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Entry opens for 24 Hours AND the Dirty/Lush Bunny

Who would stay up until midnight for the chance to register for a limited opportunity to race solo in the 24 hours in the Old Pueblo?   Apparently, it is a whole Lotta folk.  Every year the Solo category fills up the first day.  What makes someone want to push themselves to do this ride Solo?  Personally having done it twice I think the answer is something between a lack of common sense and a desire to see how far you can push your body.

Having trained for the race I think the actual training was a greater challenge than the actual race.  I once mentioned To Todd Sadow, promoter extraordinaire of Epic Rides, that the Solo is potentially the ultimate race as you can go out and do your thing and not be responsible for a team.  If you ride 2 or 16 laps, it is your race.  I think he did not like the idea of the people signing up with the intent of doing a few casual laps and saying you were a “solo” rider.  Especially since it is limited to so few riders and many who would really try it is robbing some legitimate riders of the opportunity to ride.  Whatever your intent, best of luck in signing up.  It is an incredible experience and one I’m sure I’ll do again some time soon (but not that soon).

Coincidentally, another race, The Dirty Bunny, was scheduled for a 12:01 registration this evening, but has moved registration back to 5:30 AM so the race director can monitor the entries in real time.  It is limited to only 50 riders.  This secret race is a participant favorite.  The cost of the race is a 6 pack of your favorite craft beer.  The race is a 12 lap race on the Bunny loop at Fantasy Island. When the first rider completed the 60 miles the race is over.   All riders essentially finish within a 30 minute period.  Afterwards, the party begins.  There are two categories, one where you must drink a can of PBR or do a shot after each lap called the lush bunny (only 12 spots).   I’m excited to say I’m the completely unofficial official photographer of this event and might just pop up here and there to click a few images of this race.

Here is a link to photos from last years race.    https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10152701755635154.1073741840.228735085153&type=3