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Tucson Bicycle Classic Photos

This album has links to every album from the 2016 TBC.  If you are interested in using one of the images please let me know what the purpose is, and I’ll likely give it to you for free.  Just remember, when you are thinking of buying or selling a home, I’m here for you.

The people who make it all happen

ALL SMILES – Photos of happy people

All the happy, smiling people at the road Race and Time Trail

Smiling faces at the circuit race



Men’s 4 & 5

Masters 35+, 45+ 55+ 65+ 70+ 75+ TT

Women/ All Cats

Men’s 2/3 Time Trail

Men’s 1 Time Trial


Road Race


Circuit Race – A little of all races

Circuit Race Early Start Album 1

Circuit Race early start part 2

Circuit Race Men’s Cat 1,2,3 and Women’s 1

Circuit Race Cat 4/5



TucsonBicycle Classic

The TBC is a three day USA Cycling sanctioned stage race (time trial, road race, circuit race). You must complete each stage to enter the next.

Qualifiers must all complete the Stage 1 TT to enter the RR, and then complete the RR to enter the Circuit Race. Lowest overall time wins.

I went to this race wearing many hats.  Father, Coach, Cheerleader, Photographer, Spectator.  The only role I did not play that I would have done differently is athlete.

For the weekend I shot over 7000 photos and have them broken down in the following categories.  People and Podiums, Time Trials(Men and Women), Road Race and Circuit race.  They are all on facebook, but even if you do not have an account, you should be able to see them.

There is also an Album for El Grupo Youth Cycling.  If you want a high resolution image I am giving them for free, but ask you make a donation to El Grupo Youth Cycling (or buy me a new camera or lens – I’m due).

El Grupo Youth Cycling


People and Podiums


Time Trail





Road Race


Circuit Race