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Spring Cyclovia-Canceled

Did you know it costs 10’s of thousands of dollars to put on one day of cyclovia? Want to see more Cyclovia’s? Consider donating to Living Street Alliance.



Cyclovia Tucson is an Open Streets event which temporarily re-purposes our public streets to be more inclusive of all people. Walk, bike, roll, scoot. During Cyclovia, the streets are yours!

If you think about it, streets occupy a lot of space. In fact, they usually make up the largest amount of public space that exists in urban areas. Cyclovia Tucson takes advantage of this by reimagining Tucson’s streets as places for people and maximizing them with engaging, all-ages activities that bring people together to socialize, support local business, explore the city, and move freely!

Cyclovia isn’t a race. There’s no start and no finish.

Think of Cyclovia as a really long block party;
a miles-long activation of street space to elevate and celebrate community.

While a lot of folks participate in Cyclovia by bike, you can absolutely walk or use people-powered mobility devices such as wheelchairs and handcycles to enjoy the route. Skating, blading, scootering, or simply pulling out a lawn chair to take it all in—participate in whatever way feels good for you, car-free and care-free.