Community Bike Ride List Oct 10-16

Early voting started this week for the Pima County Bond Election. Speaking from the “Bike” prospective, there are many reasons to vote yes on all 7 bond propositions.  I have gone through every item and broken down what is good for cycling. It has funding for  roads, the loop, bmx tracks, trailheads, new trails, open space and more.  If you want the detailed list please email and say Bonds and Bikes in the subject.  No matter how you feel Continue Reading ››

Community Ride list Oct 3-9

This week I spent over 10 hours updating the ride list. I hope you like it.   I tracked down all the races across the State of Arizona as well as events that looked fun for those who love bicycles. If you want to ensure you get this list, send an email with your name to and put Ride List in the subject. On a very sad note, this week, ANOTHER cyclist was killed while riding his bike in Tucson. Continue Reading ››

Community Bike Ride List September 26th-October 2nd

The bike ride this week is again a little abbreviated as I ended up spending 3 hours today working on a different bike related issue.  I was called by the developer of Saguaro Ranch about a conflict between some owners and mountain bikers on the Como Trail off of Moore Road.  This has been ongoing and I went to meet with the principals. My intent was to find some middle ground. Some days it goes your way, and some days Continue Reading ››

Community Bike Ride List September 11-18

Have you heard the phrase “Foot in Pedal”?  It means that when a ride says it starts at 6AM, the ride leaves at 6AM.  If you are going to a group ride, you should expect that it is going to leave when it says.  I’m saying this as we are moving into the peak season and I’m seeing riders show up at “6AM” for a 6AM ride and are upset when the group leaves them behind. The ride list is Continue Reading ››

Community Bike Ride List September 4-September 11

I admit, I’ve chewed off a few more projects that are time sensitive and just could not get the ride list completed.  As much as I wish I could get it all done, my priority is to my real estate clients first.   Both my business partner, Chris, and I are swamped. It’s nearly 9PM on Friday night on the holiday weekend and I have 20 hours of work to get done. It’s a good thing.  I have an incredible new Continue Reading ››

Community Bike Ride List August 29- September 4

Good Rides ahead.   Get on your bikes and ride!!! This list is a major time commitment and it is my pleasure to put it together.  All I ask in return for the list is that you remember I’m A REALTOR.  If you have a relationship with another REALTOR, I love loyalty and respect those relationships.  However, if not, or if you need a second opinion, please keep The Damion Alexander Team in  mind.  Many agents spend money advertising for Continue Reading ››

Community Bike rides August 15-22

Government works for those that show up. In the past few years as I have become more active as a Bike Advocate, I have seen when people get involved, Government listens.  If you want to see a change, you must become active personally to see it happen.  With this in mind, I’m working on a ride on the AZ State capital in January to meet with state legislators.  The overall message is Bikes Belong, and we will be asking them Continue Reading ››

Community Bike Ride List June 27-July 3

Happy Monsoon.  It’s hot and wet out there.  Be aware that new “obstacles” like sand and rocks are washed on the road this time of year.  Be kind and call or point out hazards.  Remember to hydrate and keep on pedaling.  This time of the year can mentally be challenging to get on the bike, but it is well worth the effort.  I hope to see you on the road this week. I’m leading a ride Sunday morning for Tu Continue Reading ››

Weekly Bike Ride List for June 13-20

YOUR BIKE MISSES YOU!  You know who you are.  It’s so easy to fall into the pattern.  It starts with a flat tire, a big project at work, or after the last big ride you trained for and you have not been on the bicycle since.  It’s time, this week, to recommit.  Do it for the fitness, do it for the better looking body, do it for the mind, but most of all just do it because bikes are so Continue Reading ››

What will Biking in Pima County Look Like in 20 Years, you decide.

This fall,  Pima county is going to have an election to decide on the future of our community.  As a cyclist, I have gone through every item and picked out what will benefit us.  This Friday, June 6th, 2015, at 5PM, is the cutoff for submitting arguments that will be sent to every registered voter in Pima County.  I urge you to look at these items and submit a letter showing your support of the bond.  If you need help Continue Reading ››