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What is BikePilgrim.com

For some time I have considered writing a blog, but have found that Facebook was adequate for telling the story I wanted to share and easy to use. Most of this tale has been told with Photos and The Damion Alexander Team Page has over 10,000 images in over 100 albums. Most of my narrative has been about the cycling community in Southern Arizona. Being a part of this community is one of the most fulfilling experiences I have discovered in life. Even though the page is mine, it is not really about me. It is about you. I love the diversity, the politics, the potential for what our community can be. Facebook has been a wonderful platform for sharing photos, but I am going to try and expand into more depth on many of the issues that I see are key to making Tucson a better cycling community.

Why call it BikePilgrim.com? Bike is exactly what it looks like. Most of this blog will deal with Bike related topics. Pilgrim is defined as a person who journeys, especially a long distance, to some sacred place as an act of religious devotion. That is a concise summary of what the bike is to me. There is no place I feel more connected to God and the Universe than on a bicycle. Many friends have said on many a Sunday ride that they are in their church. I choose to attend that Church daily.
I’m hoping that many of my riding buddies will contribute to the blog with both ideas and comments. I expect it will be a little raw at first, but look forward to polishing it as we go.