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Tour of the Gila

Take part in one of the most challenging stage races in North America, April 24-28, 2024, in and around Silver City, New Mexico. You have the chance to race on the same courses and at the same time as the top professional men and women teams during the 2024 Tour of the Gila. The Pro Women’s and Pro Men’s races are part of the UCI America Tour and the USA Cycling Pro Road Tour.

The Tour of the Gila is honored to put on a challenging and rewarding stage race.  We organize men’s and women’s UCI races on the international professional stage, and include multiple amateur categories that allow racers to test their skills on the same terrain that the Pros race.  Gila is a race that helps aspiring athletes gain experience to move their careers forward, whether that be to competing internationally, or simply moving up a category.

The Tour of the Gila has reworked the amateur races for 2024, with the goal of offering a better chance for racers to attend. We have a 4-day format for Men 2,3 and Women 2,3; and a 3-day race for Women 4,5, Men 4,5, and Masters Men 3,4—40+/50+/60+. The Junior Men 15/16 and 17/18 will race together in a 3-day event.  With the exception of the Junior Men’s race, there is a required minimum of 30 racers for each category.  Please spread the word and encourage your fellow racers to register.

Each racer will receive a swag bag at packet pick-up.



Tucson Bicycle Classic


Celebrating 36 years of bringing Pro and Amateur cyclists together for a 3 day stage race

What: A three-day USA Cycling stage race: Stage 1 – time trial, Stage 2 – road race, Stage 3 – circuit race. Riders MUST complete each stage in order to start the next stage. Novice riders not required to start or finish every stage. DNF riders in those groups will be allowed to start the next stage. See Tech Guide when it becomes available.

When and Where: 

Time Trial Prologue – Friday, February 23rd, 2024

Road Race – Saturday morning, February 24th

Circuit Race – Sunday morning, February 25th.

For course layouts, times and venue locations see official Tech Guide. Please note that Tech Guide will be available mid-January. To stay up to date, please like and follow us on Facebook.

Entry Fees: 

Men Pro/1 & Women Pro 1/2: $185

All other adult categories: $155

Juniors (13-18): when racing in a Juniors category: $65

Fees include mandatory USA Cycling daily surcharge but not the BikeReg service fee or Arizona Sales Tax.

Online Registration Onlyhttps://www.bikereg.com/tucsonbicycleclassic24 

Normal online registration closes at midnight Mountain Time on Sunday, February 15, 2024. Late Fee registration is available at 20% surcharge from February 16, 2024 until midnight Mountain Time February 18, 2024. There is no registration after February 18th, 2024 and category changes must be made prior to close of online registration. No exceptions.


Valley of the Sun Stage Race

32nd Annual John Earley Memorial

February 16 – 18, 2024

New Time Trial
Friday – Feb 16th
24001 S Rainbow Valley Rd
Buckeye, AZ 85326
35+ Miles, 45 minutes from Phoenix
7:00 AM

Road Race
Saturday, Feb 17th
I-10 South of Phoenix
Exit 185 (SR 187/387)
AZ-387 & Tamarack Way
Casa Grande, AZ 85194
35 Miles, 35 minutes from


Sunday, Feb 18th
1900 W Jefferson St.
Phoenix, AZ 85009
Parking @ 19th AVE
and Jefferson

The Annual Valley of the Sun Stage Race takes place in February each year in the greater Phoenix area. The Valley of the Sun bicycle race is a three-day USA Cycling event in which professional and amateur road racing cyclists compete in different categories for cash and non-cash prizes. A stage is held each day, with riders in each category competing for a stage victory and also for their category’s overall ‘General Classification race win by having the lowest cumulative time for all three stages. The stages include the Landis Cyclery – Trek Individual Time Trial on Friday, the Safeco Insurance, Parrish Agency, Road Race on Saturday, and the exciting Hiser Joy criterium on Sunday in downtown Phoenix. There are over 700 participants in 25 categories of professional and amateur riders, both men and women, ages 10 to over 60, all competing for their portion of a $20,000 cash purse.

Recognized by USA Cycling as one of the premier road cycling events in the Southwest, The Valley of the Sun Stage Race is the first event of the annual American Road Calendar. The American Road Calendar highlights top events in the U.S. for riders across various categories to put on their list of must-do events.

“The Valley of the Sun Stage Race has been a part of our Junior Development Series for many years. We are pleased to give them the recognition they deserve for providing a great experience for all categories of racers.”

