The following is a response to comments I have had with Supervisor Ally Millers office and an article that was written in TucsonVelo .  Personally, I felt that Supervisor Miller articulated her support for the Loop much better in our phone conversation.  I asked her to prepare a statement showing her 100% support for the funding of and finishing of The Loop. She fell short in my opinion with this statement. Do you have an event coming up on Continue Reading ››

TucsonBicycle Classic

The TBC is a three day USA Cycling sanctioned stage race (time trial, road race, circuit race). You must complete each stage to enter the next. Qualifiers must all complete the Stage 1 TT to enter the RR, and then complete the RR to enter the Circuit Race. Lowest overall time wins. I went to this race wearing many hats.  Father, Coach, Cheerleader, Photographer, Spectator.  The only role I did not play that I would have done differently is athlete. Continue Reading ››

2014 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo

I have discovered some major flaws with this Epic Mountain Bike Event.  There simply is not enough time to do everything that I want to do in the time allowed.  Friends show up who I only see once or twice a year whom I could spend an entire weekend with, but only get to have casual conversations.  Food and libations are at every camp, but I’m only able to gorge myself so much.  I want to take photos of everything, Continue Reading ››

Bike Safety Bills Introduced in Arizona today

Many months ago I called on Arizona House of Rep Ethan Orr and Senator Steve Farley to talk about bike safety laws.  Not long after our first meeting, my good friend and bike safety advocate, Brendan Lyons and his girlfriend Lorena Evans were struck by a car while riding.  What was a tragic day for them has resulted in a passion that has seen 3 bills introduced on bike safety.  This is a great step, but the battle has only Continue Reading ››

Houghton Road: Irvington to Valencia construction update

Kenneth Lenger shared the following info from the city We are installing the Florida T intersections, and as soon as these are in we are going to open the entire roadway for travel. I am sure everyone is eager to get to that point. We are installing irrigation for the landscaping, and as soon as we are certain we are out of the frost season, you will see the landscaping going in…. In April we will put the rubberized asphalt in. Continue Reading ››

Just be Nice :-)

In the past few weeks I’ve been having many conversations with other riders about being nice when you are on the bike.  This conversation is coming up in response to tacks on the road, cars buzzing us, the sheriff pulling over the shootout.  To define nice, I’ll explain what I have been seeing that in Not Nice.   Stopping anywhere and everywhere to urinate, running red lights and stop signs, leaving tubes and CO2 cartridges on the side of the road, Continue Reading ››

Can’t we all just get along

In the past few weeks I have seen a rising tension between cyclist, pedestrians and cars.  This is both on roads and trails.  This weekend I witnessed my first collision when a car took a left turn in front of a cyclist.  Last week I found a pile of nails on an urban trail.  A cyclist who leads a Tuesday morning ride called and told me they are having more flats from tacks and have even been picking them up Continue Reading ››

Loop improvements north of the Rillito from La Cholla to Campbell may cause temporary path closures

Beginning this week, Pima County will be undertaking a river park improvement project on the north bank of the Rillito River from La Cholla Boulevard to Campbell Avenue. This 4.5 mile section of river park is the oldest and most highly used section of The Loop. This improvement project will include widening and resurfacing of the existing asphalt path, geometric improvements to the path alignment, handrail modifications, path restriping, shoulder grading and vegetation maintenance/augmentation. During this two-month improvement project, path Continue Reading ››

Houghton Road: Irvington to Valencia construction update 1.07.14

From M.J. Dillard City of Tucson Construction Project Manager.  From the facebook page of the rolling reporter Kenneth Lenger. Paving:… We just wrapped up placing the base paving on the north end of the project, and hope to have the top layer (before the rubber) completed by the end of the month. The first week in February we hope to have that traffic adjusted so we can add the Florida T intersections. We are discussing the temporary striping we want Continue Reading ››

Year end Stats… what really matters

My Friend Mark Flint made the following comments based on the facebook status posts about mileage, feet climbed, average speed, hours in the saddle and dragons slayed.  My comments are below his quote. __________________________________________________________ “A perspective from one whose cycling days have been laid to rest by self-inflicted damage to my internal pump system… I see year-end posts by some who measure success by miles ridden and elevation gained on the bike. I was never much into tracking that data Continue Reading ››