The Little Engine That Could

Riding into the finish with the sweep car behind you is an emotional experience that many people will never experience.  Those emotions can range from the elation of just finishing to a sense of utter shame for being the last one out there.  One thing is for certain, you get some extra time in the saddle to help you determine the mood you are going to embrace.  Most of the time you are out there by yourself and only have Continue Reading ››

Community Bike Ride List February 28 – March 6

This Sunday is the Tucson Tour De Cure .  If you are looking for a fully supported ride please come out and join us.  The Damion Alexander Team is a huge supporter of the American Diabetes Association, Tour De Cure,  Team Type 1 and a sponsor for this event.   I am asked to support dozens of charities each year and the reason I feel so passionate about the ADA is that by riding a bike and being active you can Continue Reading ››

Community Bike Ride List February 21-28

We made progress on the Velodrome this week and The Damion Alexander Team has shared a half dozen or so photo Albums from the 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo on Facebook.  So far only about 20 percent of the images are published, more coming daily.  I’m hoping to have a blog up soon about the velodrome, but for now if you want to help, please fill out the questionnaire on    This list is a major time commitment Continue Reading ››

Support Senate Bills for Cyclist Safety

Brendan Lyons, Executive Director of Look, Save a life Arizona has created a page on to show your support for two bills that are currently with the State Senate. The page says “On behalf of the safety for all who utilize our public roadways, vulnerable users such as First Responders, victims of distracted driving and the families left behind to pick up the pieces, we respectfully encourage your consideration for S.B. 1102 (Texting While Driving, Prohibition) andS.B. 1302 (Vulnerable Users of Public Continue Reading ››

Community Bike Ride List February 6-13

Last week The Damion Alexander Team shared thousands of photos from various rides and events around Tucson.  To see the photos, Look at “The Damion Alexander Team” on facebook and please like it while you are there. Two bills are currently being reviewed in the AZ State Legislature. SB 1102 which would prohibit texting and driving and SB 1302 which modifies AZ Vulnerable Users Laws to include bicyclists and stiffer penalties. Please consider writing, emailing or calling your AZ Legislator Continue Reading ››

Community Bike Ride List Jan30 – Feb 6

If you missed last weeks Ride List, you can always subscribe to receive it via email.  Just send an E-mail to or and put ride list in the subject. This list is a major time commitment and it is my pleasure to put it together.  All I ask in return for the list is that you remember I’m A REALTOR.  If you have a relationship with another REALTOR, I love loyalty and respect those relationships.  However, if not, Continue Reading ››

Community Ride List January 17-23

Friday the 23rd there will be another meeting to support building a Velodrome in Tucson.   Even if you have no intention of riding it, the cycling community could really use your support.   The next time you need support for your sweet new section of single track,  building that BMX park, or fixing a pot hole I’ll be asking the road, BMX and  track community to support your cause.  If we all work together we can make Tucson the Bike Capital Continue Reading ››

Community Bike Ride List for January 9-16

Did you miss registering for 24 hours I the Old Pueblo?  The CONSIDER YOURSELF CHALLENGED! AN INSPIRATIONAL COMMUNITY EVENT FOR CAF has a solo or tandem entry up for grabs.  Check out more details below in the events section.  Do you have an event you would like to share?  Let me know. This list is a major time commitment and it is my pleasure to put it together.  All I ask in return for the list is that you remember Continue Reading ››

Community Bike Ride List Jan 3-9, 2015

HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!! Hopefully this list will help keep you motivated and in the saddle all year long.  Personally, my goal is to do at least as much if not more for the cycling community in 2015 as I did in 2014. I have some fun plans for the ride list in 2015.  It will be gradual as time permits and you can expect it to get better and better.  Your comments are greatly appreciated. This list is a major Continue Reading ››

Arizona Bicycle Center- Tucson’s Velodrome project

On Friday, December12, there was a bond meeting to decide if the advisory board would support the construction of a Velodrome in Tucson as part of the next bond election.  Having been my first meeting on the subject, here is a one line summary.  The cycling community came out in force, but we seemed very unprepared to address the questions and concerns of the advisory council.  If you want a detailed summary see the blog Based on that meeting Continue Reading ››