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TMC Meet Me Downtown 5k Night Run and Festival of Miles

The TMC Meet Me downtown 5k Night Run and Walk and the Festival of miles was run in Tucson on Memorial day weekend.

Featuring nine separate divisions of one-mile events, the inaugural Festival of Miles has been named a “Featured Event” in the acclaimed “Bring Back the Mile” series, founded by Ryan Lamppa. Showcasing America’s best Mile events, the Bring Back the Mile series aims to create a national movement highlighting the Mile distance.

I had the pleasure of being the lead out (on bike of course) for all 9 races on Friday as well as the 5k on Saturday Night. . I took my Trek Stache and was having to really push the bike to stay ahead of the last race. The winner finished in 4:11.  The 5K pace was easier and I opted to use my road bike.

It was tricky getting some of the images.  You would think that since I usually shoot cyclist, who go much faster, this would be easy.  However, I’m still trying to dial in the running shots.  I was not there as the photographer and if you really want to see some great shots check out the Goatographer and Oro Valley Photography.

Below are the links to the photos I shot over the two days.

TMC Festival of Miles – Masters, Tutu, Badges and really fast people

Fit Kidz and High School race

Pre and post race smiles

5K Race and Walk