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Another At”tack” near Catalina Highway

This following is from a letter I was CCéd on about another incident of tacks on the road near Catalina Highway.  This time on Snyder.  Just a reminder, we have created a fund that has $2,869 dollars for info that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) putting tacks on the road.  If you want to donate to the fund, contact me, Damion Alexander, at damion@damionalexander.com or call 520-977-5664.  If you have info on the tacks call the Pima County Sherriff dept.

Tack bike #2 August 25th 8am
Another tack in the road on August 25,2013

My wife and I  both flatted from silver colored tacks while riding our road bikes @ 8am today on Snyder Rd. We estimate that we ran over the tacks 1000 yrds west of Catalina hwy. There is no shoulder on this road, we were riding approximately a foot from the edge of the road when we both heard the tires clicking and then went flat. We did not see anyone near the road or a parked car etc, or someone capable of throwing them. Cyclists ride this road everyday, we would assume the tacks were placed on the road recently.

We have also had flats from gold colored tacks thrown on the bike shoulder on Catalina hwy northbound near Snyder earlier this spring. This is the first tack incident that we know of in this area since the tacks issue appeared on the tv news a few months ago and a reward  offered. The silver colored tacks are virtually impossible to see on the road while riding.