had 2 flat tires on the day and had been out riding for almost the entire time by herself, with the sweep truck stalking her from behind. Jill was definitely experiencing a heightened level of emotions, but used that fuel to make it to the finish line.  In my book, that makes Jill a Winner.  I’ve finished with the pack on many rides and it is not nearly as gratifying, physically and mentally challenging  as the days when I finished even when I was done miles before the end.   Being out in the wind for those extra minutes can be the longest hours of your life.

This morning, when I arrived at Long Realty, Jill was already at her desk plugging away.  You might have guessed by now, but she was not offered a pro deal over the weekend and is sticking with her day job.  She has Yoga tonight and a bike ride scheduled for tomorrow. What I find so wonderful about this story and life in general is seeing someone go outside of their comfort zone, in this case way outside, but to stick with the task until it is done.  We are all so capable of doing more than we ever can imagine.  Jill proved that at the Tour De Cure.  What challenge is on your list?

Jill made a huge push the last mile to ride in with A  Red Rider.
Jill made a huge push the last mile to ride in with A Red Rider.