Chuck Hodge, Chief of Racing and Events, USA Cycling

For the tenth year, VOS will include a Hand Cycle category. The Paralyzed Veterans Racing Team, along with the Free Wheel Foundation have been key supporters helping to drive the success of this new event. Darol Kubacz of the PVRT had this to say about VOS: “What VOS offers for the athletes is outstanding – above and beyond what most cycling events around the country have been able to offer “adapted” cyclist. I have great confidence in this event being a great experience for the beginner and advanced racer!”

Along with the three days of racing, there are events on Sunday for children under the age of 12, including a kid’s bicycle race. A portion of the proceeds from the race are donated to the SAFE KIDS Coalition of Maricopa County and the Phoenix Police Department to support child helmet safety awareness.

The Valley of the Sun Stage Race is put on by the White Mountain Road Club, and is one of the largest bicycle races in the nation. Race promoter, Brian Lemke, had this to say about the race: “It is a great opportunity for cyclists of all ages and categories to brush shoulders and race on the same course as many of the top professional and amateur riders in America.”

Several local businesses help to support the race through sponsorship of the White Mountain Road Club, including Landis CycleryTrek BikesHiser  Joy P.L.C.,  and Tri-City Cardiology.

Flapjack TT

February Time Trial and Collegiate TTT

Tolero Time Trial series #1 and Collegiate TTT

Sunday, February 11, 2024

 Held under USAC Permit # (TBA)

Please contact Race Director John Harrison zonaharrison@yahoo.com with any questions that aren’t answered on this page.

Tolero Racing is proud to host the Flapjack Flats 20K Time Trial (TT and Collegiate TTT). The time trial will be held at Picacho Peak, Arizona, just east of Picacho Peak State Park and north of the Bowlins Travel Center. This location is conveniently located halfway between Tucson and Phoenix. We will have the first rider off at 9:00 a.m. While COVID-19 measures are no longer in effect, please feel free to continue measures as you feel necessary. We do encourage riders to bring spectators.

First Start will be at 9:00 a.m. Start times will be posted on this site (toleroracing.net) by 8:00 p.m. Friday, February 9th, 2024. Your start time will also be written on your bib number.

This is a USA Cycling Sanctioned Event, so you have to have an active license or purchase a One Day license (available on BikeReg when you register) to race. It’s up to you to have a current license, and Bike Reg will let you register with an expired license.

Registration will only be online at bikereg.com.  Day of race registration is not available. You must sign your waiver release online when you register for the race. We will not have your waiver to sign at the event.

Until Sunday 1/28 @11:59 PM $30 $45 $10 $45
Monday 1/29 @12 AM – Sunday 2/4 @11:59 PM $35 $45 $10 $45
Monday 2/5 @12 AM – Sunday 2/8 @8:00 PM $40 $45 $10 $45

Women’s: Pro 1/2, 3, 4, 5, 35+, 40+, 45+, 50+, 55+, 60+, 65+, 70+, Fixed open,  Hand Cycle Open,  Merckx Open**, Merckx 40-59**, Merckx 60+**.

Men’s: Pro 1/2, 3, 4, 5, 30+, 35+, 40+, 45+, 50+, 55+, 60+, 65+, 70+, 75+, 80+, Fixed Open, Hand Cycles Open, Merckx Open**, Merckx 40-59**, Merckx 60+**.

Mixed: N/A

Juniors: 9-14 and 15-18 (all)

Tandems: Men, women, and man/woman.

Collegiate TTT: Categories A, B, C**

Merckx bikes are legal road bikes for mass start events (i.e. no disk wheels, tri-spoke, quad-spoke, no aero bars) just like Eddie Merckx would have ridden. There are no clothing or helmet restrictions. Any wheel that is legal for a mass start road race is legal for a Merckx race. Each wheel must have a minimum of 16 spokes, regardless of the rim depth.

Packet pick up will start no earlier than 7:30 AM (close at 8:45) on race day. Refer to the image below for packet location. Your number will have your start time printed on it. After receiving your packet, please follow the instructions given by the volunteers assisting with parking. 

Proper placement of the bib # is necessary so our officials can accurately read your number and record your time when you cross the finish line.  The photos below show the proper placement for kneelers/upright (right back) and recumbents (right leg).

The Time Trial will be held near Picacho Peak State Park, conveniently located halfway between Tucson and Phoenix. This is a flat course. At the start, you will head north and at approximately the 10km point, execute a 180-degree turn and return to the finish. There will be no warming up on course after the first rider has started.  If we have sufficient manpower available, we will have a holder available at the start. Only our official holder may be used. If no holder is available, you will start with one foot down.

