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Is this the guy who dropped all the tacks on the road?


This is a screen shot from Facebook
This is a screen shot from Facebook

This previous facebook status was posted by Nicholas Paul Meola.  I do not know this man, but a friend saw it and shared it with me.  It is nice to see the community is paying attention.

I keep asking myself “is there a way to communicate with someone like this?”   I read through most of his posts and looked at his photos trying to see if I could find some common ground with him.  I really like to think I can find common ground with anyone if I look long and hard enough.  Apart from his apparently being of human nature with an offspring, I’m coming up empty.   

How do we communicate with someone that is so aggressive in nature?  Is it even worth the effort? 

The following are some of the comments on the various facebook pages that got the most “likes”.  .

I think this post is actually dangerously close, or outright crossing the line of criminal intimidation, bro. Has this kind of sabotage actually occurred in Tucson in the past? Does this coward’s post literally cause concern or fear that he will follow through? If it scares or intimidates local cyclists, it is quite possibly illegal. If you have a local bike advocacy group, I think they should investigate filing charges. It might actually violate some kind of hate speech law as well.”

“What’s worse – I checked out his page just to see if he was legit… finding not only, but I actually share 3 friends with this jerk. I may be 5 degrees from Kevin Bacon, but only 2 from excrement.

“One thing is certain – if there are tacks on the road at the TdT, this post needs to be brought to the police and this dick should need a strong alibi. Definitely take some screen shots to file this away. If he is involved anywhere with violence against a cyclist, his hate posts can and should be used as proof of premeditation.”

“What an asshat. His pics show his license plate. If you see a pickup with 571 XBG around Tucson maybe let the air out of his tires.”

”That guy should be sterilized.

“Buy thumb tacks and spread them thru out his drive way to front door and all over his yard.”

“these fucking, blow hard, ignorant, hateful, violent pieces of shit. total fucking douche nozzle, this sack of crap is. this type if garbage is the same twat nozzle that will blare a horn at 45 mph but won t even look at you at the red light because they know that the quads of justice can kick a fool until he can t see. pussy.

“He also must not like his own community. Because I’m sure the Tour brings revenue into the city, otherwise they wouldn’t run the race. Also what douchebagery of astronomical proporty”.

“May he be beat ceremoniously with frame pumps

“Report his status as potentially violent behavior OR possible vandalism”