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Dirty Bunny-Canceled???

Bunny master said this was happening, but I have heard nothing One of the greatest events of all time. The Dirty Bunny is everything good about Mountain Biking all distilled into an incredible weekend. It’s a drinking ride with a bike problem. It is a race. It is timed. There are winners. But if that is all you care about, it might not be the event for you (but it might). It’s about the community. Gathering with like minded people in the desert and having a great time. There is drinking and other mind altering good times (riding bikes can take you to magical and mysterious places). People dress in costumes. Some even wear spandex.

In many ways it is 24 hours in the Old Pueblo for the locals, but with a small entry fee of $10 to cover incidentals and a 6 pack of craft beer. That is CRAFT beer with an F. Not any of that F’ing CRAP beer. Don’t be showing up with your PBR for the entry fee… but feel free to bring your bud light, PBR or  dos equis for the lush bunny. What’s the lush Bunny you ask? Why that would be the same race, but with the consumption of a can of piss water each lap.

So, if you think you are one of the The cool cats, The in crowd, Those in the Knows, this might be the event for you.

A few videos from past events to give you a vibe.



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So many choices

I have been in Tucson for over 25 years.  Many times over that time I had had a feeling like there is nothing to do and we do live in the sticks.  However, since finding the bike, this has all changed.  Now the challenge is, what will I need to give up this weekend because there are so many fun events on the agenda.

This dilemma was on my mind today as I was looking forward to the weekend of November 9th and 10th. It is weeks away and I have not yet received my invitation for social rides and already have 5 “Must do” rides.  Looking at the race calendar for the next 5 months, this is a typical weekend. What a great time to live and be a cyclist in Southern Arizona.

As an example, here are a few of the group ride options on the weekend of November 9th and 10th.  

1-The Shootout.  Only the best group road ride/race in the country.  Since this is a weekly event, I decided this was an easy one to eliminate, but always fun and big the weeks leading up to El Tour.

2-Agua Caliente Enduro.  Race from the summit of Agua Caliente over three punishing, high-speed EXTREMELY technical stages. You will earn your turn by way of a untimed, but very punishing  push up an entire mountain.  No entry fee. No prizes. Self-supported backcountry racing rules and guidelines apply. Limited to 75 entrants.  This looks like fun.  I want, I really want!

3- Cyclo cross returns to Tucson.  Saturday  and Sunday November 9-10 STORM THE BEACH brought to you by U of AZ Cycling – Christopher Columbus Park Tucson,  Last year I rode a New Belgium cruiser and was told if I was lapped they were pulling me.  I finished the race.  The thought of doing cyclo cross on a more appropriate stead has me excited and this is where I’ll be Saturday Morning.  Also, as El Grupo will have the high school kids at the NICA race, I’ll be there to coach the younger athletes. 

4-It’s not in Tucson, but the 4th and final race of the NICA High School League is Sunday the 10th..  My boy is racing.  El Grupo is racing.  However, it is not local and I’ve spent many a weekend on the road away from the rest of the family.  I have a calling to go, but think I’m letting it go to voicemail.

5- Here it comes again…riding down a Bunny Trail. Dirty Bunny (metric) Century. Sunday, Nov.10th.  A Afat tire race at Fantasy Island where the entry fee is a 6 pack of craft beer and I personally know 40 plus of the 50 rider field.  I’m told I get a special bejeweled number plate as the official photographer.   You can guess my choice of ride for the 10th!