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2017 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo

Every spring in the desert North of Tucson the best 24 hour mountain bike race is held. I could tell you about this wonderful extravaganza and the 4000 plus people who come to race, camp and support each other, but instead I’ll just share a few links to my photo albums.  On the weekend I shot over 6000 photos. I’m still in the process of sorting them, but here are a few albums to get a  feel for the festivities.

Click the links below to check out the images or follow The Damion Alexander Team on Faceebook to see more all of my photos,

A little bit of everything from the 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo. If you only want to look at one album, look here.

Smiling People

24 HOP Air Force – People and bikes leaving the ground

24 Hours in the MUD Pueblo – There was just a little rain and a few specks of mud

El Grupo Youth Cycling

Team Cirrus – The creative geniuses behind the printing and marketing of 24 HOP

Sunday Morning Ride Photos at Sunrise and a walk to the Bitches

Sunday Morning Ride Photos on His and Hers