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Modern MTB Technology Class

Modern MTB Technology Class $36

Do you feel overwhelmed by all the new tech on your mountain or gravel bike? With new innovations in the industry, new components can intimidate even seasoned riders and mechanics.

This one-time, 3-hour course focuses on modern mountain bike, off-road, and all-road gravel technologies including tubeless tires, disc brakes, and 1x drivetrains. Bring your personal MTB to learn how your bicycle works and what actions you can take in order to prolong the life of your bicycle, as well as what to check for when your bicycle is not functioning properly.

Here are some of the topics this course covers:

  • Modern MTB vocabulary and common components
  • Regular maintenance techniques
  • Diagnosing problems
  • Specifics of your MTB bike
  • Replenishing tubeless tire sealant
  • Adjusting disk brakes
  • Maintaining wide range 1x drivetrains

Prerequisites: Bicycles for this class should have tubeless compatible rims and disc brakes but are not required to have 1x drivetrains. We will focus on upkeep and maintenance techniques particular to this style of bicycle, not setup or installation.

*Please note: Students should bring their own bicycle to this class. Bike must be in general working condition.

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