While low traffic, racers must still stay to the right side of the road!
There will be race officials on the course to enforce this rule!

Finishing riders should exit the finish area after they are done racing.

Riders should discard all refuse in trash receptacles placed at the start line or bib pick-up.

From Tucson: Take I-10 and Exit #219, turn right on to Picacho Peak State Park, turn left on E Camino Adelante Dr, parking will be on your left just past the gas pumps.

From Phoenix: Take I-10 and Exit # 219, turn left onto Picacho Pk State Park, turn left on E Camino Adelante Dr, parking will be on your left just past the gas pumps.

Race Against Time



FEBRUARY 3-4, 2024
(USAC PERMIT: 2024-8455)

The UA Cycling Team and Sabino Cycles Team are excited to host the 10th Annual Santa Catalina Weekend. The weekend features LaClásica San Manuel and the Race Against Time This event also serves as a fundraiser for a scholarship for the Mammoth-San Manuel Unified School District! See BikeReg on how to support this fund.

All events start and finish in San Manuel.

The tech guide, with course maps, start times, and elevation charts, can be found here

Time trial registration
Crit registration
THERE IS NO DAY OF REGISTRATION! Entry fees increased by $10 on 1/25!


Our event could not be possible without the support from:

Community Bike Ride List for The Holiday Season

HAPPY HOLIDAYS!  My gift for you is all the rides all in one place.

If you would do me a favor in return (It’s actually for you),  can you take 90 seconds and fill this from out.

https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1dYZtqKFdnyz_ILEUxz3HBMTN_fcW7P_RlV8plJ5AzE/viewform.  It is for putting a Velodrome on the next bond election.  I appreciate that many of you will never use this, but it is good for the cycling community as a whole.  The day will come when your single track, BMX track or favorite road  is in need of support and  I’ll be asking others  to step up and support you as well.  This is about making Southern Arizona the best cycling community in the Universe.

This weeks Community Ride List includes rides for the next few weeks.  Personally, I’m planning my rides over the vacation and it was nice to see everything for a few weeks in one place.   Tucson MTB puts out a list of the 8 days of Mountain Bike Rides.  This list helps expand that to the 15 Mountain Bike Rides.  If the road is your thing there are 19 rides over the holiday season.  That does not even include the standard weekly rides.

Looking for Motivation in 2015?  Check out the race section.  Mountain Biking Associaion and USA Cycling posted their spring races and they are all listed here as well as some charity events.


What Where When Distance/Time Speed Contact
U of A Cycling Monday Mosey Flagpole  – West Side of  Old Main Monday


1-1.5 hours Max 20 miles www.UofAcylcling.com
Ben’s Bike MTB Meet at shop 6:00 PM 1-2 hours Ben’s Bikes
Starr Pass Intervals Congress at

the Loop

Tuesday 6:15AM About an Hour Tommy Dean K7TPD@live.com

Robert Houts

Hills, Hills Hills Bashas Kolb/Sunrise Tuesday


20 miles

About an hour



Damion Alexander


Tuesday “Shootout” University/Euclid Tuesday


2.5 hours

40 miles

Fast www.Fairwheelbike.com
Tuesday Night Fast Fixed Ride Flagpole  – West Side of  Old Main Tuesday


Few Hours Varies Fast brownus_clarence@yahoo.com
Tuesday Night Ride Flagpole  – West Side of  Old Main Tuesday


12-18 miles Slow Facebook

Tuesday Night Bike Ride

UA Cycling  Wed.Worlds Flagpole  – West Side of  Old Main Wed


40-60 miles www.UofACycling.com
Mt. Lemmon University/Euclid Wed


55-60 Miles www.Fairwheelbike.com
JKG DnA Easy Udall Parking Lot Wed


Udall-Mile post 3 on Lemmon Casual


Cyclo-cross Ft. Lowell Park 5:00PM A few hours As fast as we can go https://www.facebook.com/groups/671108262985165/?fref=ts
Heavy Pedal Flagpole  – West Side of  Old Main 7:00PM Different route each week
Bike Polo UofA Mall 8:00PM https://www.facebook.com/tucson.bikepolo?fref=ts
Tim Carolan Ride Starbucks




