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Old Pueblo MTB Midday Mayhem

mountDawn Patrol Eastside :::::
Vail Vortex and more!
This Midday Mayhem is one of the Eastside’s favorite rides! We will start at the GG opening to the Vortex, head South and take the bikes towards Post Comeda ranch. Then its around the campgrounds and towards the back side of the Pistol Hill piece of the AZT. At Pistol Hill road we will take the sweet sweet downhill back to the Vortex and finish strong on the dirt back to the vehicles.
If you haven’t seen the Faerie tree, talk to your ride leader, maybe a detour can be planned 
RIDE GUIDES ::: Eastside Instigator Aric Jack will be your Ride Leader for this Dawn Patrol
DIFFICULTY: Blue, Friendly for most levels of riders, nothing too techy, There is a long slow climb for the first 1/3rd of the ride however, got to pace yourselves.
DISTANCE: about 14-16 miles
MEET TIME: FIP (Feet In Pedals) @ 10 AM, so Meet about 0945. (approx ride time 1.5 – 2.5 hours)
PARK: The dirt lot to the left at Garigans Gulch 9243 S Camino Loma Alta, Vail, AZ 85641

SPONSOR/ORGANIZER :: #OldPuebloMTB #MiddayMayhemEastside w/ Aric Jack & Co.

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Old Pueblo MTB OldSkool OG’s

“OldSkool OG’s” :: The Longest standing organized ride that OPMTB offers each week ! The ride that started it ALL. This is generally an Intermediate to Advanced ride with Beginner friendly options to shorten the ride or skip sections to crate an easier route. There’s a loyal & regular following for this ride with an intentional rotation of trails all over Tucson for all levels of interest. OG rides are NO DROP.
RIDE GUIDES ::: Todd Rasmussen, Derek Petz & Jeremy Harper
DIFFICULTY: Blue – Ride it hard or ride it easy, expect 8-12 miles in distance.
MEET TIME: FIP (Feet In Pedals) @ as close to 3:00 PM, so Meet about 2:45 pm. (approx ride time 90mins to 2 hours)
PARK: “Sweetwater Trailhead” on google is right at the main parking lot of Sweetwater Preserve. Easy to find and the Pin drop on this event is accurate.

SPONSOR/ORGANIZER :: #OldPuebloMTB #OldSkoolOGs w/ Todd Rasmussen & Co.

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Mckenzie Ranch Dawn Patrol

East Side Dawn Patrol at McKenzie Ranch
DIFFICULTY: This is a no-drop ride. We start together, we have frequent stops and we finish together. Casual pace, beginner/ intermediate friendly.
DISTANCE: 10 miles, but there is a 6 mile option if you want to cut it short.
MEET TIME: FIP (Feet In Pedals) @ 10:00 AM, so meet about 9:45 AM. (approx ride time 1.5 hours)
PARK: McKenzie Ranch Trailhead
RIDE GUIDES : Brady Noble & Anna Noble will be your by ride leaders for this ride

Molino and La Milagrosa – MTB Addicts

Plan to meet up at Ave de Suzenu by 8:45 AM and we will shuttle to Molino Basin at 9:00 AM.
This is a technically challenging ride, so I would not recommend beginners attempt this trail. If you can’t ride it, feel free to walk whatever features you are not comfortable with. It takes around three hours with a group, so make sure to have at least 2 L of water, nutrition, bike/tire repair kit and a helmet

February Productive Hike – AZT Bellota

We’ll be giving the middle of AZT Bellota a winter season tune up. Meeting location is TBD.
What to bring:
-Long work pants or jeans (no shorts or strechy pants), again long pants
-Closed toe shoes/work boots
-Long sleeve shirts (recommended)
-Eye protection(Sunglasses are fine)
-Pack with at least 100oz of H20 and snacks and water(yes it’s important)
-Work gloves(we have gloves if needed)
We’ll provide tools, training, and post-hike snacks and drinks.
Never come out for a “productive hike” before? No problem! We’ll give you the training and continued guidance on appropriate tool usage.


At Zia Rides, we pride ourselves our family friendly fun weekends. We might have finally outdone ourselves, as we invite you to come spend Labor Day weekend at Glorieta Camps for what will essentially be a weekend at bike camp! In addition to a full schedule of bike races, the weekend will also include live music, food trucks, games and activities for the kids hosted by our NICA NM friends, and hopefully so much more.

