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Dirty Bunny-Canceled???

Bunny master said this was happening, but I have heard nothing One of the greatest events of all time. The Dirty Bunny is everything good about Mountain Biking all distilled into an incredible weekend. It’s a drinking ride with a bike problem. It is a race. It is timed. There are winners. But if that is all you care about, it might not be the event for you (but it might). It’s about the community. Gathering with like minded people in the desert and having a great time. There is drinking and other mind altering good times (riding bikes can take you to magical and mysterious places). People dress in costumes. Some even wear spandex.

In many ways it is 24 hours in the Old Pueblo for the locals, but with a small entry fee of $10 to cover incidentals and a 6 pack of craft beer. That is CRAFT beer with an F. Not any of that F’ing CRAP beer. Don’t be showing up with your PBR for the entry fee… but feel free to bring your bud light, PBR or  dos equis for the lush bunny. What’s the lush Bunny you ask? Why that would be the same race, but with the consumption of a can of piss water each lap.

So, if you think you are one of the The cool cats, The in crowd, Those in the Knows, this might be the event for you.

A few videos from past events to give you a vibe.



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