46 miles 18-21 mph
Up Oracle

Thursday Shootout

University and Euclid Thurs


Fast www.Fairwheelbike.com
Hills, hills, hills Bashas Kolb/Sunrise Thurs


20 miles 12-14(but Hills) Damion Alexander


U of A Cycling Thursday Thrill Flagpole  – West Side of  Old Main Thurs


1-1.5 hours Max 20 miles Easy Ride www.UofACycling.com
The JKG Flagship ride Le Buzz Thurs


Le Buzz to Molina Basin Hammer fest JKG Strava on Facebook
U OF A Cycling  Friday Freewheelin Flagpole  – West Side of  Old Main Friday


2 hours

30-40 miles

Team Time Trial Practice www.UofACycling.com
Bicycle Ranch Tucson Group Bicycle Ranch at Oracle and Ina


Saturday 8:00AM 48 (shorter option of 35 as well) miles 17-20


Free Breakfast after ride
Oro Valley Bikes Ride Oro Valley Bikes

4749 E Sunrise



50 miles 17-18 MPH (520) 577-5511

John McCarrell


Old  Man Shootout

University and


Saturday 7:15AM 60 Mile (can be extended to 100) Fast

20 MPH+

The Big Boy Shootout University and


Saturday 7:30 AM 60 Miles(can be extended to 100) Faster www.fairwheelbikes.com
Performance Broadway Shop Ride 7204 e Broadway Saturday 8:00AM 17 miles beginner 10-14

No drop



Broadway Bicycles Shop Ride Various Routes

Call Scott

Saturday 7:00AM Scott 296-7819
Miles Ahead Shop Ride Miles Ahead Tanque Verde Sabino Canyon 7:30 AM 50 plus/minus miles Fast Geoff 751-0555
Ben’s Bike Ride At Ben’s bike

7431 Houghton

8:00AM 6-10 miles Easy www.bensbikestucson.com


Sabino Cycle Shop Ride Varies- email Steve  to be on the list Saturday 7:30 No Drop steve@sabinocycles.com


Tucson Endurance Performance Center Ride Mountain Bike Ride Contact shop for details.  Different route weekly. Saturday 7:30AM www.graskyendurance.com/weekly-workouts.html


Tucson Endurance Performance Center Ride 6448 N Oracle




Ben’s Bikes At Ben’s bike

7431 Houghton

Sunday 8AM 35-40 17-20 www.bensbikestucson.com




PLEASE NOTE- Category below just for Mountain Bikes

What Location Date/Time Distance Speed Contact- More Info
Sabino Cycles Shop Ride Brewd On Sabino Canyon 12/20/14


35-40 No Drop Steve Wetmore
Zona Cycling  DOWN TO THE BRIDGE AND BACK Meet at El Con Mall in back of the Starbucks Coffee shop 12/20/2014


40 miles https://www.facebook.com/pages/Zona-Cycling/186457201423794?fref=ts

Easy Peasy Social Ride with Brunch


Le Buzz Sunday



21 miles See the name of the ride http://www.meetup.com/bikegaba/events/219259874/
GABA Tuesday Ride to Pistol Hill Starbucks 9525 E. Old Spanish Trail Tue Dec 23

9:00 AM

rolling average of 12-14 33 miles http://www.meetup.com/bikegaba/events/219283299/
Gates Pass and Picture Rocks Silverbell & Cortaro Rds Beside Wheeler Taft Library 7800 N Schisler Dr. Tuesday


16MPH 38.69 approximatly http://www.cactuscycling.org/event-1822083
3rd annual Christmas eve family ride! The Loop at Craycroft and Rillito Wednesday12.24.14


6 miles, perhaps more “family” pace.                        https://www.facebook.com/events/1535370496705203/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming
Hohokam Park Village Bakehouse, SE corner of Oracle and McGee Wednesday 12.24.14


26-35 14-16 http://www.cactuscycling.org/event-1820983   Jay 529-0436
Pistol Hill Loop Ride Udall Park

7290 E. Tanque Verde


8:00 AM

47 mile 14-16 MPH http://www.meetup.com/bikegaba/events/219279524/
Saguaro National Monument LaBuzz

Tanque Verde & Catalina Hwy

12.26.14 25-35 miles 14-16 http://www.cactuscycling.org/event-1820982
GABA Pima County Fairgrounds Loop Ride Morris K. Udall Park 7290 E. Tanque Verde Fri Dec 26