If you haven’t been to mountain bikesyet, the riding is phenomenal, and the trails surround a full service summer camp with a swimming lake, water slide, zip lines, a pump track, and so many other fun things to do. And in addition to camping spots, there are rooms onsite available to reserve for you and the whole team or family. So we mean it when we say that we want you to spend the weekend at bike camp.

Zia Rides will be leading action on Saturday with several endurance mountain bike events to choose from. The headline event is the 50ish mile “Blaze of Glori” that will take riders on most of the trails around Glorieta including the epic climb up Ghost Town.  For those that aren’t ready to get their butts completely kicked, we are also offering the 25 mile “Path to Glori”, which will do all of the epic singletrack around Glorieta minus the Ghost Town climb. Finally, we want to offer something for everyone, so we will be doing a 6 hour race, the “Laps to Glori”, on some of the easier trails around Glorieta including an adaptive bike category on the Route 66 adaptive trail at Glorieta.


24 Hours in the Enchanted Forest

July 20th-21st 2024

Come join us outside of Gallup, NM for This is a 12 or 24-hour endurance competition held on some fun singletrack. Ride as a solo, duo, or team while hanging out in a family friendly venue in the beautiful Zuni Mountains.

This is our most popular event and provides everything that you would possibly want in an endurance race. We have an awesome venue equipped with food trucks and music, a party atmosphere complete with movies and kid’s activities, and an epic singletrack course. The course is a 13.5 mi. loop with a 700 ft. elevation gain and incorporates some technical rocky sections that are bound to make you smile. Wind and grind through meadows, pines, and aspens, or hang up your hammock and kick back with friends and family. Whether you are going for the podium or going for the party, everyone is welcome and we guarantee that you will have a great time.

Royal Gorge Six and Twelve

May 18th 2024

The Royal Gorge Six & Twelve is arguably the most beautiful course on the Zia Rides calendar with views, views and more views. On one side, you look out over the fruited Great Plains of America. On another side, you have fantastic views of the Royal Gorge and all the way down to the Arkansas River below. And don’t forget the snow capped 14ers in every other direction from the venue. To say the spot is pretty is an understatement.

Riders can choose from either a Mountain Bike

option and compete as a solo, duo, or team. The course is an intermediate 10 mile. loop of fun and fast singletrack that alternates between old school rocky singletrack and flowly machine built dips and curves. It is a true mountain bikers course with plenty of variation and views to enjoy. Did we mention that Cañon City has a professional trail builder who adds new trails and keeps the current ones in tip top shape? All of this is to say that you and your crew are going to get in some killer riding.

To top things off, Cañon City is a little hidden gem on the front range. In addition to having a lovely downtown, there’s tons of fun stuff to do and other great riding in the area with spots like Royal Gorge Bridge just minutes away. Bring your crew and camp for the whole weekend at the Royal Gorge East Ridge Campground, or just come for the race and take in beautiful views of snow-capped peaks. Whatever you choose, we know that it’s going to be a great weekend!

Tommy Knocker 10

For those that don’t know, we lost two giants of the Silver City community in October 2022, Alex Olsen and Martyn Pearson. Not only did Alex and Martyn own the local bike shop, Gila Hike and Bike, they were also heavily involved with the local high school teams as coaches. As for Zia Rides, Alex was a long time Zia Rides employee and close friend, and Martyn was a true driving force behind the Tommyknocker. The Tommy Knocker 10 is now dedicated to Alex and Martyn, so help us keep their memory alive every year by making Tommy Knocker our biggest and best event.

With the help of the Villag

and the USFS we officially moved the event venue onto the grounds of Historic  in 2023. For those that made it in 2023, you are fully aware what an amazing improvement this was to the event. Better venue and a new and improved course make the Tommy Knocker 10 a great start to the Zia Rides Season.

Curve through the beautiful grasslands surrounded by enormous juniper and cottonwood trees, get a little bit wet riding through fun stream crossings, and see beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and meadows. The course is an intermediate 13+ mi. loop with less than 1000 feet elevation gain.

Bring the whole family for a weekend of killer riding, hanging out in the spooky but cool Fort Bayard staging area, and then go for a soak in local hot springs while sightseeing in the Gila Wilderness area. The Tommy Knocker 10 makes for an amazing getaway weekend of recreation and fun. We hope to see you there!


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It’s that time of the month (or not)! 
Calling all pre- peri- and post- menopausal women! Let’s PLAY bikes!
This non-skills clinic is a time for us to come together and practice our MTB skills in a safe, fun, supported space