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Camp Wood Roundup Gravel Ride

Camp Wood Road

Camp Wood Road

When exiting the Bar-Triangle Ranch onto Williamson Valley Road, the first mile and a half will be a neutral roll-out. The race will begin once the pavement ends and you turn left onto Camp Wood Road. This is a wide open gravel road that gradually slopes upwards before reaching a 7-mile, 1000-foot climb at approximately 10 miles into the loop. Around the 14-mile mark, the road will top out, followed by a sweeping descent towards Walnut Creek Rd.

photo credit: Dirty Freehub

Walnut Creek Road

Walnut Creek Road

At 15.5 miles, riders turn right onto Walnut Creek Road (FR 95), a rustic Jeep road. It has many twists and turns and crosses several streams (dry and/or wet). The road mostly goes downhill, with some steep parts. There are some short “kickers” with inclines as steep as 14%. Eventually, you will reach Williamson Valley Road.

Williamson Valley Road

Back on a smooth gravel road, Williamson Valley Road runs to the north. At a bit past 28 miles, you’ll see a steel-truss bridge that appears misplaced in this remote landscape. Once a smaller part of a grand seven-span bridge that succumbed to floods in 1916, it now stands here, relocated and rebuilt by the AZ Highway Department in 1936. You’ll complete the loop and head back into the Bar-Triangle Ranch. 88-mile riders will turn right on Camp Wood Road for a second loop.


Prescott, AZ – May 4, 2024

The Start/Finish venue will be at the Bar-Triangle Ranch, a working cattle ranch.  This is the site the former site of the tiny hamlet of Simmons, where a stage stop and post office once operated.

88 miles and 46 mile routes


Many hotels, motels, homestays in the nearby towns of Prescott, Prescott Valley and Prescott National Forrest

Prescott Punisher

April 13, 2024


ESI Grips

Kuebler Quarry / Pioneer Park (Map)
Prescott, AZ

Prescott is a fantastic area for mountain biking. Fast, fun, flowy, singletrack!


TEAM TENT RESERVATIONS – Teams wishing to setup their tent will be asked to reserve a spot.

– Single Speed Coffee
– Stanzi’s Food Truck (burritos & veggie bowls)
– Pizzart
– Dogs R Us

– Frozen Motion Photos

Please register online before coming to the event.

First Timer – $30
Your first race? This is the category for you.

Junior (17 & under)

  • $30 – until 4 weeks out
  • $35 – until Thursday before race at 8 pm
  • $45 – on race day


  • $45 – until 4 weeks out
  • $50 – until Thursday before race at 8 pm
  • $60 – on race day

The age you will be on December 31, 2024.

The Whiskey Off Road


April 26 – 28, 2024

Prescott, AZ

Starting on Prescott’s historical (and lively) Whiskey Row and climbing into the beautifully distracting views of Prescott National Forest, riders will connect some of the area’s most exhilarating (and challenging) pieces of singletrack, double track, gravel roads, and the occasional paved segment.

During your visit to Prescott, enjoy three fun-filled days of event festivities and being submerged in the mountain bike industry. Mingle with the most bike-minded people you’ll ever encounter while appreciating the area’s wild wild west heritage and feeling welcomed by its modern-day appreciation for the outdoor enthusiast.

With a finisher’s award in the form of a well-earned commemorative pint glass emblazoned with the distance you’ve finished and the comfort of the former Arizona Territorial capitol’s shaded lawn waiting at the finish line for all Off-Road participants…this is a finish line that will make every mile worth the effort.

The ‘Whiskey’ has a 94% finish rate. However, it’s no walk in the park