8:00 AM

48 miles 15-16 MPH http://www.meetup.com/bikegaba/events/219280077/
Ride to Sonoita Christmas Weekend Bruegger’s at Houghton and Rita) or dirt parking lot just south of  Sonoita/Patagonia exit from I-10 Sunday


70 mile 8AM

50 mile about 830AM

50 or 71 miles https://www.facebook.com/events/1594310860797284/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming
Ken’s Monday Ride Beyond Bread – corner Ina/Oracle Mon


9:00 AM

39 miles 16- 18 plus http://www.cactuscycling.org/event-1804616 Ken Vieira 668-5000
GABA The Bicycle Loop Ride Udall Park

7290 E. Tanque Verde




60 miles 15-16 mph http://www.meetup.com/bikegaba/events/219279460/
Tuesday Ride. NE Tucson loop ride and lunch after Starbucks 9525 E. Old Spanish Trail Tuesday



30 Miles 12-14 MPH http://www.meetup.com/bikegaba/events/219321131/
Pistol Hill Loop Ride Udall Park

7290 E. Tanque Verde



47 miles 15-16 MPH http://www.meetup.com/bikegaba/events/219279539/
GABA New Year’s Day – The Loop Ride (West Start) The Loop Bike Shop  3201 West Diamond Street, Thursday



58Miles Your pace http://www.meetup.com/bikegaba/events/219361241/
GABA New Year’s Day – The Loop Ride (East Start) Udall Park

7290 E. Tanque Verde




58 miles Your pace http://www.meetup.com/bikegaba/events/219361098/
Pima County Fairgrounds Loop Ride Udall Park

7290 E. Tanque Verde



48MPH 15-16


3rd annual Together we thrive ride UAMC 01.08.14


PLEASE NOTE- This is New category. ^^^^Road rides are above^^^^


What Location Date


Time  Distance Speed Contact- More Info

Wednesday Night Ride at Sweetwater Trail! (On Tuesday Night this week)

Sweetwater Preserve Trailhead

4005 N Tortolita Road,





Festivus for the rest of us at Honeybee Canyon


NE Corner of Rancho Vistoso Blvd and Sun City Blvd





15 miles http://www.meetup.com/Southern-Arizona-Mountain-Bike-Association/events/219359769/
Honeybee Trails w/ Cochise Springs Loop In the saddle parking lot at 1171 E. Rancho Vistoso Dr Friday



Approx. 20 miles. Expect 2-3 hours traveling as a group.
TORCA Bug Spring thru Millie Dec Group Ride We will be meeting at Suzenu 8am for shuttles. Saturday


8:00 AM

not a beginner friendly ride https://www.facebook.com/events/1017823804901066/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming
Diablo. Mtn Loop, Near Tubac Saturday



28 miles 2500 ft of climbing http://tucsonmtb.com/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=9332 Led by Chuck Hill.
Dave’s tourture ride of the year!

December 27

Loma Alta Trailhead 12.27.14

9:30ish4-5 hours, Bring Lunch


Dave Slagle Slaglesphone@live.com

SDMB: AZTrail Shuttle Ride: Lakes Rd. to Camino Loma alta Camino Loma Alta 12.28.14


31 miles https://www.facebook.com/events/624607187661681/
Night Ride at Starr Pass



Starr Pass Genser TH Monday


6:30 PM

led by Evan Pilling.
SAMBA night ride at 50 Year Trail. 615pm @.




Golder Ranch Trail Head Tuesday 12/30


Out to the Chutes & back, then to the FS gate & back. No drop ride. http://www.meetup.com/Southern-Arizona-Mountain-Bike-Association/events/219154553/
TORCA TMP/Robles Beatdown loop.


Cmo De Oeste Trailhead Wednesday 12.31.14


MTB Addicts: Fantasy Island Ride


Fantasy Island Ride; 12PM @ Valencia Entrance Thursday


Friday 1/2 SAMBA: AZT/ATV Ride Pass Le Buzz Friday



Fat Tire Finesse: Upper 50 Year Golder Ranch TH Saturday 1.3.15 9AM https://www.facebook.com/events/870493482990348/
Catalina Brewing Company: Baby Jesus/50 Year @ Golder Ranch TH Sunday 1.4.15



Wednesday Night Ride at Robles Pass

  • Robles Trailhead
    • Wed
    • 07.14
      6:15 PM





    What Location Date Contact
    Bike Advisory Committee Meeting Himmel Park Library Jan 14, 2015
    GABA Beyond Event (Bike Repair and Information Table) Armory Park


    221 S. 6th Ave

    1.10.15 http://www.meetup.com/bikegaba/events/219283203/
    Cactus Cycling Annual Meeting Pima County Medical Society Building 1.30.15


    Consider Yourself Challenged!~ An Inspirational community Event for CAF Tucson Jewish Community Center,

    3800 E River Rd





    TIMED RIDES aka MOTIVATION aka RACES and Big Rides

    Name Description Date Location Contact Info
    12 hours of Papago Ride solo, with a friend or on a team to tackle this looped course in Tempe Saturday


    Papago Park http://www.12hoursinthepapago.com/
    The North End Classic Pro-Cat 5 Criterium races in Yuma Arizona 1.17.15 Yuma, Arizona northendclassic@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/NorthEndClassic
    McDowell Meltdown A Mountain Bike Association of Arizona (MBAA) race.


    1.17.15 McDowell MTN. Regional Park

    16300 McDowell

    Avondale Criterium Series USAC Crit Race

    Pro through Cat 5 and Juniors, mens/womens

    1.18.15 11350 Civic Center Drive

    Avondale, AZ

    A Race Against Time Time Trial and All proceeds go towards cancer survivorship 1.25.15 Picacho Peak Travel Center Exit 219 of i-10 http://www.teamcolleen.org/news/150/A-Race-Against-Time-2015.html
    Santa Catalina Omnium 1.31.15 &


    Joseph Iuliano  jiuliano88@gmail.com
    Hedgehog Hustle (Estrella) A Mountain Bike Association of Arizona (MBAA) race. 1.31.15 Estrella Mountain Regional Park
    Valley of The Sun Stage Race 3 day stage race 2.13.15



    Phoenix http://www.wmrc.org/

    Brian Lemke

    24 Hours in the Old Pueblo Burning man meets MTB race.  Is this a race or a party? I say BOTH! 2.13.15



    Willow Springs- An hour North of Tucson http://www.epicrides.com/index.php?contentCat=5
    Havasu Havoc A Mountain Bike Association of Arizona (MBAA) race. 2.21.15 Lake Havasu
    Tour De Cure- The Damion Alexander Team has a team for this event and is a major sponsor.  E-mail me for a free registration code! 50 and 100K rides


    This is the motivation you are looking for to keep riding after El Tour De Tucson!

    March 1, 2015 Tucson Harley Davidson

    7355 Interstate 10 Frontage Rd



    BBiondo@diabetes.org | (520) 795-3711 x7112

    White Tank Whirlwind A Mountain Bike Association of Arizona (MBAA) race. 3.7.15 White Tanks Regional Park

    Waddell, AZ

    Tucson Bicycle Classic 3 day Stage Race 3.13.15



    McCain Loop TT

    Sauharita Road

    Pima CC West Crit

    Honor Ride Phoenix Join Ride 2 Recovery to honor our nation’s healing heroes


    3.14.15 UnitedHealthcare Offices, 4425 E. Cotton Center Blvd http://ride2recovery.com/honorRide.php
    MARC in the Park (Team event) A Mountain Bike Association of Arizona (MBAA) race. 3.28.15 McDowell Mtn. Regional Park

    16300 McDowell

    Foray at the Fort (Sierra Vista) A Mountain Bike Association of Arizona (MBAA) race. 4.11.15 Fort Huachucha

    556 Auger Ave.

    Whiskey Off Road 7 races.  One fun weekend. Pro Crits, kids race, 25, 50, and pro 50 races. 40K Purse. 4.24.15



    Prescott http://www.epicrides.com/index.php?contentCat=6
    Flagstaff Frenzy (Flagstaff) A Mountain Bike Association of Arizona (MBAA) race. 5.16.15 Fort Valley Trail Network, Flagstaff, AZ http://mbaa.net/racing/7-flagstaff-flagstaff-frenzy/
    Super D (Flagstaff) FUN-D raiser for the Flagstaff Biking Organization. 5.17.15 Fort Valley Trail Network, Flagstaff, AZ http://mbaa.net/racing/super-d/


    This list is a major time commitment and it is my pleasure to put it together.  All I ask in return for the list is that you remember I’m A REALTOR.  If you have a relationship with another REALTOR, I love loyalty and respect those relationships.  However, if not, or if you need a second opinion, Please keep me in mind.  Many agents spend money advertising for new business, others sit open houses or cold call.  My business is based on referrals from past clients and friends.  The less time I have to do traditional prospecting the more I can do for the cycling community.  For example: this list.